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Crypto Money – How To Earn ?

Crypto Money – How to earn Money by Crypto?

Crypto Money – Scenario

Firstly, the success and adoption of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency are the best performing assets of the past decade.

Further, they have now opened up better opportunities for passive income. Moreover, for retail investors than a traditional bank.

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Why it is necessary to Earn money on Crypto ?

First, A 12% savings account would be unheard of holding fiat currency in a bank account.

Second, high street banks today pay an average interest rate of 0.05% on balances above a trivial amount .

Besides, it could get slightly more , if you commit to lock up your money for years in a time deposit . Still underperforming inflation.

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Crypto Money – How to Earn Money on Crypto ?

Crypto savings account platforms allow you to open a crypto wallet with them . Additionally, they help you to earn compound interest on your digital assets .

Further, supported coins include Bitcoin , Ethereum , stablecoins like USDT and USDC. (these have the best APY , or annual percentage yield ) and more.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges offer these interest-bearing accounts. For example,

Gemini Earn is the high-yield savings account offered by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, offering a maximum annual percentage yield (APY) of 8.05%.

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Best Crypto savings Accounts in 2023

a. Aqru – top crypto savings account for high yield.

Firstly, is a relatively new crypto savings account platform founded in 2019. Additionally, it is offering many incentives to attract new signups .

In addition to, a free starting capital immediately credited to you. When you deposit $500 or more.

Additionally, you will get a free $75 for every friend you refer to also deposits $500+. Further, if he invests it for at least 30 days.

Furthermore, those are large bonuses than most crypto savings accounts. E.g. most users will receive under half that on BlockFi and

Interest Rates

Although, high net-worth depositors can earn more . Essentially, the main benefit of Aqru is that interest rates are flat and apply to all your funds.

Rather than being tied (requiring you to deposit a certain amount to earn the highest yield) .

Additionally, whatever amount of BTC or ETH you hold, you earn 7% . Not only, you could earn higher on other crypto savings accounts but also need to deposit or stake a large amount.

  • Bitcoin interest – 7%
  • Ethereum interest – 7%
  • Stablecoin interest – 12%
Interest on Stablecoins

Firstly, to earn a flat 12 % interest yearly, you can hold stablecoins pegged to the value of the US Dollar .

Essentially, Aqru invents your funds in a mixture of Tether (USDT) , USD Coin (USDC) and DAI for stability.

Further, you can earn interest on crypto paid daily . Rather than accrued daily but paid monthly as on some crypto saving accounts .

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Moreover, there is no term or lockup requirement . Besides, it’s a flexible crypto savings account with access to withdraw your funds at any time.

Features of

No hidden tiers or terms

Get started with free crypto

Large refer a friend bonus

Daily interest payouts

Easy to use

No withdrawal fees on fiat currency

Disadvantages :

Only BTC , ETH , stablecoins supported so far

Small Reddit presence

USA users not accepted

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b. BlockFi – best crypto savings account in the US.

Firstly, it is a best Crypto Savings account in US advertises a $250 bonus . Essentially, there is a requirement to deposit $100,000 + to receive that .

A $100-$1499 deposit earns $15, a $1500-$19,999 deposit earns $20 , and so on in a tiered system.

Additionally, refer a friend bonus is $10 for US referrals. and $40 for non-US clients referred.

Secondly, BlockFi users can receive a credit card with 1.5% cashback on purchases . Additionally, users can take out crypto-backed loans at 4.5% APR using their crypto savings as collateral.

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Features of BlockFi

Essentially, BlockFi supports crypto interest on some popular altcoins including Cardano (ADA) , Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC) .

In addition to, Chainlink (LINK), Avalanche (AVAX), Cosmos (ATOM) and more.

It was founded in 2017. Additionally, BlockFi built a good reputation paying crypto interest. Especially, to about 1 million registered users over several years.

Additionally, it is managing $10 billion in assets . In addition to, coming under the attention of Gary Gensler . And then , a Securities and Exchange Commission crackdown in February 2022.


According to Reuters , BlockFi paid a settlement with the SEC without admitting or denying the charges.

Further , the charge was that it failed to comply with regulatory state registration rules. Or register with the SEC.

  • Bitcoin interest – 4.5%
  • Ethereum interest – 5%
  • Stablecoin interest – 9%

Furthermore, BlockFi will continue operating . A good sign for crypto saving accounts in general .


Additionally, it recently received a Connecticut license. Especially, it is now available in CT state . But not yet in New York,

Moreover, BlockFi Reddit has tens of thousand of subscribers.

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Advantages of BlockFi

Further, BlockFi has personalized options for high net-worth investors. Additionally, it has various investment platforms for accredited and institutional investors.

Moreover, it has proven track record of crypto interest payments.

Additionally, it is a good investment platform for BlockFi Bitcoin Trust and equipment -backed loans for mining businesses,

It allows one free withdrawal per month.

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c. – top crypto savings account for variety of supported coins.

Firstly, attracts attention with its sleek platform. Additionally, with metal VISA debit card . In addition to ,its advertising campaigns which feature Matt Damon.

Further, it offers crypto interest rates of up to,

  • Polkadot – 14.5%
  • Stablecoins – 14%
  • BTC – 8.5%
  • ETH – 8.5%

In total you can earn interest on 50 crypto assets.

Essentially, in terms of potential ROI ,it is the best crypto savings account on the market.

However, there are complicated requirements . In addition to, requirement for the need to buy, stake,own $40,000 or more of the exchange’s native token CRD.

Especially, to earn the highest crypto interest rates .

Basically, it is also necessary to commit to a three-month lockup period. Additionally, the interest rates are significantly lower for users that dont dont do these.

For example, only 1.5% Bitcoin interest if you don’t stake CRO . Additionally, with a flexible term, 3.5% on Ethereum and 6% on stablecoins.

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Essentially, if the value of CRO ,or the crypto asset you are holding crash (unless it’s a stablecoin ) during the lockup term , you may not earn money.


Further, one advantage is that you can take out crypto loans , borrowing up to 50% of your crypto collateral with no credit check .

Additionally, you can pay back the loan with no late fees. Besides, the APR is 8% p.a. Further, When you stake $40k+ of CRO or 12% without CRO staking.

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d. eTaro – most regulated crypto platform with staking.

Firstly, is not technically, a crypto savings account. As it does not pay crypto interest . However, you can earn an APY by staking Ethereum , Cardano or Tron paid in the crypto asset you stake,

Secondly, when you stake crypto ,you are paid a dividend . Further, for allowing your tokens to be used to validate transactions on a blockchain network.

Whereas with crypto savings accounts you are paid. Additionally, the platform lends out crypto to institutional and retail borrowers.

Moreover, banks lend out fiat to a third party to earn revenue.

Furthermore, the Ethereum APY depends on how much you invest (up to 6.25%) . Additionally, it is subject to lock in period.

Especially, up until the launch of ETH 2.0 , ADA, and TRX yield are more complicated. Additionally, it depends on the no. of tokens in the staking pool.

Basically, for users posting on eTaro , it’s an trading platform. Further, all investors have a profile they can make posts to . Additionally, who have reported 2-5% APY.

Similarly, payments are made once in a month based on daily snapshots of your token balance.

Firstly, Bitcoin can not be staked. So, Bitcoin interest can not earned on eToro. Additionally, you can copy trade on a platform though.

Besides, picking up an experienced trader and copying their trades. Essentially, fully automated with no management fees.

The top copy traders returned investors an ROI of 30.4% in 2021 and 83.7% in 2020. And then the main appeal eToro is ,it is highly regulated , by the Financial Conduct Authority . And additionally, international agencies.

Further, for US residents , your cash holdings are FDIC insured for up to $250,000. Additionally, anf US stocks held , it’s also a stockbroker . Thereby , covered by SIPC insurance.

Most importantly, crypto holdings are not covered by FDIC or SIPC deposit insurance.

Moreover, eToro has been operating since 2007 predating crypto . Additionally, it has no regulatory issues in America, Europe, Australia, and most countries globally.

Further, till now it has not been hacked in its history. Additionally, you can sell cryptocurrency for cash on the platform.

eToto also have a 48 rated mobile app for Android and IOS. Additionally, based on the Google Play store and Apple store, and a crypto wallet.

Secondly, eToro Money wallet which comes with a crypto debit card. There is no welcome bonus.

However, $50 refer a friend bonus is there. Additionally, you can earn an income by becoming a trader that others copytrade.


Available in US

FCA, ASIC, CySEC regulated

Also, a crypto platform where you can buy , sell or trade

FDIC – insured custodial account for cash

Founded in 2007

Other cash income opportunities

Minimum deposit only $10


Locked Ethereum Staking (ETH 2.0)

No Bitcoin interest

only ETH, ADA , TRX staking supported

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Benefits of using Crypto Savings Accounts

Firstly, by using crypto savings accounts you can earn interest faster than traditional savings accounts.

Secondly, the risk / reward debatably worth it. Especially, given the average household loses hundreds of dollars per year from their savings due to inflation.

Further, it actually spiked to record levels in 2022.

How to Earn Money

With the crypto markets bullish trend, it’s a good time to invest and buy the dip. As well as , putting your coins in cold storage to appreciate in value as a long-term investment.

Additionally, you can also compound your holdings by earning crypto interest. But which of the crypto saving account providers are best for you and your strategies.

First, if you are outside US , and investing under $40,000 , Aqru would be best for you.

Especially as it offers lucrative 7% on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, it can offer 12% interest if you hold stablecoins.

Similarly, if you are based in US on the same budget and if Aqru is not available . Then , BlockFi would make sense as the best option if you want to earn interest on Bitcoin.

Additionally, you can get a crypto loan too. is suited to high net-worth investors who are not risk-averse. Additionally, its high interest rates require investing over $40,000.

Further, staking CRO. BlockFi does have specialized options for wealthy investors.

Passive Income by Copy-trading ?

First, eToro is best suited for risk-averse investors. Further, it is suited for investors who do not mind locking up their Ethereum for staking.

Additionally, it is FCA regulated and in operation for the longest time.

Further, you have the option to day trade or copy trade as other sources of income or passive income.


Firstly, accusations of crypto projects being securities are common in the cryptocurrency markets.

Further, it is seen by crypto enthusiasts as a politically biased attack on emerging blockchain technology by the financial system.

Secondly interest in these high yield platforms shows no sign of slowing down .

Altcoin buzz .io reported that 24% of the US citizens today hold crypto. Additionally, it is a sign that ‘consumer needs are not being met by the banks.

Owning crypto is very common among millennials. Is earning interest on crypto is safe ?

Only time will tell. Further, retail investors are increasingly turning to it. Rather than earn a pittance with regular savings accounts .

Firstly,iIf you are interested in crypto passive income you may wish to open accounts. Secondly, by opening accounts on several platforms, you can split up your fund and hedge risk against crypto market downturn.s.

Please do not forget to set up two factor authentication on each account for security.


How to earn Compound Interest on Crypto?
There are 5 platforms you should consider .Depending on the coin you choose,the annual income from compounding will vary.
Drip Network
Pancake Swap
Titano Finance

How do you compound profit on Crypto?

Compounding crypto is a long-term investment strategy that involves reinvesting profits into the dame asset to increase returns over time. It is similar to compound interest in traditional finance, where the interest earned on an investment is reinvested to generate more interest.

What is the best way to earn interest on crypto?

One of the best ways to earn interest on crypto is via staking. The traditional method of staking consists of crypto tokens being deposited into a blockchain network. The network must use the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Examples include, Ethereum and Cardano.

Can you earn Compound Interest on Binance?

Use the Auto-Subscription feature on Binance Earn to automatically subscribe your accrued interest ,in order to earn compound interest. Additionally, you can let Binance Savings take care of the process for you, or choose products that are simple to compound like Binance Staking and Fixed Savings.

How much Profit is Good in Crypto?

Most traders target at least 50% before they take profits. That being said ,you can target 100% profits too before you decide to take.





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