Bitcoin -How To Buy Your First Bitcoin?

How would you buy your first Bitcoin? Is it a Good Investment?

What is Bitcoin?

On 3rd January 2023, the crypto community celebrated BTC’s 14th Birthday.

The pseudonymous creator of the network, Santoshi Nakamoto, mined the first block of BTC transactions.

Simply put, it is digital proof. In the first place, BTC has risen in value so dramatically is its scarcity indeed.

There will only ever be 21 million BTC.

This is a fact. If all the supply in existence were to be distributed evenly across the people of the earth, then there would only be 0.0023 BTC for each person.

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How to Buy Your First BTC?

What is the need to buy cryptocurrency? Let us understand first.

Chiefly, with the trend of cryptocurrencies and blockchain introduced in the world of stock trading, we have seen magnificent profits which were not possible in Equities or Futures and Options trading.

Again, the marginal profits of the former are around 20-25 times more than the latter.

Who will not want to buy cryptocurrencies then?

The answer is very simple, those who have no idea how to do it!

This is the most common reason people are refraining from buying these currencies.

And then, the risk factor for BTC stocks and other cryptocurrencies is not considered such a big one.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies e.g.Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Out of all these, BTC stocks have gained the most popularity and the most profits for their owners too. Satoshi Nakamoto created it.

Let us discuss the methods to buy your first BTC. But first, let us outline exactly what BTC is and how it is being introduced into the market day after day.

Here are a few elements which play a vital role in buying stocks.


Basically, it is a virtual currency, which means that there is no tangible form of it. Additionally, it is traded from person to person without any third-party intervention.

Each person has their own account which he can obtain from various cryptocurrency exchange firms.

The stocks you buy will have a format of an address. This address is stored on your electronic wallet which you obtain along with your account from the firm.

The address itself is the account in which you can store the BTCs that you receive. Further, you can obtain this address through various sites. Just Google ‘Bitcoin Address New’ and you will get the relevant results.

After signing up on any of the sites, just save the URL, or else you will lose all of your data, You can store it on your PC or your mobile phone to put it simply.


First, BTCs are produced through a technique called Mining. Second, the miners verify the transactions being made on the existing BTCs after which they hit a code called hash and search for what is left in the pot.

The hash code produced is like a lottery, i.e. its chances of getting you a BTC are around one by three trillion, which might seem impossible to you, but is fairly possible.

It is because you can play the lottery with the same hash a billion times per second.

That increases your odds of winning. This process is usually done with software that is easily available online.

And it is very simple to operate. The mining value has been capped at 21 million by its founders, and around 17n million have already been produced.

Now, after the background, let us come to the foreground.

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The 3 easy steps for buying your First BTC are as follows:


Open this website, under “Pay to” select “Bitcoin Address” under “Pay from”, and select your convenient method of purchase in the table below be sure to input your address (which you had saved), the amount of money, you want to convert or invest and so on. Proceed along with the instructions.

If you have created an eWallet on this site you can get some instantly either through Pingit deposit or Phone Deposit.

Now you have the amount of money that you need to buy a certain amount. You can also buy a certain number of BTC less than one in quantity. They can be 0.5 BTC too and 0.0734 too.

There is no constraint on this. Now you also have the seller and his address to which you have to send the money. For that, you need to go back to the website where you get your address.

In the recipient’s tab, add his address and make the transfer to it. This should be fairly simple.

2. You Got Your BTCbut now what?

Will you wait for it to rise or fall and be greedy or fearful?

No. You will dig the hole deeper and trade stocks.

For this, you need to know at least one type of security analysis, whether fundamental or technical. You can also log onto Tradingview to know the views of professional traders on this currency.

And then, decide whether to buy more, sell, or hold. You can also log on to an exchange like MtGox and buy more securely.

For more security, use Client applications. This will help keep your data safe because if you lose any of it, you lose your money.

Thereby, keeping BTC safe and knowing its next steps are the most important moves you need to master to retain your money.

3. Buying and selling BTC Stocks

This is gaining popularity because of the dynamic market. This form of investment is hardly affected by conditions that plague the traditional form of the stock market.

4 BTC Exchanges – These are reducing risks, with Securities and Regulations

Essentially, BTC has been classified as a commodity by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, making it different than the tokens often sold on crypto exchanges.

A number of exchanges have capitalized on this clarification by focusing on BTC..

While crypto exchanges initiated mass layoffs during the bear market, many bitcoin-only exchanges continued to grow, making them an increasingly popular choice as investors seek out safer options.

Mainly, the SEC’s enforcement actions and the growth of BTC only exchanges are likely to play a significant role in shaping the industry’s future

The following exchanges focus on Bitcoin only and may serve as a hedge against regulatory uncertainty for interested investors.

1. Strike

Jack Miller is the Founder and CEO of Stike, a digital wallet built on Bitcoin’s lightning network that provides peer-to-peer and cross-border payments. Similar to Venmo or Paypal.

Though Stike has grown into a popular app for purchasing Bitcoin, becoming an exchange was never the company’s intention. The idea of Strike came from experimentation with the lightning network.

With lightning the money is in the message and the message is the money. A lightning network is compared to an instant messaging protocol.

The lightning network is a second-layer network built on top of it bitcoin that allows individuals to send Bitcoin instantly and with very low fees.

Above all, Strike leverages the lightning network by converting the customer’s currencies into bitcoin and transferring that money instantly over the lightning network.

At the receiving end, the bitcoin is converted back into the local currency. The speed of the transaction eliminates bitcoins volatility risk, transforming the lightning network into a new payment rail like ACH or wire transfers.

Strike estimates that its total addressable market is now 3 billion people.

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2. Swan

Cory Klippsten is the CEO of Bitcoin the financial services from Before Bitcoin, Klippsten worked for Goole, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley, after earning an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Swan features automated savings plans and withdrawals for retail customers, with specialized services for high-net-worth individuals and Institutions as well.

This year, Swan also started offering an in-house IRA product allowing customers to hold actual bitcoin advantageous manner, reducing the need for high fee exchange-traded products.

Swan’s commitment to education makes it unique among another exchange. Swan’s educational commitments grew further in 2022 with the start of their annual Pacific Bitcoin Festival in Los Angeles.

Swan claims to spend a minimum amount on marketing campaigns. Because according to the team at Swan. people understand the truth about Bitcoin they tend to get on board, so education is the only marketing they require.

3. River

Alexander Leishman is the CEO and Founder of River, a Bitcoin financial services company. He was able to understand Bitcoin relatively quickly realizing that it could replace the role served by a commodity backed by currency.

River differentiates itself by having full control over its custody infrastructure.

In doing so , River states that they have a higher quality of service with stronger guarantees for their customers than other firms.

River provides services to individuals, institutions, and the lighting network infrastructure powering Bitcoin applications like El Salvador’s Chivo wallet.

The Salvadoran government introduced the Chivo wallet as a solution to onboard citizens when it adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender in 2021.

River also offers a mining product, allowing customers to purchase hosted Bitcoin miners directly in the app.

Akin to a turnkey rental property service. River recently closed a $35 million funding round, a testament to its strength in the midst of a bear market.

4. Relai

Julian Liniger is the CEO and Co-Founder of the European Bitcoin app. Relai.

Relai is now the top Bitcoin on-ramp in Europe, with over 200,000 downloads. 65,000 active users and over 10 million euros in monthly trading volume.

It allows customers to buy Bitcoin quickly and without registration., 24 hours a day, and send the purchased Bitcoin straight into the customers’ self-custodial wallets.

Relai does this to eliminate counterparty risks present with custodial structures.

Is Bitcoin worth buying right now?

If you own more than 0.0023, you will own more than most people will be able to own.

Furthermore, Gold is also scarce, but funnily enough, we don’t know what its final supply will be.

Moreover, gold has a $6 trillion market cap. If BTC becomes a form of digital gold or a new asset class.

Above all, if it reaches the same total valuation as gold, that would put Bitcoin price at approx. $340,000 per coin.

If this happens, will you think, it is worth buying right now?

Perhaps, this sounds too good to be true. But remember that Bitcoin used to be worth $1.

Reasons for Buying

a. Bitcoin is Transparent

It is more transparent than the Federal Reserve. Bitcoin has 2 things, that no other currency in the world has, not even the U.S. dollar.

These are Decentralization and Transparency. Bitcoin’s transparency is in direct conflict with the Federal Reserve.

Not only do we have no transparency into past transactions in the fiat currency system i.e. where our taxpayer dollars go.

But we don’t even know how much money is being printed.

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b. Bitcoin is uncensorable

Bitcoin can not be censored by any country. Further, decentralization guarantees that.

So you can hold a store of value that no one can take away from you.

5. Transferring BTC incurs low fees

International payments can be time-consuming and surprisingly expensive. Fees can range from 3.5% to above 10% and take days to process. Equally, Bitcoin has fees too.

To be fair, the fees can go quite high as the value of Bitcoin rises or the Bitcoin blockchain experiences heavy use.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin often offers lower fees than many foreign transfer institutions.

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6. Bitcoin regulation is developing positively.

Back in 2010, regulation on Bitcoin was nonexistent. Then came countries banning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

However, countries are adopting Bitcoin as a way for people to transact and store value.

The SEC, for instance, published a framework for digital asset classification.

Improvements like these help legally defines Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.Which in turn helps mass adoption.

7. Bitcoin offers Potential Profits

After its creation in 2009, the Bitcoin price has been on a parabolic uptrend. Yes, there have been dips, but zooming out we see a clear uptrend.

That has pushed its price from less than $0.01 to where it is today.

After all, if you own a home and housing prices go down, you don’t panic to sell your home.

You know that in 10-20 years the price is bound to have gone up.

It’s the same with Bitcoin.

8. Bitcoin inspires philosophical choices

For some investors, the question, the question “Should I buy Bitcoin ” is less about the price action and more about the ethos behind Bitcoin.

Further, for these people, Bitcoin is a movement.

The fundamentals of a Bitcoin

a. Transparency means less government “big brother” control and oversight.

b. Decentralization means big banks and governments can’t censor or confiscate your money.

c. Immutability means no “fudging the books” or shady business since transactions can’t be changed.

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Bitcoin review

As many now know the financial crisis was caused by big banks playing fast and loose with people’s money.

And now governments around the world wanted to help those big banks, ball them out.

Using taxpayer money. What did governments use? Your money.

Our hard-earned was used to give “golden parachutes” exit bonuses.

Worth tens of millions of dollars.To the top fat cats.

Why Bitcoin is a good investment.

Because of its transparent and decentralized blockchain. Further, it gives us financial liberty.

Moreover, this financial liberty also comes with financial gain.

Since Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in price, many early investors made considerable wealth and decided to share the love by setting up charities and funds.

9. Bitcoin is a new asset class – Great for diversification

If Bitcoin is truly positioned to disrupt gold, perhaps even to replace it as a store of value, it is also a new asset class.

Diversification is another reason why you should invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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But there are 4 reasons Why not Bitcoin

Although we believe Bitcoin is a good investment, it’s not all white. And there are a few reasons why not to buy Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin could undergo a technological hatch. The most troubling problem on the horizon for Bitcoin may not be hackers.

Government shutdowns or similar problems. It could instead be that Bitcoin becomes obsolete.

2. The only way to cheat the Bitcoin blockchain is to calculate the private key using the public key. Which is extremely hard with conventional computers.

But with a quantum computer, it is easy. Bitcoin is much more at risk. And it could be completely broken by a quantum computer as early as 2027.

So, is Bitcoin a bad investment?

1. Right now no. Because quantum computing is still extremely early in development. But in 10 years? Maybe or maybe not. Bitcoin and its blockchain are a technology.

And technologies are dynamic. Adapting and improving technology is the reason we don’t need to unplug our phone line just to plug in a modem anymore.

2. Experts remain conflicted on whether Bitcoin has bottomed out yet. Some say it already has. While others say Bitcoin could fall as low as $10,000 in 2022.

The next Bitcoin halving is expected to take place in early 2024. And as adoption grows and the halving approaches, a new bull run should emerge.

This is why our Bitcoin price predictions for 2023 estimate the coin could test new highs and be worth as much as $75,000 by this point.

Main Reason

The main reason a traditional investor may want exposure to Bitcoin is to hedge against inflation and potentially the collapse. Of the fiat-based economy.

Bitcoin is available from a multitude of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

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2. Uphold


5. Wunderbit

Advantages of Bitcoin Investments

1. Liquidity – The high liquidity associated with Bitcoin makes it a potentially great investment vessel if you are looking for short-term profit.

2. Lower inflation risk– Bitcoin is nearly immune to hyperinflation. It still undergoes inflation but at a predictable rate.

That is halved every 4 years. The blockchain system is infinite and there is little need to worry about your cryptos losing their value.

3. New Opportunities – The newness brings unpredictable swings in price and volatility. Which may create opportunities for massive gains.

4. Minimalistic trading – Stock trading can be a tedious process covered in red tape and can only be done during specific market hours.

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50,000% Return on Bitcoin?


Firstly, in 2010, Julian Assange’s organization, WikiLeaks, rested on Bitcoin. Secondly, in 2017, Assange claims that the investment yielded a 50,000% return.

But how did he do it? Let’s understand ;

Early Bitcoin price

In July 2010, the price of Bitcoin was a mere $0.06.It was a niche investment that was barely known to the world. But Assange saw something in Bitcoin that most others did not in times of crisis.

The U.S. Government’s Response

A decade ago, Wilieaks kept publishing classified government documents that the U.S. government did not want to be made public.

Further, the payment companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal were pressured by govt. to block donations to Wikileaks.

Bitcoin as Solution

Firstly, with traditional payment methods unavailable, Wikileaks turned to Bitcoin as a solution.

Additionally, Bitcoin allowed for anonymous payments and could be easily moved around the world without interference from governments or corporations.

The Bitcoin Investment

Essentially, Assange claims that WikiLeaks invested in Bitcoin during this period taking advantage of the BTC’s low price and potential for growth. Though, it was a risky move, but one that would pay off in a big way.

The Growth of Bitcoin

Firstly, as we fast forward to 2017, Bitcoin’s price had exploded. Further, by October of that year, it had reached a high of around $5,814.

Secondly, this represented a massive increase of over 9.6 million percent since the early days of crypto.

The 50,000% Return

Additionally, Assange claims that Wikileak’s investment in Bitcoin yielded a return of 50,000%.

Further, this represents an incredible return on investment and one that is virtually unheard of in traditional investments.

Conclusion :

Firstly, the story of WikiLeaks and its investment in Bitcoin is a reminder of the power of new technologies to disrupt and challenge the status quo.

Lastly, it’s also a story of risk-taking and foresight, as Assange and his team recognized the potential of Bitcoin at a time when few others did.

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Bitcoin as Real Estate Potential

Do you want to own 1133 acres of land?

Do you want to buy it for $23737?

(But 1-acre cost around 3k to 10k (USA)

Do you want to buy it for 19 lakhs (Indian rupee)?

How? Let’s know now

Total land in existence

The Earth’s total land surface is about 92.5 million. square miles in total.

Out of this, only 71% is habitable for humans (71% of 92 =65.65 million)

But half of this is used for agriculture, leaving us with 32.84 million square miles of space.

Now let’s look at Bitcoin –

Total Bitcoin into existence

Firstly, we all know Bitcoin has a supply of 21 million coins.

Now in 2023 :

18.5 million have been created

2.5 million remains to be mine

3-4 million bitcoins are lost forever.

Let’s assume that 3 million BTC are lost. So, after all, is mined, we will still remain with 18 million BTC.

Now let’s do maths with the land :

Total Land: 32.84 Million square miles

Total Bitcoin: 18 million

1 square mile of land = 640 acres

32.84 x 640 acres = 21,017,600,000 total acres

World population: Approx. 8 billion people

Now, let’s divide :

21,000000000 (Total acres)

% 8,000000000 (Humans)


2.62 acres

Every human will get 2.62 acres of land

Now let’s divide up all the Bitcoin and see how much each person would get.

18,000000 (Bitcoins)

% 8, 000000000 (Humans)


0.0025 bitcoin per person

Additionally, if we think of the Bitcoin blockchain as real estate & compare it with Earth real estate.

You owned 0.0025 BTC with everyone else, you would own 2.62 acres of earth real estate if also equally divided.

But what if you owe full BTC?

Well if you were able to acquire 1 BTC, it would be the equivalent of owning 1048 acres of actual earth real estate.

Now let’s do some calculations :

You have 0.00225065 bitcoin.

A full Bitcoin is equal to 1

Divide 1 by 0.00225065 to get 4327 .

Your bitcoin is 1/432.7th of a full bitcoin.

You would need 432.7 of your bitcoins to equal 1 full bitcoin.

Now, let’s move to the big result –

Multiply your equal share of bitcoin (0.00225065) x the amount needed to get 1 bitcoin = (432.7)

You get 1133 acres = 1 bitcoin.

Equally, imagine if you had the opportunity to purchase 1133 acres of land for approximately $23736 ( the USD price for 1 bitcoin on 1/03/2023)

Would you miss this opportunity?

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Dubai, the World leader in Crypto unveils the first Bitcoin Tower

Dubai continues to push back the boundaries in new technology and asserts itself as a global crypto hub by positioning itself as a leader in this field. 

The city is preparing to host the world’s first Bitcoin tower, a project initiated by developer Salvatore Leggiero.

The formalization of this announcement took place on Wednesday, May 24th at an event dedicated to architecture, in the presence of the famous designer Simone Micheli.

During this event held at the Bella Restaurant Lounge in Dubai, Leggiero and Micheli unveiled their collaboration in the construction of the Bitcoin Tower.

This emblematic 40-story tower marks a real-estate revolution, linking digital and physical assets. Featuring cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and Web3, it will emphasize sustainability and play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions.

Dubai, renowned for its revolutionary projects, is set to inaugurate the world’s first Bitcoin Tower. This hotel project, both physical and virtual, showcases digital assets and Web3 in the United Arab Emirates.

Announced at the COP28 meeting, the project, initiated by Salvatore Leggiero, incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and the metaverse.

Hotel guests will also benefit from being rewarded with non-fungible tokens (NFT) tokens, offering the possibility of annual returns. The world’s first Bitcoin tower will thus mark a new era for blockchain- and web3-based hospitality.

The reach of the Bitcoin tower goes beyond its physical presence, as it will also have a virtual version in the metaverse. As for its precise location, it is not yet definitive. But the project’s designer is seeking approval for its construction near Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main road.

Project details revealed

At the meeting of the COP28 in DubaiSalvatore Leggiero, the real estate developer behind the Bitcoin Tower, shared details about the project as well as visual glimpses of its design. The tower will offer a multitude of services and actively support blockchain and Web3.

In an interview, Leggiero explained that this project was the combination of his two passions: real estate and cryptocurrency. He also emphasized the importance of openness and community involvement.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, he even raised the possibility of creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for this project.

Leggiero is deeply convinced that the realization of its ambitious project, the construction of the first Bitcoin tower, will further consolidate the UAE’s position as a leader in the cryptocurrency field.

This innovative initiative highlights Dubai’s unwavering commitment to new technologies. Indeed, this visionary move comes at a time when the UAE is more determined than ever to promote crypto and Web3 on a global scale.


Similar to any speculative investment, buying Bitcoin obviously carries significant risk. As the traditional finance world realizes Bitcoin’s potential for disruption.

They must choose either to adopt cryptocurrencies or face irrelevance. Its volatility risk is one of the major factors determining whether Bitcoin is a good investment.

But it is not necessarily good or bad. The personal decision to invest in Bitcoin comes down to your appetite for risk and your perspective on the future of humanity.

Bitcoin Performance

Despite the entire crypto asset class seemingly teetering on the brink of collapse — or perhaps because of it.

Moreover, the Yahoo Finance bitcoin quote page (BTC-USD) has racked up more than 157 million views so far in 2022, making it #8 on the year’s top ten trending tickers list.

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Do beginners buy Bitcoin?

To buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, you will need a crypto exchange where buyers and sellers meet to exchange dollars for coins.
As a beginner, you need to opt for one that balances ease of use. With low fees and high security. The minimum token can be $10 dollar. Most crypto exchanges have between $5 to $10 dollar.

Can You earn 1 BTC per day?

Mining Bitcoin is one of the most sorted ways to earn Bitcoin by solving a cryptographic puzzle, which helps to add new Bitcoin to Bitcoin’s blockchain network.

Is it possible to get 1 Bitcoin?

New Bitcoin is created every 10 minutes. When a new block is added to the blockchain, miners receive this new bitcoin as compensation for their work. mining one full bitcoin can be done with sufficient equipment, energy capacity, and time. Mining is a random and unpredictable process.

What is the max limit of Bitcoin?

21 Million.
But however, as Bitcoin evolves no new Bitcoins will be released after the 21-Million coin limit is reached.

What is the cost to mine 1 Bitcoin?

It costs Bitcoin (BTC) miners at least $17,000 to produce one BTC in the U.S.







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