Bitcoin Ordinals – Is Financial Opportunity?

A new Chapter in the Story of the Oldest Blockchain.

Hey there , Crypto pees! In this article I will talk about Bitcoin Ordinals, one of the most exciting developments in the Bitcoin space in recent years.

So, lets find out, What are Bitcoin Ordinals? And why they are so controversial?So, lets find out

What are Bitcoin Ordinals ?

A satoshi is or sat is the smallest unit of Bitcoin and is named after Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Firstly, for the longest time the utility of Bitcoin was limited to storing and transferring value.

Secondly, the smallest denomination of BTC is known as a satoshi or a Sat . Further, one BTC is equal to 100,000,0000 sats.

Ordinals are inscriptions that can be attached to individual satoshis, the smallest units of Bitcoin.

This means you can now create and store digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain, such as images, videos, audio files. and even code.

These ordinals are still a new technology , but they have already had a big impact on the Bitcoin community.

There are now dozens of Ordinals and galleries, as well as Ordinals-based projects.

Moreover, the Ordinals Protocol allows users to send and receive sats that carry optional extra data.

Additionally, this data can be text, JPEG’s , audio as well as videos.

Further, adding such kinds of data to a satoshi is known as inscription and the end result can be considered as a Bitcoin NFT or an Ordinal.

Moreover, since the launch of the Ordinals Protocol on Jan 21 , nearly 100,000 inscribed satoshis have been minted.

Further, it is important to note that ordinals are only possible thanks to the “witness section” of Bitcoin transactions that was introduced after the Taproot soft fork in 2021.

Moreover, this is where the JPEG’s , audio files as well as videos are inscribed into the individual ones.

Further, these digital artefacts are also made possible through the 2017 Segwit update,. Additionally, it’s a fork that increased block sizes from 1 MB to 4 MB.

One of the exciting things that makes Ordinals so exciting is that they expand the use cases of Bitcoin beyond simply being a digital currency.

Additionally, can help to create and store all sorts of valuable digital assets, which could help to attract new users to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Basically, Bitcoin Ordinals are a way for satoshis individual units of bitcoin to be numbered ,identified and even inscribed with information. And then, transforming them into NFTs .

Are NFT Ordinals ,Bitcoin Ordinals

Firstly, Bitcoin Ordinals can be considered NFTs. But they a few differences . Additionally, most NFT’s are created and tracked through a smart contract.

Consequently, the assets that these smart contracts represent are often hosted elsewhere.

Further, for example , some NFT platforms make use of the decentralized storage system , IPFS, to store the NFT artworks/audio etc.

Secondly, ordinals are inscribed into the satoshi and therefore , these Bitcoin -NFTs are stored on-chain .

Additionally, they are validated in blocks along with other transactions . Further these are stored in the network’s distributed ledger.

Moreover, traditional NFTs usually have metadata that allows creators to change the appearance and characteristics of an NFT.

For example, some NFT projects will ask users to refresh their metadata to update their NFTs with higher resolution images.

However, since ordinals are stored on-chain , their data is immutable and not be changed .

Also , unlike NFT’s ordinals do not provide creators with the option to receive royalties on subsequent sales.

In a nutshell, Ordinals are immutable and complete digital artefacts.

Unlike traditional NFT’s they can not be tampered with and they reside completely on -chain.

For these reasons , the creator of the Ordinals Protocol Casey Rodarmor , believes that these digital artefacts are “intended to reflect what NFTs should be “.

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Bitcoin Ordinals Links Ethereum NFTs

First, Bitcoin Ordinals introduces BRC-721E , merging NFT ecosystems and propelling decentralized art storage to new heights.

Second, in a groundbreaking development for the world of digital art ,Bitcoin Ordinals ,the latest layer-2 solution ,has emerged as a game-changer for decentralized storage on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Further, this cutting-edge technology allows users to migrate their Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) onto the Bitcoin blockchain using the newly launched BRC-721E standard.

The BRC-721E standard , a collaborative effort between the Ordinals market and Bitcoin Miladys , a meme token that plummeted 90% enables the seamless conversion of immutable and verifiable ERC-721 NFT’s to Ordinals.

While the initial implementation does not store metadata on-chain , you can include a lower-quality preview image and reference the Ethereum burn in the raw image data.

The Migration Process

Furthermore, the migration process begins with the irreversible burning of the ERC-721 NFT using an ETH call function.

Mainly, this serves as an on-chain inscription method, paving the way for claiming the ETH burn on Ethereum.

Above all, by inscribing valid BRC-721E data, you can witness the bridged NFT appearing on a custom. Ordinals market, collection page ,complete with full metadata.

To ensure, the integrity of the process, indexers diligently scrutinize the burned NFT data inscriptions.

Further, they verify that each token has only one valid inscription and confirm that the Geneses address matches the burn transaction call data.

The Ordinals Market place essentially celebrates the fundamental principles of BRC-721E .

Again, emphasizing the flexibility of indexers ,allowing the protocol to evolve though metadata is initially not stored on-chain.

Since its launch in Jan.2023,Bitcoin Ordinals has sparked a wave of enthusiasm and debate within the crypto community.

Additionally, the subsequent introduction of the ERC-20 standard in March has further expanded the possibilities by creating an experimental fungible token standard tailored specifically for the Bitcoin blockchain.

Typically, this convergence of BRC-20 with Ordinals has opened new doors,leading to the minting of popular BRC-20 tokens like Ordi, Vmpx, and Pepe.

Further, the number of BRC-20 tokens has witnessed an astounding surge, growing from a mere few hundred in the initial week to over 25,000 at present.

However, the rise of Ordinals and the era of token minting has faced backslash from some Bitcoin proponents ,who argue that this newfound method is inefficient and wasteful.

Finally, as Bitcoin Ordinals continues to reshape the landscape of decentralized storage and tokenization ,the debate surrounding its usage and necessity persists.

Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplaces

First, due to the rise in prominence of Bitcoin Ordinals there is now a need for Bitcoin Ordinal marketplaces.

Further, it facilitates the trading of these distinctive NFTs in a more secure, convenient, as well as, effective manner.

Additionally, everyone is vying to be the first and best in a number of marketplaces that are currently being created.

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List of 8 Best Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplaces in 2023


Pros :

  • First trustless Bitcoin NFT marketplace
  • Further, existing wallet options , plus 10% discount on collection inscriptions

Cons :

  • Charges 3% fee on purchases and 0.00025 BTC + 5% fee for inscriptions.


Pros :

  • Low market fee of 2.7%
  • Working on 4.2% creator royalty fee
  • Trustless marketplace using PSBT technology

Cons :

  • Limited information about the team


Pros :

  • Can purchase NFT’s using both BTC and ETH
  • Allows artists to create their own art on-chain, additionally, providing transparency and immutability

Cons :

  • Limited options compared to other established marketplaces.


The premier destination for trading Ordinals – Verifies Ethereum vaults containing Ordinals to enable fast and efficient NFT trading.

Pros :

  • Uses Emblem Vault to trade assets
  • Allows buying / selling Bitcoin Ordinals on Ethereum with any Ethereum-based wallet.

Cons :

  • Success may depend on the adoption of emblem Vault.

5. ORD

First , the safest Ordinals Marketplace

Pros :

  • Developing a tipping solution to support favorite creators
  • Advanced security & escrow for trading

Cons :

  • Still in beta phase
  • Charges 2% of every sale
  • Currently , transactions are handled manually

6.ORDINA – First, it tracks all Ordinal marketplaces, so you don’t have to

Pros :

  • It’s an aggregator that helps traders find, buy as well as , sell Bitcoin Ordinals
  • Users can submit an Ordinals collection for free

Cons :

  • No information on the security measures taken
  • No option to buy or sell Ordinals collection directly on it’s platform.


Pros :

  • Marketplace for all types of Bitcoin goods
  • No listing fees, but sellers must pay a commission of 1% based on the amount

Cons :

  • Does not offer an inscription service
  • Royalties are not enforced but discounts to creators are offered when selling

8. GAMMA –

Where people come together to create and collect what’s next

Pros :

  • Allows users to create collections without code
  • Mint high-res asset artwork affordably
  • Create a dedicated mint / collection page

Cons :

  • Mainly focuses on Ordinals rather than STX NFTs

Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Market to hit $4.5 billion by 2025

Firstly, the emergent Bitcoin NFT ecosystem which was practically non-existent just months ago could balloon to $4.5 billion . Further , in market size by 2025.

Additionally, analysts anticipate that the Bitcoin Ordinal frenzy of the last 2 months is no blip.

Further, they project demand for the ability to store NFTs on the world’s oldest and most established blockchain .

Additionally, it is estimated to grow in the coming years. Furthermore, according to Galaxy researchers even by summer of this year, an entire infrastructure of products and services designed to cater to this growing market will be fully developed.

Moreover, in just 2 months , wallets have already begun to offer the necessary support to improve user experience . As well as, marketplaces are emerging.

Bitcoin Ordinals NFT

In late January , a project called Ordinals launched NFT-like capability on Bitcoin. Further, allowing users to inscribe satoshis , the smallest unit of Bitcoin representing 0.00000001 BTC.

In addition to, unique data such as images and video . Further, while that inscription process can be time intensive .

As well as, the process of putting those assets on the Bitcoin chain is costly , the project became an immediate success.

Further, some Bitcoin maximalists are calling it an affront to Bitcoin principles

Additionally, the number of Bitcoin Ordinal Inscriptions made since the end of January surpassed approx. 200,000 earlier this week.

What’s more, Bitcoin Ordinals allow the Bitcoin blockchain to support NFTs (which traditionally exist on the Ethereum blockchain, though several other blockchains support NFTs).

Creating and selling Digital Art

Inscribing Text on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Building Ordinals based applications

The development of Ordinals marketplaces and Galleries

The Integration of Ordinals with other Bitcoin technologies.

1. Creating and Selling Digital Art

Basically, Ordinals are being used to create and sell all sorts of digital art, including images, videos, and even ASCII art. Some Ordinals – based art collections have sold for millions of dollars.

2. Inscribing Text on the Bitcoin Blockchain

People are also using Ordinals to inscribe text on the Bitcoin blockchain. This can be used to create things like digital time capsules, messages for future generations, and even legal contracts.

3. Building Ordinals -based Applications

Developers are building all sorts of Ordinals-based applications, such as Ordinals-based Games, social media platforms, and even decentralized financial applications. (DeFi)

4. The developments of Ordinals Marketplaces and Galleries

The development of Ordinals marketplaces and galleries is one of the most important trends in the Ordinals space in 2023.

These marketplaces and galleries make it easier for people to buy, sell, and trade Ordinals. This is important because it helps to grow the Ordinals ecosystem and make it more accessible to e

There are now dozens of Ordinals marketplaces and galleries, each with its own unique focus on selling Ordinals art, while others focus on selling Ordinals-based applications or even Ordinals that contain historical data.

Benefits :

a.Increased liquidity

b. Price discoovery

c. Increased awareness

5. The Integration of Ordinals with other Bitcoin technologies

One of the most important integrations is the integration of Ordinals with the Lightening Network.

The Lightening Network is a second-layer payment layer that allows for fast and cheap Bitcoin transactions.

The integration of Ordinals with the Lightening network make it possible to send and receive Ordinals over the Lightening network which is much cheaper and faster than spending and receiving Ordinals over the main Bitcoin blockchain.


Love it or hate it, Ordinals are transforming the Bitcoin blockchain. Additionally, they bring added utility and could expand the user base of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Moreover, they could lead to further innovation and more practical use cases in the future.

But there are things which Ordinals are lacking , from both social and technical perspectives.

Further, in real life, collectibles, as money , love silence . If you have a 22 -carat diamond in your apartment , you can show it off to some of your peers. But you probably don’t want to thug a cartel from the neighbourhood to know about it.

Essentially, this bring the concept of having privacy while operating and owning rare and expensive assets.

Basically, as Bitcoin is pseudonymous , so are Ordinals . Because they inherit the properties of the time chain , and as ell as totally dependent on it .

Furthey, these do not introduce any additional ways to make your ownership over an asset private.

Firstly, the Bitcoin NFT marketplace will likely look distinct from competitors though , due to the cost of inscribing on the network.

Further, Creators will likely to wish to avoid such eyebrow-raising costs. Additionally, Yuga’s debut Bitcoin collection, TwelveFold , for example is a limited series of just 300 artworks .

Further, for that reason, Galaxy predicts that Bitcoin will become the home of much rarer , high quality art projects.

If the NFT ecosystem broadly does not continue to grow , then demand for Bitcoin -native NFTs will be limited.

Nearly, all NFT marketplaces have now made paying fees optional. Further it has become attractive for traders .

Especially, since they now pocket greater profits on each sale. Further, devastating for creators who lack other sources of revenue.

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Effects of Ordinals on Bitcoin

Firstly, Ordinals affect Bitcoin and add complexity and technical difficulties for many participants , from miners to regular users.

Additionally, Bitcoin is not very scalable and it was not meant to serve as a file storage system.

Further, which would cost users all of their fiat savings to make one transaction.

If you pay for your coffee you didn’t want it’s cost to have an Ethereum -sized fee and to be minted after a week .

Further, just because someone decided to inscribe some sats .

Especially, as a miner You might not want to see JPEG garbage on your node . Similarly, you would not want to validate it .

Bitcoin Ordinals Surpass 10M inscriptions as Creator Rodarmor steps down.

Chiedly, the number of Ordinals has grown from one to 10 million in less than 6 months.

Similarly, the number of Ordinals inscriptions on the Bitcoin network has surpassed the 10 million mark.just days after its creator stepped down as the project’s caretaker.


Especially, Bitcoin does not yet meaningfully support smart contracts. Further, it means there is no way for emergent Bitcoin NFT marketplaces to enforce creator royalties.

However, noble the roots of Ordinals are , taking into account the current Bitcoin development landscape , we, again , find ourselves in the good old debate of 2017 . Further, the debate about over block size and polluting the time chain.

Additionally, so many spears have broken over this , that it is painfully hilarious to find ourselves boiling in this narrative again.

I guess, when it comes to collectibles , the block size debate can indeed last forever for Bitcoin.

Additionally, inscription with a JPEG or MP3 does not actually make a satoshi that much more unique .

Further, to bring a lot of additional value to it. Similarly, as the marker doodles of a toddler do not make your apartment walls those of the Louvre.

In depths of a turbulent bear market, an objectively -intriguing alternative use for Bitcoin block space.

Additionally, the creativity surrounding this use case as well as opportunities for miner extractable value this craze hints at should not be ignored.

Everyone does not need to be an inscriber, but they should pay attention.

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Are Ordinals going to be a huge financial opportunity? What do you think?Please share your views.


Are Ordinals good for Bitcoin?

Contrary to some complaints ,the Ordinals protocol and the capacity to create NFTs on Bitcoin is remarkably great for the future of Bitcoin. With Ordinals ,we can now inscribe and store non-fungible digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

How can you get Ordinals Bitcoin?

You can trade for Ordinal BTC using ETH in your digital wallet account. Then you will be prompted to buy ETH on your digital account.

How many Bitcoin Ordinals are there?

There are 100 million sats that make up 1 Bitcoin (BTC). Sats are numbered based on the order of mining, and this number,which uniquely identifies a sat, is an ordinal number.

What are the 3 types of Bitcoin?

a.Value Tokens- These types are an object of value, such as digital asset like art or music in the form of an NFT.
b.Utility Tokens – These are tokens that help provide a service.
c. Security tokens- This type of token represents ownership of an asset.

What are the 4 stages of Bitcoin?

The crypto market cycle has 4 phases;
Historically, the crypto market and Bitcoin ,as its main asset ,have experienced several cycles. In each cycle the price of an asset will move from an all-time low to an all-time high and vice versa.


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