ETHEREUM – Are Crypto Traders Rushing To Sell Their Powerful ETHEREUM ? 2023

Why there is rush to sell Ethereum ?

What is unlocking Ethereum

Firstly , Ethereum historic shift last year to a proof-of-stake network known as “The Merge ” was one of the biggest stories in the year of crypto markets.

Secondly, now, all eyes are on Ethereum’s next major upgrade expected to take place in March . Essentially, known as the “Shanghai Hard Fork ” .

Moreover, , it will allow participants on the network to unlock ether (ETH) they had stacked on the blockchain . additionally, it was inaccessible for months.

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Will Ethereum Stakers dump their tokens on the Open Market ?

Firstly, a new year has started , perhaps to a clean slate. Secondly, the decision to push forward with Shanghai was announced in December .

Further, overshadowed at the same time by sour sentiment as the crypto industry dealt with fallout from the collapse of FTX .

Further , Ether is up by 92% in the last 30 days. Furthermore , still uncertainty regarding Ethereum’s upgrade has also been floating around the market.

Besides, some traders are commenting on the blockchain’s current low staking ration compared to other proof-of-stake blockchains.

Most Importantly , will ETH stakers dump their tokens or they will double down in a new era of widespread blockchain staking ?

Causes for uncertainty regarding Ethereum ?

First , this Merge was an important milestone and achievement for Ethereum .

But in 2023 Ethereum ecosystem participants will also continue to grapple additionally, with the complex dynamics of proof of stake.

Second , Crypto traders expect to see a short-term downside move for ETH right before and following the upgrade.

Moreover, due to daily liquidity not keeping up with the supply of unstaked ETH.

Furthermore, the fact that April is the deadline for taxes which won’t help either . Because a lot of selling usually takes place during the tax period.

Lastly , the potential price drop wouldn’t amount to more than 15%-20% . And then , ETH should recover rapidly.

Effect of Shanghai Upgrade for Ethereum

If successful, it will lay the foundation for another significant scaling upgrade – photo dankshading , also known as EIP- 4844 later this year.

Needless to say that such improvements will be incredibly bullish for Ethereum . Additionally, any short-term selling pressure will be bought up either entirely or at least partially.

Further , most investors have heard of blockchain now and additionally, want to somehow make money If blockchain succeeds .

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Ethereum Staking Profit

Firstly , Ethereum’s Shanghai update is not far off and that implies clients are beginning to put down their wages.

Secondly, all of the consideration on this particular update rotates around a certain something pulling out marked Ethereum .

Additionally , since marking sent off back in December 2020 , the organisation simply setting out on its excursion to a proof-of-stake agreement calculation .

Thirdly, the people who secured their assets haven’t had the option to pull out those assets.

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What is ERC- 4337 ?

Firstly , Ethereum has introduced the ERC – 4337 account abstraction standard . Essentially, which is one of the missing puzzle pieces for responsible mainstream adoption .

Chiefly , account abstraction is a way to effectively create “smart wallets ” , which are more robust versions of the traditional crypto wallet .

Mainly , AA Wallets are actually smart contracts , that are then controlled by a traditional wallet .

Because AA Wallets are smart contracts entirely on-chain, they come with several additional benefits .

Secondly , paying fees w/ERC20 tokens , and even non-ERC assets (as long as the bundler accepts them) .

Additionally, cheaper multi signers – all signers can sign their operations before the bundler sends the L1 txn .

Thereby , Multiple transactions at once :

Say for example you only had USDC in your wallet but wanted to transact on Ethereum , you could swap USDC for ETH .

Additionally, you can execute the transaction in question and then pay for the fee with ETH all in one transaction .

Subscriptions : Smart wallets can process automated , recurring payments .

Secondly , Account recovery and login abstraction (extremely important to make way for mass adoption )

Further , Rate limiting to control asset flows ,these are perhaps the two most important .

Furthermore , since the smart wallets holds your assets , you can change the controlling wallet at any time .

So, if your seed phrase is compromised ,no problem . You can switch to a new wallet and give it access to the AA wallet .

Further , Rate Limiting allows for requiring further approval for big txns. Additionally, this is extremely helpful.

Thereby , a contract function can be set to require 2FA for transactions totalling a user-specified value.

So, in essence , ERC – 4337 is a standard for smart wallets to accept signed operations on behalf of the controlling traditional wallet .

Lastly , this is not entirely dissimilar to how StarkNet , multi-sigs or governance contract work , but they have additional benefits .

Positive aspects of Ethereum

Firstly , for the last 5 years almost every investor has tried to find different ways to express the theme.

Additionally , for the first time ever, we are coming out of a bear market with real product “market fit ” .

Further , it includes 4 areas, which are bitcoin, stablecoins , NFT’s and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Furthermore , if you want to express all of these areas of blockchain with one investment ,it would be Ethereum.

Moreover , it has wrapped bitcoin, the largest stablecoin presence , the largest NFT presence and the largest DeFi presence.

Further , in some ways ETH is basically a crypto index now.

Should Crypto traders rush to sell their Ethereum tokens ?

Firstly, traders should not worry about the potential sell-off pressure from unlocking staked ETH following the upgrade.

Secondly , there might be some pent-up demand to get liquidity from those who have had no liquidity for the last six months .

Thirdly, that will easily be replaced by people who didn’t stake the first time because they needed liquidity.

How Ethereum Staking will Work ?

First , ETH wihdrawals will be processed through a que with a maximum of approximately 43,000 staked ETH allowed to exit per day.

Suppose, based on this, it would take over a year for the 15.91 million ETH staked to be withdrawn .

Thereby, preventing mass withdrawals and mitigating selling pressure.

Additionally, the fact that people staking may now be able to withdraw, even if they have to form part of a queue .

Further, it could in turn encourage more people to stake.

Staking Post -Shanghai

Firstly, total amount of ether staked will likely increase post-Shanghai.

Further , it remains the lowest staking ratio compared to other major proof-of-stake chains. (The staking ratio of other significant chains ranges between 46% and 97%) .

Additionally , after the Shanghai upgrade , a range of 30%-50% of Ethereum’s staking ratio “seems reasonable”.

Similarly, the Liquid Staking Protocols Lido and Rocket Pool will benefit from an increase in ETH’s staking ratio after Shanghai .

While decentralized trustless protocols should see secular growth.

Similar to Cosmos , Ethereum’s liquid staking derivatives , currently face centralization risks. Further , not everyone trusts them.

Essentially , after Shanghai upgrade ,liquid staking derivatives will significantly de-risk ETH’s staking.

Further , this is a dance between the proof-of-stake protocol readiness and how trusting people are of liquid staking protocols.

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How many Ethereum are left ?

Firstly , the supply is potentially unlimited . Notably, Ethereum is different from Bitcoin While there can only ever be 21 million BTC in circulation .

ETH Tokens in case of Hard Fork

Meanwhile, this Merge may create 2 scenarios. One , a hard fork event , which refers to a situation when a blockchain diverges into 2 different paths .

Subsequently , the 2nd is when no splitting occurs . Simultaneously , both scenarios will affect the ETH token holdings .

Specifically , the second scenario is that if some miners continue to mine on the execution layer.

Later , it will create a hard fork, and we will have two separate chains. Further , the PoS beacon chain and the Proof-of Work execution layer.

Afterward , post the hard fork event , users will get the 1:1 distribution of the ETH Proof -of – Work.

What is Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade ?

During , Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade , it is set to introduce a bunch of critical updates . As well as , elemental changes to Ethereum in the blockchains.

Subsequently , EVM functionalities, prior to the actual release the Ethereum Foundation released on 14 October 2022 , namel, a Pre -Shanghai testnet for the same.

Subsequently , the Shanghai fork will implement EIP-4895, which allows validators to withdraw ETH that have been staked since as long ago as December 2020.

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What does Ethereum Fork mean ?

Namely , changes to the rules of the Ethereum protocol which often include planned technical upgrades . Specifically, forks are when major technical upgrades or changes need to be made to the network.

They typically stem from Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPS) and change the “rules” of the protocol.

Later , ETH’s Shanghai upgrade is a hard fork slated for March 2023.

Meanwhile , one of the biggest developments associated with the fork is that it will not only enable stakers but also validators to withdraw assets from the Beacon Chain.

Ethereum has Introduced ERC-4337 “SMART WALLETS”.

Namely , Ethereum has introduced the ERC – 4337 account standard . Further, it is one of the missing puzzle pieces for responsible mainstream adoption.

Ethereum ERC – 4337, at WalletCon .

Currently, the new standard uses a feature called “Account Abstraction ” (AA) and is also known as “Smart Wallets” .

Namely, Smart wallets are built on smart contracts and allow for easier crypto recovery for individuals. Especially, for those , who lose their private keys.

Further, the goal of the standard is specifically, to help users who have lost their private keys recover their assets.

Moreover, the Smart Wallets abstract the account layer from the execution layer, later , allowing users to interact with the blockchain .

Especially, without allowing users to interact with the blockchain , without revealing their private key.

Simultaneously , other benefits include paying fees with ERC – 20 tokens or non-Ethereum based assets as well as , low cost multi-sig transactions .

In addition to , multiple asset transactions , subscriptions through automated recurring payments , rate limiting to help control asset flows.

Furthermore , Smart Wallets work by hosting the AA wallet, which holds the digital assets. In addition to, authorizing access through another wallet if the traditional wallet becomes compromised .

Further, Rate limiting can be used to protect assets against during hacks or exploits , with contracts being set to require two-factor authentication . Lastly , if a transaction exceeds a specific limit.

Why is the Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade is Important for Investors ?

Firstly, the Ethereum merge was successfully completed on September 15, 2022. And then , the world geared up immediately , to experience how Ethereum would progress in the post-merge scenario.

Secondly, the Ethereum upgrade was meant to include various EIPs or Ethereum Improvement Proposals . Primarily, the focus will be on EIP-4895.


Firstly , EIPs are upgrades to the functionality of the Ethereum network . Meanwhile , some submission procedures need to be adhered to .

Secondly, someone who fulfills this criterion can submit it to the board of developers and the community.

Further, once approved , the changes can be applied to the Ethereum network . Specifically , it has a specific numbering system that it uses for its updates.

Meanwhile , according to that system, the Shanghai update is numbered EIP 4895.

Impact of Shanghai Upgrade on Investors ?

First , the Shanghai upgrade , particularly the EIP – 4895 , will help later to the validators , to withdraw their staked ETHs.

Further , as these ETHs got locked up for an indefinite period , the impact of this on the investors can not be very simply answered.

Additionally , the role of an investor will decide what effect this upgrade would have on the person.

As it is conditional to know if a person is a validator on the Ethereum chain.

Ethereum staking

What’s more the option to withdraw stake is available . Subsequently , the person can take out those ETHs as well as sell them if they want.

Especially, the people who had wished to become validators on Ethereum 2.0 after the Beacon chain was launched in December 2020 had to later become ETH stakers .

Actually, without any chance of withdrawing the staked ETHs on the foreseeable future , later , Ethereum Merge opened the door for further upgrades.

Further, the Shanghai upgrade is now creating a completely functional Proof-of -Stake system. Subsequently , the short term benefits of this upgrade are easily understandable .

However, afterwards , the long-term impact of the Shanghai upgrade on the Ethereum network will be visible later in due course of time.

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Ethereum Updates

Firstly , Liquid Staking Protocol Lido (LDO) has set a May target for staked Ethereum (stETH) withdrawals .

Chiefly , the protocol explained that it’s timeline was affected by the ongoing audits of its V2 Platform .

Additionally , in a March 14 Twitter thread , the DeFi protocol said it had spent $1.2 million on seven audits of the Lido V2 Platform .

Further , it said that these audits aim to fix any vulnerabilities that impede the protocol’s performance.

Further , it stated , $1.2 million has been spent on seven V2 audits . The results of which will be made publicly available upon completion .

Further, the protocol tweeted that it has identified and fixed several issues highlighted by these audits .

And the , it’s updated contracts are being tested on the Zhejiang testnet.

Furthermore , due to this audits and fixes , the withdrawal timeline for staked Ethereum on its platform has been affected.

According to the protocol ,its upgrade has been shifted to next week . After which there will be a 3-4 weeks gap to implement and test validator exits.

What will happen to ETH price after Shanghai Upgrade ?

Firstly , one of the biggest concerns among the Ethereum community is that the ETH token unlocking will lead to a massive supply of the ETH token in the market .

Further , several crypto enthusiasts shared concern that this could lead to huge selling pressure on ETH .

Thereby , dragging its price down .

Why Ethereum is not a Security ?

First Crypto advocacy group Coin Center spelling out why it believes Ethereum (ETH) is not a security .

Despite claims to the contrary coming from New York Attorney General (NYAG) L . James .

Further , in a new lawsuit against the crypto exchange Kucoin , Attorney General James argues Ethereum is a security that relies on the efforts of third-party developers .

Basically, to generate profits for its holders .

The Attorney General calls ETH “a speculative asset ” and placed the leading smart contract platform in a group . With the collapsed crypto project Terra (Luna) and its algorithmic stablecoin Terra USD (UST) .

Further, Coin Center’s director of communications Neeraj Agrawal refutes the NYAG’s assertions and says the think tank’s view on Ethereum remains unchanged .

Notably , Coin Center published a blog post explaining why it believes Ethereum is not a security .

Further, the group argued that while Ethereum may have met one of the prongs of the Howey test when it was issued in 2014 .

Arguably , ETH in its current form is not a security.

Ethereum Stakers

Firstly , leading analytics firm Santi ment says Ethereum (ETH )stakers have little to cheer about as values drop and crypto interest shifts to Bitcoin (BTC) .

Further, the firm says the outlook is souring for ETH stakers as recent gains have retreated and long-term stakers are down more than an average of 30%.

Secondly , Ethereum 2.0 stakers have seen realized values completely taper off over the past 10 weeks .

Additionally, long-term stakers are now down an average of 31%.

Notably , Santi ment says that based on its social dominance indicator interest in Bitcoin is at its highest since September .

Especially, as altcoin gains in 2023 have largely retraced . Further. the top crypto asset is also now outperforming many altcoins .

Just 16% of Ethereum Stakers are in Profit ahead of Shanghai Upgrade

Firstly, with Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade slated for April , ETH stakers will finally be able to withdraw their holdings ,

But will they sell ?

Secondly. stakers are placing their bets as Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade just around the corner.

Essentially , all of the attention on this specific upgrade revolves around one thing , withdrawing staked ethereum .

Further , since staking launched back in December 2020, the network just embarking on its journey to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm .

Thereby , those who locked up their funds have not been able to withdraw those funds .

That’s expected to change in April . But is it bearish or bullish ?

Notably, some have argued that folks are going to quickly withdraw their ETH . And then , dumped to realize some gains .

Certainly, those gains won’t be much though . If you had locked in your holdings on December 1, 2020 the price of ETH was $612 .

Basically, selling at current prices means you had still nab a whopping 156% win.

Ethereum’s Devs confirm ETH Staking Withdrawals Pushed to April , 2023

First, the network’s much awaited Shanghai upgrade which will enable staked ETH withdrawals , was previously slated for a March release .

Notably, it will occur in the first 2 weeks of April , the network core developers determined .

Second, Ethereum’s developers now plan to launch the Goerli testnet essentially a comprehensive dress rehearsal of the Shanghai upgrade , on or around March 14.

Obviously , after a month later , should everything proceed smoothly , the actual Shanghai software update will go live mid-April.

Additionally , the exact timing of Shanghai’s implementation has been particularly closely watched .

Certainly, due to the upgrade’s seismic financial implications . Ever since , Ethereum began transitioning to a proof-of-stake model .

Further , in which Ethereum transactions are validated by users who have staked ETH with the network . Those same users have accumulated rewards for their network participation in the form of newly generated ETH ,

Furthermore , since ETH staking began in December 2020 , a whopping $28.7 billion worth of ETH (and counting) has been deposited with Ethereum . That’s about 14.5% of all ETH in circulation.

Additionally , those funds and the rewards they have spawned , however , are not yet available for withdrawal.

Thereby , making it possible for Ethereum users to withdraw their staked ETH is the core component of Shanghai .

By far , the largest entities currently staking with ethereum are intermediary staking services . For instance , Lido , and crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken etc.

Further , these four companies which pool together customer’s ETH to stake them and earn passive rewards .

Currently , account for 56% of all ETH B staked with the network , according to Dune Analytics.

CTFC Chair declares Ethereum (ETH) a Commodity ?

Firstly , CTFC Chair Rostin Behnam says that the second-largest crypto asset by market cap counts as a commodity .

Basically , making it fall under the jurisdiction of the CTFC.

Especially, when asked about U.S. Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler’s recent comments that all crypto assets except Bitcoin (BTC) count as securities .

Further Behnam says, that he believes ETH is categorically a commodity . Especially, because he says ETH has been listed on exchanges for quite some time .

Therefore , for that reason it creates a very direct jurisdictional hook for them to police the derivatives market but also the underlying market as well .

Secondly, according to Behman there is no doubt in his mind that Ethereum products count as commodities . As offering them as such without them actually being so would have legal ramifications.

Further , Behman says there is no doubt in his mind ,and having known this , and he having been at a Commission when ether futures were listed .

Additionally, both the commission and the exchange thought very deeply and thoughtfully about what the product is , and does it fall within the commodity regime or the security regime ?

And then ,Behman says they would not have allowed this product , in this case . Further he states that the Ether futures product to be listed on an exchange if they did not feel strongly that it was a commodity asset because they have litigation risk and agency credibility risk .


Currently , Crypto traders are already placing bets on Ethereum’s “Shanghai Hard Fork “.

Meanwhile , at present, there are about 1 million ETH of accrued rewards that is available to be withdrawn immediately once Shanghai is live.

Meanwhile traders will be watching whether the unlocked ETH will be instantly cashed out ?

And if, it pushes the price of ETH down. It was recently trading up 12% far in 2023 to $1,410.

Subsequently , several governance tokens of top liquid staking products also rallied.

Most importantly , Lido DAO (LDO) jumping 53% in the past 7 days and 92% in the past 30 days.

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Will price of ethereum will go up in 2023
Is Ethereum going to Forke ?
What happens to your ETH when 2.0 comes out ?
Is ETH going to Skyrocket ?
Will ETH 2.0 reduce Supply ?

Will Ethereum go up in 2023 ?
Currently , although the prices have been on a bearish trend since then, the current trend setup indicates the price is due for a notable upswing later.

Specifically, the ETH price is believed to spark a notable upswing in March 2023.

Is ETHEREUM going to fork ?

Most importantly , the Metropolis Ethereum fork (which is the current fork ) ultimately aims to prepare Ethereum for the transition . Subsequently , between a Proof-of Work system based altcoin into a Proof of Stake one.

Lastly , Serenity, will be the final step in completing the this task . And then , it is scheduled to happen at some point in time in 2023.

Is it expected to Skyrocket ?

Further, some analysts predict that Ethereum could reach $ 7,000 by 2025 ,with 2023 as well as 2024 expected to see another bull run with the next Bitcoin halving in early 2024 .

What happens to ETH when 2.0 comes out ?

For instance ,the ETH holder who is interested only in holding, trading or using ETH on decentralized applications do not have to actively do anything to prepare for the Merge.

Further ,ETH transition to the PoS consensus mechanism should make its blockchain more scalable , accessible as well as less energy intensive . Specifically , if compared to its PoW model.

Will ETH 2.0 reduce supply ?

Yes , Ethereum 2.0 is expected to reduce supply.

But how will ETH prices react to the long awaited update ? remains to be seen.





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