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How to Earn Money in the Metaverse Explained 2023

Metaverse Explained – Metaverse has enormous monetization potential for all stakeholders in its development and usage.

Metaverse Explained

The metaverse is a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet. A single shared, immersive, persistent,3D virtual space.

Where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.

Metaverse Top 10 Ways to Earn Money

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1. Participating in play-to-earn games

Games like VR Poker, e-sport betting, and others allow users to earn money. As they play online games. There are entire companies dedicated to this category such as Admix.

Platforms like Bloktopia will have entire floors or divisions dedicated to play-to-earn gaming.

2. Design 3D accessories for users

Metaverse users would want to “dress” their avatars with accessories like wearables, gadgets, headgear, outfits, or weapons. One can design and sell these accessories on the marketplace.

Taking advantage of the design toolkits. Mostly these are provided by Metaverse platforms.

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3. Create and Monetize VR games

Like 3-D accessories, one could design and publish end-to-end games in VR.

People can combine basic storytelling skills with VR design platforms like Horizon Worlds to make money from this source.

4. Get a freelance gig in the Metaverse

The Metaverse will have its own economy complete with a unique set of skill requirements for service jobs.

5. Conduct Metaverse events with paid tickets

This is already an extremely popular way to make money in the Metaverse. Warner Music has already partnered with the metaverse platform.

Live concerts by real artists can attract massive crowds, and organizers can charge users in the form of paid tickets.

Snoop Dog’s recently acquired Death Row Records is poised to become an NFT label.

And the artist has already purchased a large block of land on the Metaverse offering additional revenue generation streams.

6. Buy and Sell Land Parcels

Buying virtual real estate is another way to make money in the metaverse. Any user can purchase a land parcel for a fixed price and later sell it at a higher price.

To return a profit. Investors with a high-risk appetite can also explore emerging Metaverse platforms for such opportunities.

7. Rent out Metaverse Real Estate to developers

Rather than sell VR land for a profit, users can rent parcels out to developers to create buildings, gaming arenas.

Concert halls, offices, and other venues. This is ideal for those who want a steady stream of revenue.

But keep in mind that in-demand properties at the best metaverse locations will be expensive.

8. Develop Metaverse Real Estate Yourself

Another alternative is to purchase and develop it yourself with VR design and development skills. Unlike gaming, real estate and building design requires more work .

And maybe expensive depending on the resources used, Different metaverse platforms will also have their own limitations. But profitability is equally high.

9. Trade 3D NFTs

One can always trade 3D NFTs.The VR counterpart of NFT trading in the traditional digital world. The metaverse could house a variety of 3D artwork as NFTs for purchase as an investment class.

10. Trade Metaverse Token

A metaverse token is an open source digital asset issued by and built on top of Ethereum (ETH) .The token’s value depends on the demand and supply in the market.

You may trade token on exchanges for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.Buying a metaverse token is like buying stocks, but this would depend on the future of metaverse.

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Metaverse Explained – Steps to get started for Earning Money in Metaverse.

a. Set up a cryptocurrency wallet. Most metaverse offerings have their own crypto token and wallet, or users can connect their existing crypto wallets to the platform.

b. Choose your Metaverse Platform – Ease of design and development are also determining factors.

c. Invest in VR real estate – Even if a person is not an active property investor, real estate is one of the most common ways to make money in the metaverse.

As there are parcels available for every budget.

d.Learn VR development skills

e.Advanced skills allow users to build complex games or develop prefabricated buildings for rent or sale.

f. Develop VR assets or oversee their development – Depending on the skill level and capital expenditures, one can develop VR assets from scratch or work with a vendor.

g.List monetized assets on the marketplace. Every metaverse platform has its own marketplace. Where users can list their creations and properties. Proceeds from the sale are credited back to the crypto wallet.

Strategic Technology Trends

The introduction of the metaverse into the blockchain industry triggered a revolution that was impossible to control.

From the moment when the crypto projects that incorporated metaverse on their platforms saw the enormous gains that started accumulating.

The ginny was out of the bottle.

This is why we have a lot of metaverse projects on the market, but not all metaverse projects are created equal.

One metaverse project that is set to explode with 100x gains in 2023 is RobotEra.

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RobotEra Metaverse Project

The robots belong to various camps with different advantages.

There are 7 camps in total, but also 7 ideologies which mean that there are robots with different beliefs and tasks.

However, that is not all because there are also robot companions that can help the major forces.

The fact that the players have the liberty to assemble a companion robot according to their preferences. But also sell them later on and earn makes this platform ideal for passionate players ready to try something new.

Entering the RobotEra platform means that you will visit Taro planet and become a robot. This planet was destroyed by the war of robots against aborigines.

Even though the robots won. The consequences for the planet are enormous.

And now it is up to the players to do everything in their power to rebuild the planet by using all the resources within the game.

Just before the war finished scientist Prosius activated the “new life” before his life ended. This was the exact moment when all the aborigines died, and the robots became superior.

Because they embraced human emotions and thoughts. This means that these robots are unlike any other robot that we have ever known.

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Earning with RobotEra

The combination of metaverse and cryptocurrency equals profit plus fun. There is no better combination than that for the people who wish to use their time to escape to another world .

But benefit from it in multiple ways.,and trade with them.

The fact that RobotEra shares a multiverse means that the players will have a chance to enjoy theme parks,. visit museums and concerts.

But also explore the NFT communities, and trade with them.

This platform is based on play to earn principle, which means that there are numerous opportunities throughout the game to grow your income and get rewards.

The experience within the platform does not end here because there will be plenty of opportunities to build, create, explore battle, and mine.

But also advertise stake coins, and cultivate the sacred trees and all of this will result in earnings.

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Transparency of RobotEra

We are witnessing a highly volatile period now regarding the crypto market. Where many coins have gone through price dips.

But there are also cases of rug pull when the owner simply disappears with all the funds, which is the worst nightmare of every investor.

However, this is something you won’t have to worry about RobotEra.The contract is audited by Shark Team, which guarantees safety.

In addition, the team is fully KYC (Know your Customer)verified. This means that all the team members are checked with the goal of monitoring the customer risk.

And the conclusion is that RobotEra is entirely safe for investors.

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Metaverse Explained -Tokenomics & The Presale

The utility token that is used in the RobotEra ecosystem to support transactions and interactions is called $TARO.

It is an ERC -20 utility coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. .It can be used by developers, gamers, and publishers across the ecosystem.

This allows creators and users to trade assets and create a platform of rewards that is user-based .

$TARO that is allocated to Advisors and Team is locked for 12 months.

Then, they unlock linearly over the next 20 months.

There will be 1.8 billion tokens in total. And since the presale started recently, there is still time to become a proud owner of $ Since these tokens power the platform.

They will be the key that will help unlock all the features that will enrich your experience and help you genuinely enjoy your time while playing.

The roadmap is transparent and it will evolve throughout the stages.

Becoming an early investor can bring significant earnings later on once $TARO gets listed on the exchanges.

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Latest Insight

Metaverse play2earn platforms are here to stay because they offer a plethora of exciting features.

That will overwhelm all the player’s senses and provide a sensational experience. The plot of RobotEra is very appealing and it will amaze the players without a doubt.

It is fresh and new, with multiple elements that will thrive players around the world. Having various ways to earn certainly adds to the overall appeal of this platform.

Due to the democratic nature of the platform, any user can make money from the spatial communications platform, with the right investment, skills, and timely efforts.


Why people are talking about Metaverse?

The metaverse is a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet.

A single, shared, immersive, persistent,3D virtual space where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.

Which companies are looking in the Metaverse?

a.Decentraland – is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain

b. The Sandbox – It is a virtual world where users can purchase, sell, create and trade digital assets based on the Ethereum blockchain

c. Roblox

d. Axie Infinity

e. Battle Infinity

f. Blok topia

g. Unity

h. NFT Worlds

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How Metaverse will affect people?

Proponents argue that the virtual worlds of the metaverse will increase teleworker camaraderie.

Improve collaboration, speed up training, reduce the need for office space and make work a happier place in general.

Why Metaverse is the future?

As those worlds become more immersive as part of the metaverse. It’s only natural that usage is going to increase.

The metaverse promises to bring new levels of social connection, mobility, and collaboration to a world and it is certainly something to keep a keen pulse on.

What are the Top 5 Metaverse Stocks?

a. Meta Platforms Inc

b. Nvidia Corporation

c. Unity Software Inc

d. Adobe Inc

e. Roblox Corp.


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