Althea AI – What Is Astonishing Althea AI? 2023

Althea AI is about a scalable AI infrastructure for NFT’s to convert them into INFTs.

What is Althea AI?

Althea AI is a research and development studio. Further, building at the intersection of two of the most transformative technologies of our time.

Generative AI and Blockchain. What’s more, it has aim to use these technologies to enable decentralized ownership. And democratic governance of AI.

It is the, creator of the “intelligent NFT’s” or iNFT’s,has raised $16 million.

Again , in a private and restricted token sale to a group of game and crypto investors.

The AI characters exist on the blockchain as NFT’s . Further, enabling their creators to verify their ownership. Without a trusted third party.

Althea AI – Character GPT

The world’s first Multimodal AI System. Which generates interactive AI characters from a description in natural language.

In short, Character GPT enables Text-to-character creation. It makes it a reality.

Character GPT is a revolutionary artificial intelligence system . Furthermore, it allows you to quickly generate interactive characters with distinct appearances.

Coupled with voices, personalities and identities. Again, simply by providing a natural language description.

After a character is tokenized, its owner can customize its personality .

Additionally, train its intelligence, trade its generative outputs.

And use it across the other dApps on the AI protocol.

This type of GPT can be used to create

a. Digital Twins

b. ” Guides

c. ” Companions

d. Virtual Assistants

Video on Character GPT

Althea AI – What is Althea Artificial Liquid Intelligence

Althea Artificial Liquid Intelligence , or Althea AI is a platform on which you can transform your NFTs into INFTs.

Which live in Althea’s Metaverse Noah’s Ark.

INFTs have 3 Parts – Which include soul, body, and mind.

Each providing different traits to the INFT.

These INFTs can serve as digital companions ,coaches , meditation guides and more.

To enhance your INFTs , What’s more , you can upload data sets that train how their INFT’ interact.

Alice, the world’s first iNFT was auctioned at Sotheby’s on June 10, 2021 for $478,800Read More


a. Enables transactions between INFTs

b. It can do Intelligence Upgrades for INFT .

c. This enables transactions within the AI protocol.

d. The creation of INFTs.

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Althea AI Token

ALI is an ERC -20 utility token compliant with the Ethereum network.

You must lock ALI tokens on the Althea AI Protocol. Basically, to convert your NFT into INFT.

Equally important is that , ALI is also a payment token that provides you with access to AI services.

Also, allows you to tip or purchase iNFTs.

People can bring their NFT avatars to Alethea’s new “Noah’s Ark” site, where the “soul” can be added.

AI intelligence layer is contained in a new NFT that then binds with the avatar’s original NFT.

Or, you can build your own intelligent NFT–or iNFT–starting from a number of templates.

How does Althea AI works?

The company is creating what it considers to be underlying AI infrastructure for I NFTs.

Or intelligent non-fungible tokens on a path to the metaverse ,the universe of virtual worlds . That are all interconnected ,like in novels ” Snow Crash” and Ready Player One”.

It is building scalable AI infrastructure for NFTs .

Furthermore, enabling NFT to be animated interactive and intelligent. Through Open AI Foundation’s GPT – 3 technology .

Which is a learning AI that shapes natural language responses to queries.

How it works – It shows you a glimpse with its Character GPT . Enter a basic description of the persona you want .

And it will generate a 3D avatar based on it.

And , then, you may change how it looks . And responds to questions via machine learning.

Why Althea AI was created ?

There is a cambrian explosion in innovation and creativity happening in the NFT space.

With Avatar communities launching at a scale and speed we never thought possible.

Whether it’s Penguins or Bored Apes , a new intellectual property is being created from the bottom-up.

Without the involvement of major corporate studios or large budgets.

Creators and communities will soon demand to do more with their NFTs . Moreover, creating meaningfully rich ,free flowing and interactive consumer experiences.

Built on a crypto -native stack , and we will be making that possible through the Althea AI protocol.


Market Cap $150.69 M

Circulating Supply

3.598 ALI

$0.04 +50.01 (31.43%)

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Uses Cases of Althea AI?

This will serve as the connective tissue by upgrading NFT’s. Again,, to become interactive ,intelligent assets that grow in value over time.


This AI is a research and development studio . Which is built at the intersection of two of the most transformative technologies of our time.

Generative AI


These technologies are being used to enable decentralized ownership and democratic governance of AI.

The AI protocol connects developers of AI Systems with those seeking to customize .

Additionally, utilize or integrate them in decentralized applications.

Althea AI’s Character GPT is the first of many such cutting-edge AI Systems .

Which will be available within the Intelligence Layer of the AI Protocol.


Is Althea AI a good Investment ?

If you are looking for virtual currencies with good return.

It can be a bad ,high -risk 1 year return. Althea Artificial Liquid Intelligence Token

What is Althea Artificial Liquid Intelligence ?

Althea Artificial Liquid Intelligence ,or Althea AI is a platform.

On which you can transform your NFTs into INFTS. Which live in Althea’s metaverse Noah’s Ark.

Where can You buy Altha AI tokens ?

At present this token is available only with Coinbase wallet.

What is the most Potential Cryptocurrency ?

Ethereum . The majority in crypto community conclude that Ethereum has the highest potential for value gain .

Is Althea AI a good Investment ?

Over the last 30 days it had 18/30 (60%) green days. It is currently profitable to invest in Althea AI.





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