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Altcoins – Amazing 5 Altcoins To DCA In Bear Market ?

Which are these 5 Amazing Altcoins to DCA in Bear market . Which are three top Altcoins picked up by Whales? Looking to skyrocket your crypto portfolio?

Altcoins – What is DCA in Crypto ?

Firstly, DCA is Dollar Cost Averaging . Additionally, it reduces the risk of investing going RED caused by short-term market volatility.

Secondly, crypto is very volatile in nature . Thirdly, You can make a lot of money in very short amount of time.

Most importantly, DCA is like buying a little bit of your favorite cryptocurrency each week or month regardless of the price.

Further, by buying equal dollar amounts at regular intervals , you are helping to smooth out the bumps of a volatile market.

Essentially, if you you to invest in crypto for a long time, DCA is a good way of investing.

It is mainly for the investors who can not give much time trading, but wants to invest for a long period of time.

Altcoins – How does DCA work ?

First, instead of putting lumpsum in crypto at once , you put money in small fragments . Second, even if the price goes down , your average buy price goes down.

Additionally, in bull market , this could also reduce your potential profit as you remain less exposed to the market .

Further, DCA strategy is mainly for the ones who wants to make profit over a long period of time.

Firstly, think of it as when buying a house. Additionally, when you buy a house ,you don’t just look fork over all the cash upfront.

Furthermore, you make a down payment , and then, you pay the mortgage every month . Over time, the house is yours.

Further, DCA is like that , but with investments . Similarly, you spread out your investment over time.

Additionally, you are less likely to buy when the market is high. And then, just like a house , you eventually, own more and more of your investment.

Similarly, by buying a little bit of your favorite crypos each day, week or a month ,you are making small regular investments.

Further, it will help you get the coin you want without waiting for a price dip.

Additionally, you must remember that there is always a risk that price of the coin could continue to fall.

However, this risk can be mitigated by using DCA when the market is trending upwards.

What is DCA-CC Calculator? How does it Work ? – Altcoins

Firstly, if you want to test out your investment strategy , you will need to understand how it works and what you are hoping to achieve.

Secondly, DCA-CC calculator can help you see if your strategy will generate the return you want.

Thirdly, The calculator is separated in 2 nodes. The dollar cost averaging as well as , lump sum investing calculator.

Additionally, you can use either one to budget for your investments on a regular basis , or to invest all your money at once.

Further, DCA CC is a powerful easy to use backtesting tool that can be used to test and optimized your investment strategy.

Best ways and strategies to use dollar cost averaging in crypto

To set you off on the best foot I will give you a couple of handy tips before starting.

None of these tips are going to be game-changing but if you do use them it might give you a better start and better result overall.

  1. Invest in several digital assets – You never know which coin will start moving in a positive trend and you definitely don’t know when. Therefore, it’s a common investment practice to choose a basket for several coins to stand a better chance of picking a good one.
  2. Pick coins from the top 100 – By Choosing coins from the top 100 by market cap gives you a clear edge due to the fact that they have already had time to grow a little and the cryptocurrency has had time to be seen by more people. This means that when the overall trend of the crypto market turns positive, your coins will most likely follow suit.
  3. Choose a platform with low fees – Since you are going to make several purchases over a period of several years it goes without saying that a good strategy is to pick a platform with the lowest fees possible. Check the table below to find one that suits you.
  4. Choose different investment frequencies – It is very effective to choose different frequencies on your investments if you decide to buy several different digital assets. This will act as a risk mitigator and give an advantage when prices are staying low for a longer period of time.

3Top coins to DCA in this Bear Market

There is a major influx of new cryptos in the market with the potential to outrun the existing giants.

While Stellar (XLM) bridges the gap of centralized financial systems , Shiba Inu is a meme project with interesting utilities such as the upcoming metaverse space.

1.Digi Toads – A new project called Digi Toads (TOADS) has created a buzz in the market with its remarkable presale performance.

Built on the Ethereum network ,TOADS offers numerous earning opportunities to its community through trading,staking and participating in the Web3 games.

Many crypto analysts and investors worldwide vouch for the potential of this project to rank as one of the best cryptocurrency ICO of the year.

Digi Toad’s Potential to become the Best Crypto ICO of 2023.

It is a new coin to watch out for this year. Built on Ethereum network, it adopts the hybrid (DeFi) model.

The native cryptocurrency of Digi Toads is TOADS. It is a stake-to-earn and play-to-earn meme token powering the entire Digi Toads ecosystem.

With its remarkable presale performance,the project has raised a fund of over $6.9 million and its current token price is $0.05.

Benefits of Digi Toads (TOADS)

The platform has gained massive popularity, allowing its players to build a personal army of toads and strengthen it. Further, by trading a unique creature called Digitoad.

The players can use TOADS to purchase game assets within the network. The platform rewards its top 25 players with the TOADS token every week.

You can also boost your residual income through staking. The staking pool is replenished regularly with 2% proceeds from every TOADS transaction.

As community lies at its heart,the team has taken the initiative to provide trading courses to its members holding three or more TOADS NFTs through the “TOADS School”.

Additionally, to save the home of toads, 100% profit from selling its official merchandise will be allocated to the Amazon rainforest conservation.

With its unique incentive structure and several utilities, DigiToads has quickly secured the position of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

2.Stellar Soaring high in demand with the Launch of its Smart Contract, Soroban.

First, Stellar is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform built with the data to connect the world’s financial system into a single network.

The platform developed by the Stellar Development Foundation enables its user to send, create,and trade digital representations of any form,be it money or cryptocurrencies by establishing a link between the bank, people,and payment processors.

The network is powered by its native token, XLM or Lumens. XLM is an intermediary currency where the protocol converts the money into XLM .

And then, the XLM into the required currency and is also used to pay for all transaction fees.

The Stellar network operates on the “Stellar Consensus Protocol(SCP). This SCP allows a group of trustworthy nodes to validate transactions and blocks.

The company recently launched its preview version of the smart contract Soroban to provide a scalable and developer friendly platform.

To build an accessible and financial ecosystem, unlike the traditional centralized one Stellar ranks as one of the best altcoins to buy now.

Shiba Inu’s New L2 Solution Shibarium under Development

The Shiba Inu ecosystem’s main currency is SHIB. Which is an Ethereum-based meme token.

Since its launch ,the SHIB token has gained immense popularity as a community-driven currency accessible to millions globally.

The Shiba Inu token is used for payments,either directly or through a third party. It has a community-owned rescue campaign for Shiba Inu dogs and a decentralized exchange under the name, ShibaSwap.

The platform allows their community to trade SHIB to other currencies and also stake the token to earn rewards.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem also has a layer two blockchain solution,Shibarium under development.

It offers a more efficient transaction speed at a lower cost while focusing on burning the SHIB tokens.

The platform gained massive interest after Vitalik Buterin burned over 90% of his SHIB tokens.

This temporarily slumped its value but it soon gained the momentum of being one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy.


First, the native token Rose is a utility token on the Oasis platform . Additionally, it has a fixed supply .

Further, Rose can be used to pay transaction fees , staking as well as delegating on the oasis consensus layer .

Oasis Network proved to be one of the most talked about coins in the crypto space this past year.

With this mind, it is wise to say that Rose is a good choice of investment. Additionally, Rose current price is $0.071343 , with a 24-hour trading volume of $125.50 M.

Further, Rose ranks #136 by market cap. Additionally, the Rose Dollar (RUSD) is a USD pegged stablecoin .

Further , users can mint by depositing their interest-bearing tokens .

Additionally, it’s price for January, 2025 should range between $0.32 to $0.95 and the average price of Rose should be around $0.89.

Further, Rose has moved by +10.32 % in the past week. Additionally, it has pumped by 0.32 % .

There is a slight bearish sentiment in the crypto market. The long term sentiment , however, remains bullish and Rose could hit $0.069 in 2024.

Rose to DCA

Firstly, the Oasis Protocol Foundation looks to support projects focussed on making that privacy-first internet a reality .

Additionally, from building privacy- preserving applications to developing more powerful tools for the network. As well as, improving how it operates.

Further, the consensus layer is a proof-of-stake (PoS) secured blockchain with a decentralized set of validator nodes . Additionally, which is operated by independent nodes .

Furthermore, the separation of execution from consensus is secured using fraud proofs.

Additionally, on the oasis Network’s Cipher Para Time , nodes are required to use a type of secure computing technology called a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment ) .

Further, it acts as a hypothetical black box for smart contract execution in a confidential Para Time.

Further, encrypted data goes into the black box along with the smart contract, data is decrypted as well as processed by the smart contract.

And then , encrypted before it is sent out of the TEE.

Further, this process ensures that data remains confidential and is never leaked to the node operator ot application developer.

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One can not overlook the unparalleled attention DigiToads has received in such a short span.

This play-to-earn and stake-to-earn TOADS token has won the hearts of the gaming community with its exciting Web3 games.

Backed by several utilities, DigiToads presents itself as the best cryptocurrency to buy now for long-term gains.

Other alts, and DCA ? if you are into new coins and are majorly in them , I would suggest you to change 50% of your portfolio to BTC.

Further, if you are down by 50% or more, know that there is a high chance of the alts you are holding to go another 90-95% down from where they are.

Furthermore, I suggest that you do not try doing DCA in alts except the ones that mentioned in the article above.

Here are , some of the most reputable and trusted bitcoin investment sites that offer DCA strategies for crypto.

Make sure to read the full review to see whether the exchange suits you or not. It should offer your local fiat currency, payment method, and regulation.


Which crypto is best for DCA ?
Is it better to trade BTC or ETH ?
ETH good crypto investment ?
What is a disadvantage of DCA ?
Can DCA be a long term strategy ?

Which crypto is best for DCA ?




Is it better to trade BTC or ETH ?

Firstly, Bitcoin is the most established and mainstream of the two, . Additionally, it makes ETH just a touch riskier. Moreover, as with most investments it’s possible Ethereum’s higher risk brings with it potential for higher rewards.

ETH a good crypto investment ?

Ethereum is good for long-term investment for the next one to three years and is bullish overall.

What is disadvantage of DCA ?

Firstly, the market tends to go up. This means, that if you invest a lump sum earlier ,it is likely to do better than smaller amounts invested over a period of time.

Additionally, lump sum will provide a better return over the long run as a result of the market’s rising tendency.

Can DCA be a long-term strategy ?

Firstly, DCA means you are continuously putting in small amounts that do not greatly limit your day-to-day life . Further, it grows value of your portfolio.

DCA is a longer -term investment strategy. Additionally, it eliminates some of the risks involved with investing.



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