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Crypto Tools -What Are Best Crypto Tools For Upcoming Bull Run?

Many proponents are hopeful about the bull run starting in 2024. And now is the best time to prepare ourselves.

Here is the list of the best Crypto Tools that can save you 100+ hours of time and give you an edge over 99% of crypto investors.

Bitcoin has broken through the $31,000 mark amid big institutional ETF applications, which is indicating that the worst is over for crypto.

Above all, easing monetary policies, the decline of inflation, the change in Bitcoin’s mining difficulty and growing confidence in DeFi are factors that point to a renewed surge in crypto prices.

Crypto Tools -Top Trading Tools

Trading View – Shows technical analysis

THE KINGFISHER – Live orders and liquidation prices

DEX SCREENER – Graphs of DeFi projects

COINGECKO – All tokens listed and major data

COINGLASS-TA tools required to analyze tokens (greed, funding, order books)

Crypto Tools – DeFi and Metrics

DeFiLlama – Everything about DeFi metrics.

TOKEN TERMINAL – Token financials and revenue tracking.

L2BEAT – L2 data and TVL

PARSEC – Analytics platform for NFTs & DeFi

STABLE. FISH-Find the best stablecoin farming pools.

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Crypto Tools – On Chain Analysis

GLASSNODE – On-Chain flows

NASEN-Analytics and on-chain tracking

BUBBLEMAPS- Token supply distribution analysis

ARTEMIS – Follow on-chain trades, tx, and dev activity

WHALESTATS- Follow whales activity

MESSARI- Market insights and research

ARKHAM – On-chain wallet interactions

BLOCKPOUR-DeFi analytics, liquidity, and arbitrage

INTOTHEBLOCK-Analytics through AI

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TOKEN UNLOCKS- Upcoming unlocks,tokenomics, and ROI.

THE BLOCK- News and research reports


BLOCK WORKS- News and analytics

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CRYPTOSLAM- Tracking hot NFT collections

CATCHMENT.XYZ – Live or recent minting

NFTNERDS – NFT data analytics

AIRDROPS.IO -Listing all the current airdrops

EARNDROP – Find unclaimed airdrops.

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What are the Best Crypto Coins for the Next Bull Run?

ApeMax – ApeMax is a revolutionary coin with staking tokenomics.

Ethereum – Leading blockchain platform for smart contracts and DApps.

Bitcoin – Pioneer cryptocurrency and foundational piece of Web3/

Solana – High-performance blockchain for fast and scalable applications.

Binance Coin– Utility token for the Binance exchange ecosystem.

Cardano– Secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Polkadot – Multi-chain platform enabling interoperability between blockchains.

Chainlink-Decentralized Oracle network connecting smart contracts.

Avalanche – Fast and highly scalable blockchain platform.

Dogecoin – Memorable and community-driven cryptocurrency with a playful spirit.

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5 Best Crypto Tax Software Tools in 2023

Crypto investing has gained momentum in recent years and is expected to grow continuously.

There are moments of huge profits but also downturns in the decentralized blockchain-supported currency market.

It’s exciting to calculate crypto earnings, but with each transaction comes the responsibility to pay tax.

Regardless of the market movement, investing in crypto comes with tax liabilities. You may already understand crypto trading and its fundamentals.

However, making sure you are being compliant with the appropriate tax regulations is another matter to contend with.

Why You should use a Crypto Software Tool?

Tax filing is a tedious task. With crypto investment, in particular, it can be hard to keep track of all transactions. Not to mention, you had to manually calculate the tax applicable for that particular activity. It can be too much of a burden for you.

This is why crypto tax tools come in handy. These software solutions are designed to optimize transaction tracking and calculate capital gains and losses. And then to generate accurate reports.

Reasons Why You would want Crypto Tax Tools


One of the most important features that your crypto tax tool should have is support for all stable coins and popular tokens and exchanges.

This way, you can use that one app to track your activities, even if you are investing in different cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, its too much work to switch between apps and manually calculate taxation on tokens that are not supported by a crypto tax tool.

Further, getting highly versatile software allows you to broaden trading opportunities without having to worry about tax computation by the end of the year.

Another important factor is that the software can be used where you live. Since tax laws differ per country. The app should reflect taxation standards that exist in your country.

b.Automated Data Input

Conversely, crypto transactions move at a fast pace. With crypto tax software, you are essentially eliminating the burden of manually taking note of the date of the transaction.

And the number of tokens in the transaction. Additional will be their price at the time of the transaction, and so on.

Chiefly, crypto tax software takes care of recording all the data and presenting it in spreadsheet form that is understandable. Moreover, intuitive crypto tax programs ensure there will be minimal if any at all errors in computation.

This is especially important for professional traders who make numerous transactions per day.

c.Ready -to-use- Paperwork

Aside from recording all transaction info and calculating for tax, crypto tax tools feature downloadable tax paperwork.

Most crypto software tools include pre-filled paperwork, such as IRS Form 8949, which makes tax filing straightforward for you.

Beyond the IRS Form, there are many more pre-filled forms you can use. Not only that, but these tools will also usually feature audit tracking and real-time gains.

As well as loss of data. And other important paperwork all while keeping on top of the latest tax regulations.

d. Suite of Features

Depending on the plan and the brand, most crypto tax software tools have their own set of features that will prove essential for your crypto tax management.

For example, a software tool can detect transactions made between your own wallets. This smart transfer matching feature ensures that you won’t have to pay taxes on transactions. Especially, where both the sender and receiver are yourself.

Another feature is a double-checking capability that prevents duplicating transactions. There is also the tax-loss harvesting feature that allows you to save money when calculating taxable transactions.

Having all these features saves time and effort in preparing tax reports. Aside from being used by individuals, crypto tax software tools can also help tax professionals themselves to manage crypto tax specifics for their respective clients.


Any software solution dealing with your profit info should be one that is reliable and secure.

A trustworthy crypto tax software will always produce accurate reports, and keep the data secure. As well as have a user-friendly interface where you can navigate all the features and info you would need.

Choosing a trusted crypto tax software also prevents any discrepancies in your tax report that could potentially lead to penalties.

List of Top Crypto Tax Software Tools in 2023.


Koinly is one of the most popular crypto tax software around. It reigns supreme in providing fast calculations you can complete your crypto tax report in under 20 minutes.

Additionally, it can integrate with many exchanges and wallets. Therefore, eliminating any risk of your transaction record not being tracked with their system.

Because of the automated data importing, you can track all imported info and reconcile every fee on your exchanges.

Aside from ease of calculation and report generation, Koinly also offers advanced transaction filtering and transaction sorting.

With this, you can gauge which transactions resulted in certain gains.

Additionally, connecting your wallets and exchanges is pretty straightforward. Either upload a .csv file or use the API to link your investment accounts. And then let the software import all the data into your account.

The software is compatible with more than 300 exchanges and wallets, making it one of the most user-friendly as well as versatile crypto tax software.


a.User-friendly dashboard highlighting your real-time profit and loss, total growth, ROI, and more.

b. Comprehensive tax reports

c. Double-entry ledger system for better transaction tracking.

d.Automates data importing

e. Allows data exporting to other tax software.

f.Connects with 353 crypto exchanges,74 wallets, and 14 blockchain addresses.


Tax report is not included in the free plan

Email support is only for Trader Plan Subscribers.

2. Coin Ledger

It is another reliable crypto software that makes tax report generation fuss-free. Around 300,000 customers use the tool. As it supports unlimited exchanges and provides profit and loss reports in real time.

Coin-Ledger allows importing of tax data from different crypto platforms. And gives you a downloadable tax form that can be sent to your other tax software.

Or to your accountant. The platform is user-friendly, perfect for individuals who are not too techy.

It can support more than 10,000 cryptos in numerous exchanges and wallets around the world.

With the software, you get tax-loss harvesting tools and crypto tax tips. And a complete suite of auditing instruments.

Above all, customer service is noteworthy.Its customer support agents are available on chat and email with high response rates.


a.Effortless exportation of transaction data into different platforms like Turbo Tax,TaxAct, and more.

b. Create short and long-term sales reports, crypto income,gain and loss etc.

c. Includes tax report .

d. Integrates well with most crypto exchanges

e.Calculates Ethereum blockchain and NFT transactions.

f. Comprehensive audit support

g. Includes tax-loss harvesting

h.Customer service is reliable 24/7 via chat or email.


Does not accept cryptocurrency as payment.

3. Accointing

Accointing is a crypto tax tool that simplifies crypto tax work. Its one of the most suitable apps for beginner crypto holders who may not need the more complex technical features that other tools have.

It is a Swiss-based software that has one of the most straightforward interfaces. Beginners can easily import all transactions through modes like API Connect and via manual input.

You can import from different platforms, manage crypto profit and loss,and more. This crypto tax calculator is made to comply with IRS tax guidelines.

Not only does Accointing fit US regulations, but there are also Swiss,Australian,UK, German, and Austrian -based tax calculator iterations.

This tool supports 300 exchanges and wallets and has the valuable tax harvesting feature.


a.Simple UI that allows you to extract data easily.

b. Lets you generate US and European tax reports.

c. Customizable tax schemes

d.Integrates with over 300 crypto and exchanges.

e. Includes tax-loss harvesting.


Hobbyist plan allows only upto 500 transactions.

Limited customer service for non-pro plans.

4.Coin Tracker

Coin Tracker is another popular crypto tax software with over a million users. The tool makes it easy to track your portfolio,import transactions, and save money. Basically, through tax-loss harvesting.

It lets you generate tax reports in minutes, ready to send to TurboTax or your very own accountant.

You can calculate capital gains as well as profits and losses.

And, if necessary, you can consult a personalized CPA under the unlimited tier.

It has comprehensive customer support in several countries. Including the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia.


a.Has an app for Android and iOS systems.

b. Offers 12 distinct methods for furnishing tax reports.

c. Supports over 10,000 cryptos

d.Easy report generation to send to TurboTax or your Accountant.


Chat support is not a priority for free plan subscribers

The free plan allows for 25 transactions.

5. ZenLedger

ZenLedger is a trusted crypto software tool that makes tracking and importing transactions easy.

This platform is designed to make your crypto taxes free from errors and protects you from overpaying or neglecting transactions. All while being user-friendly.

It has numerous tax forms for different requirements you may have. And it handles the calculations to report your capital gains and losses.

The tool also has Grand Unified Accounting, a proprietary feature that combines all transactions from your different wallets.

To be reported in a single spreadsheet. It also enables tax-loss harvesting to save you money on your trading decisions.

This supports more than 400 exchanges and 30 DeFi protocols. It has a user-friendly interface suited for both novice and experienced crypto investors.

Aside from its comprehensive features, ZenLedger has built a reputation for its reliable customer support. Customers can reach out for support on any technical issue 24/7 via chat,email as well as phone calls.


a.Simple tracking and combining of all transaction details.

b. Detailed tax reports and numerous templates available

c. Includes tax-loss harvesting

d. Excellent customer service


For people operating in the US only

Pricier unlimited transactions.

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How long is a Crypto Bull Run?

The duration of a crypto bull run can vary significantly and is difficult to precisely determine timeframes.

Historically, bull runs in the crypto market have lasted anywhere from a few months to several years.

Factors such as market sentiment, investor behavior, buyer and seller sentiment, and regulatory changes. And the overall economic landscape can influence the length of a bull run.

While some bull runs may be relatively short-lived, characterized by rapid price increases followed by a market correction. Others can be more sustained and extend over a longer period of time.

It is important to approach the duration of a bull run with caution and not rely solely on past trends.

As the crypto market is highly dynamic, unpredictable, volatile, risky, and subject to frequent fluctuations.

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When Crypto Bull run is expected?

The timing of the next bull run in the crypto market remains uncertain and speculative.

Some analysts speculate potential time frames could range from the summer of 2023 to the end of 2024, however, there is no certainty.

The introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the Chinese market has been identified as a possible catalyst. Basically, for increased market activity.

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Based on empirical market behavior, many experts believe that the next crypto bull run will occur around the time of Bitcoin’s halving event.

Bitcoin is expected to reclimb to its support/resistance level at $25,200 in 2024. It is possible that BTC will make a move higher to reclaim its 2023 high of around $31,000, but this seems unlikely unless there is a significant catalyst pushing investors into BTC.

Theoretically, when one combines this revived institutional interest with the approaching halving event, Bitcoin’s price should be able to scale a one-way escalator to the stratosphere.

Particularly when the recently delivered favorable ruling in the Ripple vs. SEC case aims to ease the regulatory noose around the crypto sector in general. 

Attempting to forecast the future and pinpoint the exact timing of a bull run is a complex task.

The crypto market is dynamic and influenced by various factors, making it inherently unpredictable.

It is advisable to exercise caution, conduct independent research, and carefully assess the high risks involved before making any crypto purchases.

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Which cryptocurrency will rise in 2024?

The value of top crypto Bitcoin could reach $50,000 this year and $120,000 by the end of 2024 Standard Chartered said on Monday, predicting the recent jump in its price could encourage bitcoin “miners” to hoard more.

Where will crypto be in 2024?

Bitcoin is set to Quadruple to $120,000 by the end of 2024, Standard Chartered Bank says.

What is the best meme coin for 2024?

ApeMax could be a top new meme coin for 2024. It offers innovative and fun features that set it apart from other meme coins. Thereby providing users with an exciting and interactive experience.

What will trigger the next crypto bull run?

From market and institutional adoption to regulatory clarity and the BTC halving, these are the factors that will drive the next bull market.

Which Crypto will be the next Bitcoin?

It’s intended to be the next generation of the Ethereum network with a flexible blockchain and scalable platform for running smart contracts.
Cardano was introduced as an “Ethereum killer” and a valuable alternative to Bitcoin.

Is Crypto Tax software free?

Crypto tax software can be free.

What is the best way to file Crypto taxes?

The IRS treats crypto as “property”. If you buy,sell or exchange crypto ,you will be on the hook for crypto taxes.





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