AI Tools – Amazing Tools To Start Your Business with 0 Cost.

These AI Tools can help you tremendously.

AI Tools can improve a Website’s usability ?

Artificial Intelligence is making great strides in recent years. Equally, with positive influences in various industries.

Essentially, in healthcare, hospitality , automotive and even online usability. (UX)

These are incredibly useful tools that will boost your productivity. As well as, supercharge your business , and elevate your brand .

a. Chatbots – Chatbots are the best -known way , websites can enhance user experience using AI.

Essentially, these are virtual assistants working 24×7 customer support for website visitors.

b. Semantic Web – Search bars are a nifty feature on any website. As they allow visitors to quickly navigate to what they are looking for.

Having a Stellar experience leads to happier site visitors . Further, it translates into better odds of user experience.

But traditional search , known as lexical search ,involves character -matching . Wherein the results were limited to literal matches of the query words or variants of them.

Semantic search – the search engine can figure out the intent and contextual meaning of the search query .

Further improving the accuracy of search results. Therefore, consequently boosting user satisfaction.

c. Personalized Recommendations – The ability to serve tailor-made content and personalized product recommendations. Especially for SaaS and eCommerce stores . It can go a long way in growing your website.

d. Better Accessibility – One of the most critical elements of website usability design today is accessibility.

An accessible website accommodates all visitors on all devices irrespective of the physical mor mental ability of the user.

e. Quantitative Usability Testing – Usability testing is a process to gauge how easy -to-use a website is.

The tests take place with real users to measure the intuitiveness of the website.

AI Tools To start Your Business with 0 cost.


Go from text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator. And then, make studio-quality voice overs in minutes.


Create content for your blog , social media , Website, and more with this AI that’s trained to write Original , creative content.

Legal Robot

Automated legal analysis for everyone by through contract analysis, legal simplifier , compliance tools, and legal graph data.


A plagiarism checker and AI detector built for serious content publishers.

Neural Text

Analyze organic competition , create detailed content briefs, and optimize content for search engines. With this SEO content optimization AI software.


Build more equitable employee development with bias-free , actionable feedback for every employee , every time.


Automate your company time tracking , so you and your team can focus on the work that matters.

These are the Best free AI Tools you need to improve your Brand/Business in 2023.


Create exceptional customer relationships and fuel growth with this AI’s people-obsessed contact centre software.


Automate your meeting notes and help your team record, transcribe , search and analyze voice conversations.

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Build better events with this AI . That facilitates an event experience operating system to manage your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

AI Tools – Websites to help You in your Work.

1. Hypotenuse AI Tool

Let AI write your content in seconds. Beat writer’s block


Automatically enhance and upscale images


Remember everything forever.

4. Socratic

Get your homework done. Powered by Google AI.

5. Stork

ChatGPT for teams. Where humans and AI collaborate to improve remote human teams.

6. Studio.d –

Use generative AI to create future-facing videos.

7. Word tune

A free Chrome extension that helps you improve your writing.

8. Writesonic

Like ChatGPT but with real-time data, images, and voice search. Best AI Writer for Creating Facebook Ads.

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AI Tools that will supercharge your Productivity in 2023


Create videos from text in minutes using hyper-realistic models.


Subtitle and dub your videos easily using the power of AI.

Mid journey

An AI- powered tool that creates images from textual descriptions.


Transcribes ,takes meeting notes, and generates insights for your meetings.

Remove BG

Create music, voices and other sounds for your projects.


Schedule , manage, and automate work from daily tasks, projects and events.


An AI-powered communications coach that will make you a better speaker.

It’s coming . Sign up for the waitlist at for free & priority access.


Create music, voices and other sounds for your projects.

Eleven Labs

The best voice synthesizer on the market at the moment.


Helps you break through creative blocks to create original content 10x faster.

A full-power AI content generator that helps you write better copy.

A Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI.


Helps your team record, transcribe ,search and analyze voice conversations.

Github Copilot

Turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions with AI.


AI data sidekick , Write SQL 10 x faster.


These are incredibly useful from providing prompt customer support and personalized product recommendations .

Additionally, for improving accessibility for the disabled.

It is clear just how much of a positive impact AI can have on your website’s usability.

We live in an age when AI technologies are booming, and the world has been taken by storm with the introduction of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks, but one that it does particularly well is writing articles.

And while there are many obvious benefits to this, it also presents a number of challenges.

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Which Language AI is best ?

Python is generally considered best programming language for AI. hOWEVER, c ++ can be used for AI development .

Essentially, if you need to code in a low -level language or develop high-performance routines.

Is Google AI free to use ?

Yes., it encourages collaboration and the development of technology solving real world problems.

Which Country is number one ?




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