JP Coin

JP Coin – What Is It ? 2023

The Crypto space has a new JP Coin. It is listed on a site called JP Token.

JP Coin

To begin with , JP Coin plan to create a skill-sharing platform where the likes of game engineers , namely, NFT artists , as well as influencers can network , simply put.

Subsequently , JP Coin has partnered with the first Japanese Coin listing site called JP Token.

Chiefly , site is demonstrating exciting changes for the exchange as well as, development of cryptocurrency.

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Token Aims – JP Coin

Simply put , the company aims to give back between 5 -10% in sales to the holders. with this platform to begin with .

Secondly , JP plan to get this platform up and running through proceeds from JP itself in lay terms.

Specifically, the company will use a portion of the proceeds from the coin listing site simply , to buy back chiefly.

About the Platform

To clarify , the Company will list on an exchange , and develop a skill-sharing platform that may have a significant impact on the crypto space mainly.

Simply put , JP is looking to have 5% to10% of JP Token’s listing as well as advertising sales to be repurchased to JP .

Chiefly, as buyback and marketing expenses. Owing to other development costs of the project.

JP Skillshare – JP Coin

To begin with , The JP Skillshare Marketplace will be a market where users can easily buy and sell individual skills from businesses to private use in lay terms.

Specifically , all of the services will be provided online. Especially, when purchasing selling. Simply put , you will be able to settle accounts in cryptocurrency.

To simplify, , you will be able to receive the latest news from overseas as well as information on blockchain-related technologies subsequently.

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Price Prediction

Namely , according to current JP Token price prediction, in explanation , the value of JP Token is predicted to drop by -26.64% and reach $ 0.000218 by March 15, 2023 subsequently.

In view of , technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 34 (Fear) to explain .

Mainly, JP Token recorded 9/30 (30%) green days with 23.75% price volatility over the last 30 days.

Subsequently , based on our JP Token forecast, it’s now a bad time to buy JP Token in lay terms .

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Chiefly , the Company will be constantly developing JP and JP Token . In order for it to adapt to the ever-changing crypto world .

Finally, Japan has something exciting to look forward to with these releases.


Stay tuned for further Updates…





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