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.BTC Domain – How to Buy ? 2023

Learn here, how to Buy .BTC Domain ?

What is a .BTC Domain ?

Firstly, .BTC Domain is the next big trend of Web 3. Additionally, The .BTC Domain name is the Stacks blockchain’s decentralized web identity.

Further, it is human -readable wallet address system and similar to the .eth domain. Additionally, these domains are registered through a smart contract on Stacks , secured by Bitcoin.

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How does .BTC Domain work ?

.BTC Domains are registered by sending a transaction to the BNS smart contract on the Stacks chain. Essentially, it is BNS smart contract on the Stacks chain.

Further, BNS can be compared to to its EthEreum (ETH) counterpart ENS. Given Stacks unique connection to Bitcoin , registering .btc names automatically generates a pair of corresponding Bitcoin and Stacks addresses.

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How to Buy .BTC Domain ?

Firstly, to claim your Bitcoin domain, head over to https ://

Additionally, connect your Stacks compatible crypto wallet.

Especially, If the name you had like to purchase is available , you will be able to pay with cryptocurrency like STX.

Further, .btc domains are registered by sending a transaction to the BNS smart contract on the Stacks chain.

Additionally, BNS is the “Blockchain Naming System ” , a decentralized name registration app.

If the name you had like to purchase is available ,you will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies (STX & Bitcoin ) as well as , US Dollars.

Essentially, your domain name is yours for 5 years. Secondly, you will need to pay some renewal fees if you had like to keep it.

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Where to trade .BTC Domain ?

Basically, , the leading NFT marketplace on Stacks , offers functionality. Additionally, for selling , transferring and buying .btc domains on the secondary market.

BNS Domains are a special kind of NFT that predates Stacks mainnet itself. The smart contract used to register and manage names is limited in some ways.

Moreover, it makes buying or selling them a bit different from most other NFTs on Gamma.

Notably, only one of these NFTs can belong to a given address at one time. Additionally, the NFT must be held in a smart contract while listed for sale.

Similarly, if you already own a BNS domain at your primary address . Especially, you will see an option to purchase a domain for another account.

Selling BNS Domains

First, you can sell your BNS domains by vising your profile while logged in with a given account . Additionally, you will need to find BNS name in your profile . Secondly , you need to click List. Define a list price and proceed to deploy the smart contract. Essentially, which will hold your NFT.

What is

Firstly, he web bridge allows users to use their names as web pages. Secondly, this means the web bridge turns into the top level domain.

Further , it allows users to generate subdomains for their personal use. Basically, with your Bitcoin domain registration, you can link to your website via your domain name.

Additionally, typing example .btc in the browser URL bar will lead you to

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How to Purchase NFT Domains

If you wish to purchase NFT domains such as crypto, wallet , nft and more , you will need to head over to website.

Especially, at Unstoppable Domains . Essentially , here available payment methods include Paypal, Credit card and digital currencies.

Essentially, NFT domains are not part of the current DNS (domains part of ICANN) . Additionally, they are called alternate roots.

How You can Benefit from .BTC Domain ?

Firstly, those who purchase the .eth domain early saw its value increased by 50 or 100 times.

Currently, one needs to have STX to buy .btc domain . Additionally, if it becomes popular there will be a lot of demand for the STX token.

Especially, because it is the only token used to buy .btc domain.

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Should You Buy a .btc domain or a Bitcoin domain?

Firstly, When you enter a crypto space , you choose to represent yourself or your business with a blockchain domain name.

Further, among many popular options are the .bitcoin and .btc domain extensions. Which are essentially, designed specifically for fans of Bitcoin.

Moreover these are 2 of the most recognizable domains that relate directly to this cryptocurrency.

Firstly, these 2 domains might seem very similar on the surface. Essentially, in truth they are different.

Secondly, there are many differences between them which any interested party should be mindful of . Further , before taking a decision.

Furthermore, Domain names are a very important part of somebody’s online identity. Therefore, it is paramount that serious thought is given before choosing the domain.

What is a Bitcoin domain ?

The .bitcoin and .btc domain names are both specific types of blockchain domains. Additionally, it means that they are essentially NFTs that correspond to a specific name.

Moreover, NFTs are typically thought of as being images or pictures . urther, in reality an NFT can take the form of any type of data.

Basically, NFT domains are a little more than just a set of words . Additionally, they are used for identification and web hosting.

Further, it goes without saying that both .btc and .bitcoin domain names relate specifically to their namesake coin.

Additionally, they both convey to the world that somebody is an an active participant in the bitcoin ecosystem.

Regardless, of whether that means they are a trader , a developer or simply a fan.

Simply, it is an easy way to show the world that you care about Bitcoin. Additionally, you are involved with its community.

Why do people choose .btc or .Bitcoin Domains ?

People often use these bitcoin domain names as their profile names on social media sites. Such as Twitter, Medium as well as Mirror.

Additionally, if they are interested in taking things one step further, they may host a website under them too.

Further, do not let the word domain confuse you. Simply, these names can be used as domains , but this is not a requirement.

Especially, bitcoin domain names are being more and more encouraged for fans to use. Additionally, they make a barrier of entry for newcomers much easier.

Similarly, novices understandably daunted by the complex visual apperance of a standard wallet address.

Thereby, using bitcoin and .btc domains helps by making the space overall less intimidating.

Differences between .btc and .bitcoin domain

Firstly, both these domains have different origins and histories.

Firstly, .btc domains were launched in mid -2021 . Essentially, this is a blockchain project that is built to work in tandem with the bitcoin blockchain.

Furthermore, it is designed to have a special type of symbolic relationship with Bitcoin. Additionally, it utilizes some of the security features that Bitcoin has.

Whilst also, adding some tools to Bitcoin such as offering limited smart contract capabilities.

Additionally, it might sound like a Layer – 2 solution , but the Stacks team is careful to argue otherwise.

Essentially, as it does not help with scaling Bitcoin or with transaction speeds (such as Lightening Network help).

Stacks is involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem . Further, also being seperate from the Bitcoin blockchain itself.

Whereas , .btc domains are held on the blockchain naming service ( or BNS ) . Essentially, which is a blockchain-based domain management database.

Moving to the ,bitcoin domain , this is managed by Unstoppable Domains. Furthet founded in 2018.

Additionally, the company handles many different blockchain domains such as .nft, .blockchain and .crypto.

Further , the company has made a name for itself by offering a range of non-traditional domains to members of the blockchain and Web 3 community.

The .bitcoin Domain

Firstly, it is managed by Unstoppable Domains ‘s own naming service UNS. Further, UNS is managed on Polygon blockchain , but also has compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain.

Similarly , it might sound odd to get a Bitcoin domain that is handled on a blockchain.

Essentially, which is disconnected to the Bitcoin network . But in truth, it makes sense when you consider the industry as a whole.

Additionally, the Bitcoin blockchain and ecosystem actually have huge overlaps with other blockchains.

Developers as well as fans in this industry typically belong to multiple user bases . Additionally, they are always looking for ways to work with other ecosystems and share resources with them.


Firstly, at face value , a .bitcoin and .btc domain seem quite similar. Additionally, you would expect them to have similar connotations.

Further, it is far from truth , because for starters consider the fact that one of them refers to the acronym used to denote the Bitcoin cryptocurrency , BTC.

Especially, this is term used primarily by traders and investors in the space WHO FOCUS ON THE FINANCIAL SIDE OF THINGS.

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Is there a .btc domain ?
Are NFT domains a good Investment ?
Can you send BTC to a .ETH address ?
You want to trade BTC Address ?
What do BTC address start with ?
How BTC address look like ?


Firstly, Search , Check the availability of your domain. Secondly, Register with a Bitcoin connected Stacks account. Thirdly, Manage and self-custody your .BTC domains all in one place.

Essentially, .btc domains are held on the blockchain naming service ( or BNS) . Secondly, it is a blockchain -based domain management database.

What is NFT Domain name ?

Firstly, Non-fungible token domains are blockchain domains, i.e. domains based on blockchain technology . Additionally, Unlike Web 2 .o websites , the data of theses domains and websites linked to them are stored in a decentralized manner. Secondly, anyone can register a new NFT domain name, but addresses ending with.


Well, the answer is yes. Additionally, in future NFT domains will be used by many businesses to create websites . Decondly, they would be in huge demand . Especially, to harness the benefit of such price rise. Lastly, people are buying them now at lower possible price to pocket bit profits.


No, you cant send bitcoin to an Ethereum address. (well you can, but it would be lost in the crypto abyss forever.)

Additionally pay careful attention when it comes to cryptos that look alike.

Especially, don’t send BTC to a BCH address or ETC to an ETH address.


Firstly, Many people believe that Bitcoin is anonymous. However, this not the case. Bitcoin, contrary to popular belief , is traceable.

Secondly, While your identity is not directly linked to your Bitcoin address , all transactions are public and additionally, recorded on the blockchain.


BTC addresses range from 27 to 34 alphanumeric characters. Additionally, with each one beginning with 1,3, or bc1.


Firstly, a BTC wallet address can be related to a conventional bank account number . Secondly, It is unique combination of alphanumeric keys.






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