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Web3-How to Earn Money?

Web3 is an exciting space to Earn money via decentralized advertising, NFTs, Crypto tokens, etc.

Web3 meaning

Chiefly, Web3 refers to successive iterations of equally important Web1.0 of the 1990s as well as early 2000s to put it simply.

Besides, Web 2.0 is the current version of the Internet with which we all are familiar to put it simply.

What’s more, it is the ultimate third generation of the Powerful World Wide Web. Currently, it is a work in progress. Mainly, it is a vision of a decentralized and open web with greater utility for its users.

Equally important is that it has moved well beyond the original concept of the Semantic Web as conceptualized by Berners-Lee in 2001.

This is partly because it is very expensive and monumentally difficult to convert human language.

Lastly, With all its subtle nuances and variations -it into a format that can be readily understood by computers.

And because Web 2.0 has already evolved substantially over the past two decades.

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However, a trip down memory lane, from Baywatch to Blockchain, even so, The World Wide Web started as a vision of a ‘hyperlinked information system’ after all.

Essentially a library of on-screen data which you navigate by clicking on some text or an image, exactly like you do today to put it simply.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the internet remains largely the same today while it may be different in the way in which we interact with it.

Even if it means, the way businesses and consumers use it, and the technology we use to power it are completely different.

While it is true, Here we look at the monumental transition from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0.

Web 2 to Web 1– Web3

Although, the “read-only web” is where the internet we know started. Despite the fact, websites were purely information-based and made up entirely of static content.

That being said, web pages linked together only with hyperlinks and contained no interactive content or any element of design.

Even though, it was the era of supermodels, Baywatch and Noel’s House Party were on TV. Especially, ‘Don’t Push Me, Push A Push-Pop’ was the playground catchphrase.

And then, if you had Encarta on CD-ROM you were considered posh.

Additionally, Yahoo also launched in 1995 and is still the third-largest search engine at the time of writing with a 13% market share.

Further, one of the few search engines to launch in the 90s and stick around through Google’s dominance.


Although, Google (the search engine) didn’t launch until three years later, in 1998, run initially from a garage. And then it was created as part of a school project at Stanford University.

Primarily, The creators (Larry Page & Sergey Brin) had a vision of a search engine that analyses web pages based on the number of times a search term appears on a page.

Although, today this approach is now known as keyword stuffing and is a ‘black hat’ SEO technique likewise. How times change!

For instance, Ask Jeeves (now was specifically a question-based search engine. Although later it went on to spend a fortune on a dodgy TV advertising campaign specifically.

Moreover, Web 1.0 spawned the dot-com bubble which occurred between 1995-2000 and then it included many internet-based businesses.

Critically, the eventual (and perhaps inevitable) crash caused many of these businesses to close completely.

Especially, with companies like Cisco lost almost 90% of their stock. While Amazon (1994) and eBay (1995) managed to recover quickly.

Web 2 and Web3

Furthermore, fast-forward ten years as well as Web 2.0 is well underway. Boot-cut jeans are replaced by chinos, energy drinks are a thing and Miley Cyrus is a Wrecking Ball.

Although, some would say the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 is still evident today. In spite of the emergence of Web 3.0 technology in recent years uniquely.

Moreover, given that website still exists in purely static form and some users still have the reluctance to embrace new technology. To illustrate all it can do to help us.

Ahead – Web2

Firstly, it Is the unique Internet of communication and convenience. Further, everyone owns a smartphone in a market worth almost half a trillion dollars.

In addition, today’s web technology allows developers to build websites that are fully accessible to everyone.

Conversely, a lot of the web apps we see and use today are designed to save us time and make our life easier, but it’s not all rosy.

Notwithstanding, advances in technology have allowed individuals as well as businesses to exploit the web for their own financial gain and/or control.

Web development

Further, software such as Limewire (now discontinued) allowed us to download the latest audio tracks. That too at painfully slow speeds and add them to our iPods (2001).

While music streaming services have greatly reduced the royalties paid to artists through highly-priced tangible products such as CDs coupled with vinyl albums.

Additionally, ‘Flash’ websites emerged during a period of some of the worst web designs you will ever see. Especially, dancing Homers appeared on business websites with music.

Although, that would play without any option to turn it off – ‘thank you’ a thousand times to Apple for their great contribution to killing off Flash!

Today, Apple and Samsung have a firm grip on the smartphone market. Therefore, Smartphones meant the introduction of fully responsive websites.

Consequently, job titles emerged for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designers.

Henceforth, Social media on the whole has helped shape the world we live in today for the better. Therefore, some people have strong opinions on its use. Especially, either embracing it to further themselves or connecting with others via apps.

In effect, Twitter, Instagram, as well as, Snapchat staunchly refuse to adopt any form of online interaction and blindly label it as a bad thing.


Oftentimes we have to look at both sides of the argument.

Pros of Web3

Accessible across many devices

Explicitly, it allows people to keep in touch easily via instant messaging and video calls without the expense of a mobile phone contract

Free to use (provided you have the hardware and internet connection – if you’re reading this, you do)

Spreads awareness and offers help for those in need

Increases voter participation

Allows charities and crowd-funding groups to attract a wider audience

Allows businesses to directly target potential customers

Cons of Web3

A small portion of users are internet bullies (keyboard warriors)

Posts are not deleted entirely

Users can be scammed if they are not vigilant

Has been used by journalists to dig up dirt on those in the public eye (we’ll leave our views at the door)

Used for propaganda information

Can be a distraction in the workplace

Listening to miserable people complain about

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Websites have improved dramatically over the last five to ten years thanks to improved internet speeds and advances in web browser technology,

Allowing designers and developers to create fully interactive and engaging websites for their visitors.

Gone are the days of having to choose from just a handful of fonts, coding with tables.

And working ungodly hours to fix cross-browser layout issues – damn you Internet Explorer 6!

Blogging became popular with the introduction of WordPress which started as a PHP & MySQL-led blogging platform.

And has now advanced to become a full content-managed system (CMS) that powers over a quarter of the web.

WordPress and other platform giants are already developing systems that will thrive in the Web 3.0 era.


It has completely revolutionized the way we shop. As consumers, we are now used to instant access to the data we desire at any time.

Using a smartphone we can book cinema tickets, buy our food shopping, check the weather, and book a taxi in a very short time.

That’s Web 2.0. Who’s to say we won’t be purchasing products with our thoughts or behaviors when Web 3.0 technologies advance further?

You can now order a product you desperately need and have it delivered to your door within 1 hour using the Amazon Prime Now app.

Such is the convenience arrived by Web 2.0, Wall-E is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Web Browser

Web 1.0 ( 1990-2005)

Basic Web Pages, HTML, ECommerce, Java

Web 2.0 (2006 -Present)

Social Media, Global Internet Access, Web Apps, Data Monetization

Web3 – (Almost here)

NFTs, Semantic Web, Metaverse(AR & VR), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence ,Interoperability

Web3 is powered by Blockchain technology and distributed ledger systems.

It will enable new types of applications that are not possible with current web technologies.

These applications can be built on top of the decentralized networks, which are more resistant to censorship and downtime, creating a more open and accessible platform for innovation.

Web3 is a new internet, built on top of the decentralized networks which ensures that there are no more points of failure or control.

This makes it so the web can be more resilient and secure for everyone to use while also giving users back their ability over how they want their data to be used.

Top 10 Ideas about How to Earn Money on Web3?

Earn money on Web3 by Airdrops

An active way to make money on Web3 through Airdrops. An Airdrop happens when a blockchain project gives away free tokens to the community.

This is usually done to promote their project and increase awareness.

Airdrops are a great way to get free tokens, and they can also be profitable if you know how to sell them.

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Few Tips for Participating in Airdrops.

a.Fine reputable Airdrops – There are several scams in the crypto world, and airdrops are no exception. So, make sure you only participate in airdrops from reputed projects.

b. Join relevant Telegram groups – Telegram is a popular messaging app often used by crypto projects.

Several groups discuss airdrops which is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities.

c. Be patient Airdrops can take weeks or even months to distribute the tokens. Don’t expect to get rich overnight with airdrops.

Once you get these tokens, you can hold them or sell them for a profit. Remember, that getting the right airdrops usually requires you to satisfy some criteria to qualify.

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining Whether it’s through Bitcoin mining or Ethereum mining, crypto mining is a process that allows you to earn rewards.

For verifying transactions on the blockchain.

Mining is an integral part of how blockchains generate new digital assets and it’s a great way to earn Income.

This process can be done with various computer setups and does not require much experience.

With Web3 technology getting better with each iteration when it comes to mining, it has become more profitable than ever to do so.


Play-to-Earn Many Web3 projects involve various games that are emerging. Many of these feature a new play-to-earn model which allows users to earn cryptocurrency while playing.

This is done by players participating in activities that help to grow the game ecosystem, such as questing, staking, farming or simply playing the game.

The most popular games that have adopted this model are Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Splinterlands.

Platforms such as The Sandbox also allow users to monetize assets like real estate.

And gaming experiences to make a return on their investment.

Web3 Platforms

Through web3 platforms, you can start to create your Dapps (Decentralized Applications). Many people with past coding experience are new to this industry.

They don’t realize they have the skills and expertise necessary to build Dapps. Yet get getting the latest training will get you a big part of the way there.

With some training, those with experience can start building Dapps that provide value to the whole community. Plus this is one of the great ways to Earn Money.

Crypto Lending platforms

Crypto Lending Platforms are online platforms that allow you to lend your crypto to borrowers in exchange for interest.

This is a great way to earn extra passive income.


NFTs If you are looking for a way to earn money, then investing in NFT is something you should consider.

Creating digital representations of real-world assets is a great way to earn money and can be a great way to invest in Web3.


Microchips are the modern-day equivalent of picks and shovels from the gold rush and are a great way to earn money.

These are essentially computer c cryptocurrencies. With Web3 requiring computer power to function, the demand for chips will likely only increase in the future.

This makes chips an excellent long-term investment, thereby making them a source of earning money.

DeFi Platforms

DeFi Platforms Decentralized Finance Platforms are online platforms that offer a variety of financial products and services without the need for a third party.

These platforms are where you can start getting creative by taking advantage of the opportunities Web3 offers.

Private Markets

Private Markets are another great way to earn money through Web3. These markets are usually online platforms that allow you to invest in private companies.

Platforms like Open Sea also allow you to buy and sell different digital assets. These include crypto-collectibles, game items, and even virtual real estate.

Equities Buying Stocks

Equities Buying stocks is a great way to earn money. You can buy stocks in various Web3 companies through several platforms and invest in stocks.

Through a Robo advisor or investment app.

How to make money on Web 3 is by businesses monetizing content even faster than before by having more real-time leads on their page and engaging customers.

Through the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.

E-commerce websites

Online sales will hit close to $3 trillion USD worldwide for the year 2022 alone, a figure which is growing rapidly year on year thanks to the rise of e-commerce websites.

Today’s web has allowed retail businesses to run solely online without the need for bricks and mortar stores.

Top 3 ways Businesses can Earn Money with Web3?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM has always been a central focus for businesses and with good reason.

Understanding customer needs and desires is essential for delivering tailoring services and offers that will lead to increased sales and loyalty.

Through Social Media, browsing history, and other data sources, businesses will be able to gain a much deeper understanding of their customers.

This will allow them to offer customized services that are much more likely to resonate with customers.

In turn, this will lead to improved customer relationships and increased sales. Web 3.0 thus has the potential to revolutionize CRM and transform the way businesses interact with their customers.

Supply Chain Management

It is the next generation of the World Wide Web that is being developed on the basis of Semantic Web technologies. It will be a more intelligent Supply Chain more efficient and secure.

This will reduce costs and improve the quality of products and services.

Data Management

The use of the internet has already transformed the way businesses operate. With the advent of Web3, we are likely to see even more radical changes.

One area that is likely to be affected is data management.

The increased ability to share and collaborate on data is likely to lead to new business models based on data sharing and collaboration.

This will allow businesses, to better manage their data and use it to improve their products and services.

Data management – Uses

The increased use of data will allow businesses to better understand their customers and tailor their products and services to meet their needs.

The possibilities are endless, and we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what Web3 will make possible.

Marketing and Advertising

Web 1.0 was focused on providing information and Web 2.0 allowed for two-way interaction. Web 3.0 is all about giving users a personalized experience.

The shift is already having an impact on marketing and advertising by y creating a more personalized user experience.

Web3 makes it possible for marketers to reach their target audiences more effectively.

As a result, we will see increased sales and brand awareness from companies that will opt for Web3 technologies.

In the future, we can expect more companies to make the switch to Web3 in order to stay ahead of the competition and better meet the needs of their customers.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

AI is one of the most important technologies in Web 3.0 because it enables businesses to collect data from multiple sources to make better decisions and provide better services to customers.

AI algorithms can help Web3 Saas companies predict future customer behavior based on their past actions and preferences..

Which will help them offer better recommendations and more personalized experiences.


Web3 is a game-changer for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Web 3.0 will allow businesses to better understand their customers, manage their data, and improve their products and services for entrepreneurs.

Web3 will make it easier to raise funds, acquire customers, and research their markets, With the right approach businesses and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this new technology.

And stay ahead of the competition.


What is web3?

Web3 is the internet’s future generation, in which websites and apps will be able to comprehend data in a human-like manner.
The main concepts of Web 3.include decentralization, openness, and better user utility.
It means that the network will enable end users to interact directly without going through a trusted intermediary.
Moreover, Web 3.will be permissionless, which presupposes that anyone can participate without the need to be authorized by a governing body.
That is why Web 3.applications will run on blockchains or decentralized networks.

What are the main Concepts of Web3?

The main concepts of Web3 include decentralization, openness, and better user utility.
To create a more intelligent, autonomous, and open Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, termed Web3 the Semantic Web.

What is the AI of Web3?

The AI of Web3 will provide more accurate results by better comprehending what users are searching for.
Centralized Institutions help record and regulate relationships.
And the data that they store can be used to validate one’s judgments.
But all these “records” can still be subjective. It can be the object of bias and manipulation.

What is web3 and why should Crypto developers care about it?

For cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts, Web3 incorporates the technologies and concepts that are at the heart of crypto: decentralization.
Token-based economies, and blockchain.
This vision of Web3 tends to be a more democratic version of today’s online world.


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