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Crypto Presales – 5 Best In 2023

What does Crypto Presales offer You?

What are Crypto Presales?

Firstly, before a token’s official launch, a blockchain startup will offer a small number of its tokens to investors as part of a fundraising event known as a crypto presale.

Second;y, these presales typically occur when a startup is just getting off the ground and is looking for funding. Basically, to support the creation and promotion of their project.

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Introduction to Crypto Presale?

Chiefly, Crypto Presales have become a popular method for blockchain startups to raise funds for projects before the official launch of a token.

Secondly, Presales offer you the opportunity to buy tokens at a discounted price. Actually, often before they appear on exchanges or become available to the public.

While crypto presales come with a degree of risk, they can also offer significant benefits to both startups and investors alike.

What are the types of Crypto Presales?

Firstly, there are many different implementations of Crypto presales such as ISPOs, ICO, IEOs, etc.

However, they typically follow a similar format. Crypto presales have developed from initial public offerings (IPO) in traditional finance to put it simply.

Basically, with traditional IPOs, companies must adhere to strict regulations. Further, they must also involve counterparties such as investment banks before they can offer assets. To explain, it is a long and strenuous process.

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How Crypto Presales Work?

Chiefly, during a crypto presale, you typically acquire coins or tokens at a discounted price. This is often with the expectation that the token’s value will rise once they become public to put it simply.

Additionally, the presale may also have minimum investment requirements, time limits, or other participation requirements.

Essentially, the funds raised during a crypto presale often cover a multitude of expenses.

Further, these are typically the costs of developing the blockchain project, legal and regulatory compliance. In addition to, marketing the upcoming token launch.

Most importantly, the success of a crypto presale can also raise awareness of the project. Thereby, attracting more investors, and ultimately increasing the token’s value.

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5 Amazing Crypto Presales to Watch For in 2023

DigiToads Presale

Firstly, Digi Toads(TOADS) is a play-to-earn and stake-to-earn meme coin based on the “The Swamp” ‘ metaverse.

Additionally, the players in the DigiToads game can collect, nurture, and battle various DigiToads.

Secondly, these one-of-a-kind NFTs can be obtained by buying, trading, or winning them.

Thirdly, Toads can be obtained as a player by purchasing, trading, or even winning them.

Each DigiToads has its own set of characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, giving you a wide range of unique digital characters.

Basically, players train their DigiToads to be the most powerful in the swamp arena. Additionally, these can be accomplished by purchasing food, potions, and training equipment for their DigiToads with TOADS tokens.

Thereby, these items will help you grow in size, and strength, and learn new abilities, giving you a competitive advantage in battles against other players.

There are 585 million $TOAD in total.It will be distributed in the following ways:

a.69.29% presale + community bonus

b. 13.16% project launch, public release, liquidity pools, and misc.

c. 7.29% prizes and comp.

d. 5.2% development

e. 5% team tokens.

AiDoge Presale

Chiefly, AliDoge is a platform that makes use of AI to produce inventive memes in line with crypto trends.

Additionally, it uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate pertinent memes from user-provided text prompts.

Thirdly, AI algorithms are used by AliDoge’s generator to produce memes that are appropriate for the context.

And then, have been trained on massive meme datasets and cryptocurrency news. This guarantees original and current memes.

Further, AI tokens are the primary currency in AliDoge and they are used to purchase credits for meme generation.

Moreover, this ensures the platform’s long-term viability and development. This first stage price of $AI is $0.00002600 and after that $0.00003360.

Essentially, the native currency of the AliDoge ecosystem is the AI token. Additionally, the total supply is one trillion tokens. The initial offering price on the exchange will be $0.00003360.

a.50%: sold during the presale. This sale is intended to raise funds for project development and marketing effort.

b. 25%: AI token allocated to the company, with a 10-year vesting period.

c. 12.5%: Go to liquidity provisions and listings on exchanges.

d. 12.5%: Community rewards.

Uwerx Presale

Firstly, Uwerx mission is to build a decentralized platform for the global gig economy.

Secondly, it connects talented professionals with clients all over the world. Thirdly, Uwrex’s use of blockchain technology is one of its distinguishing features, ensuring secure and transparent transactions between freelancers and clients.

Further, all payments are made using Uwrex’s cryptocurrency, adding an extra layer of security and transparency.

Moreover, some of the key features that set the Uwrex platform apart are:

a.A personalized matching system

b. Video conferencing

c. File sharing

d.Project management tools

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yPredict Presale

Chiefly, yPredict is a marketplace for trading signals and research. Additionally, it enables data analysis and artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers to sell model predictions as a subscription service.

yPredict (YPRED) –

AI-powered tool with a range of features, next-gen data, insights, and metrics to help traders maximize earnings.

Also allows developers to sell their predictive models. $500k raised since launching with a 140% price increase before listing.

Secondly, each new model will be verified by DAO members before it is made available for subscription on the platform.

Basically, this method of vetting new models prevents any low-quality models from being sold.

Additionally, many different bullish and bearish charts and candlestick patterns are automatically recognized by yPredict.

When these are formed, it generates real-time alerts along with a reliability score based on the overall historical accuracy of the anticipated price behavior following the pattern formation.

Essentially, yPredict has 3 stages for 2023. Q2, which is slated for April-June, will have token sales, listings on exchanges, and the launch of the analytics Beta.

Further, in Q3, there will be more exchange listings, the launch of the yPredict repository Beta, and a global marketing campaign.

Lastly, the final Quarter of 2023 will launch the yPredict marketplace beta, the full release of yPredict analytics, marketplace, and repository.

To explain, yPredict is the official token for the yPredict platform. The max token supply is 100,000,000.

a.80%: Presale

b. 10%: Liquidity

c. 5% : Treasury

d. 5% Development

PikaMoon Presale

Firstly, Pikamoon is a real-time 3D metaverse that offers photorealistic graphics and immersive experiences.

Secondly, you can build your own empire, collect characters, and use them in battle. Thirdly, there is also the possibility of earning money while playing.

To explain, you can earn $PIKA fighting for NFTs or completing missions. Additionally, the platform draws inspiration from the popular Pokemon franchise.

For example, Fortnite is the primary source of inspiration for Pikamoon. Essentially, Pikamoon is an RPG with an emphasis on exploration, strategy, and combat in particular.

Further, an office campaign mode and online multiplayer modes in Pikamoon. Furthermore, battles are turn-based and fought between your Pikamoon and the opposing Pikamoon.

Most importantly, each pikamoon has its own move set, which can grow and evolve as a result of combat experience and specialized items.

Generally, players can also use items to help them win battles by healing or boosting their Pikamoon’s stats.

Chiefly, the cryptocurrency is called Pikamoon($PIKA). It is deflationary. On your journey through the Pikaverse, you can buy items with $PIKA from the in-game market.

The total supply is 50 billion tokens.

a. 32%: Goes to ecosystem development

b. 30%: Goes to public sales

c. 12.5% will be allocated to the team and advisors

d. 10%: for marketing

e. 7.5% :Liquidity pool

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Basically,. Crypto presales have become a popular way for blockchain startups to raise funds and build a community around their projects.

While there are certainly advantages to participating in these presales, such as getting access to tokens at a discounted rate, there are also potential risks and drawbacks to consider.

You should carefully research any project before participating in a presale. And then, assess the team’s experience, track record, and overall credibility.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the presale, such as lock-up periods and vesting schedules.

Overall, crypto presales can be a valuable tool for startups looking to raise funds and build a community.

Lastly, as with any, there are no guarantees, but with careful consideration, presales can be a way to participate in the growth of exciting new blockchain projects.

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How do you find upcoming presale coins?

Firstly, the best way to find upcoming ICOs is through Twitter and Telegram. There are many accounts that keep of ICOs. However, not all of the projects are vetted. Users should exercise caution.

What is the advantage of presale tokens?

Presale tokens have some advantages. The simplest one is the opportunity to acquire potentially popular coins at a discount. They may also qualify you for retroactive airdrops community rewards or rewards.

What is the difference between an ICO, IDO, and IEO?

The difference between an ICO, IDO, and IEO is where the tokens are listed. With an IEO, tokens are listed on a CEX. With an IDO, tokens are listed on a DEX. ICOs send funds directly to users.

How you can participate in coin offering?

You can participate in a presale coin offering by finding a project. Some projects do not require KYC and you can therefore purchase the tokens directly. Others may require light KYC for whitelisting. Most projects also have instructions on how to invest.

Are Presale Coins a good investment?

Presale coins can be very risky. Some ICOs can be scams. You can also have coin offerings, while not scams, which do not generate the expected return most would assume. However, ICOs that are successful can be very lucrative.

What risks are associated with presale coins?

Pre-sold coins and tokens carry some risks. Some projects rug pull or steal investors’ funds. Also, not all projects that have ICOs are successful. Another caveat that comes with ICOs, is that they are a way for private investors to get out of their investments. So the coins may fall in price after being released to the public.





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