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Metaverse Active Users-How to make 3D Avatar in Mesmerizing Metaverse?

3D Avatars are Online representation of Metaverse Active Users. Do you want to find out why digital Avatars are created ?

Metaverse Active Users?

Metaverse – As the name implies ,is a digital reality that combines virtual reality,augmented reality,social media platforms,cryptocurrencies and online gaming.

Ofcourse, we already have platforms with avatars and virtual identities,but they have one flaw.

They all work on the same platform .Metaverse goal is to alleviate the individuality syndrome.

Knowing what you are getting into before creating your Avatar and entering the Metaverse.

Is always a good idea . Individuals have an exciting opportunity of customizing their entire outlook within the virtual world.

One of the most amazing features of the Metaverse is the ability to customize clothing, facial features and body sizes.

While hanging out with friends .You can choose what to wear to a ‘virtual’ concert and much more. So what exactly is an avatar?

Metaverse Active Users Worldwide – Avatar

When your friend sends you a little character waving, and that character looks like a mix between her and a Simpson?

Honey, that’s an avatar, and it’s taking over. Avatars are graphical representations of a user.

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Pretty soon, these avatars will come with a subscription to Goop and go on vacations into outer meta-space (exactly like the regular Metaverse, just more pretentious).

With so many out there, how do you pick one?

The OG! A customizable, full bodied avatar  that looks like you. You can customize and use your Bitmoji  across tons of different apps. Snapchat, iChat, GChat… all the chats. All the social media apps.

Honestly, Bitmojis are pretty cute. They can wave and smile, and you can dress them up with something simple, like a baseball cap. Avatars should have stopped here.

The Metaverse Active users – People use the Metaverse

The Memojis

It builds on the Bitmoji by using Apple’s Face ID system to match your avatar even more closely to your face.

Which means these avatars can be accessorized with very realistic pimples.

You can get these in your Apple SMS app. Don’t get too hooked, though — today. It’s free, but tomorrow, it’s the only way to port your contact over from your old phone, and it’s $1,300.

a. Crypto Punks – Now we start to get into the super meta ones… the crypto avatarsCryptoPunks basically launched NFTs, and for that, they’re very sorry (well, they’re not, but if they had any manners, they would be).

Unlike most avatars, CryptoPunks have a monetary value — no two are exactly alike, so if you have a good one, someone might pay you a pretty penny for it.

And I say “penny,” because they will be paying in cryptocurrency, whose value we will likely soon be measuring in 1- and 5-cent denominations.

In my opinion, they’re less aesthetically pleasing than the other avatars.

They almost look like digital renderings of Legos. Any accessory you add will up your avatar’s uniqueness, but since we’re going punk here, can I suggest a pink mohawk?

b. Meets – Meets are an Ethereum-based NFT avatar.

Ethereum is basically the hipster Bitcoin, which is to say, your Meebit will likely be wearing a fedora.

These are 3D avatars rendered in voxels (pixels with volume… duh) to make a more realistic rendering of the user.

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Except that everything about them is square, so unless you spend your life in a CrossFit gym and have ground your jaw into oblivion.

They don’t look that much like you.

Impressively versatile, Meebits can be used to play games in the Metaverse and the IRL verse.

The idea of Facebook changing its name to Meta, along with the launch of Metaverse, has made headlines in the news.

As appealing as it may sound, Metaverse Avatars ended up being the star of the show. 

It is the sheer concept of utmost customization and personalization that makes Metaverse Avatars worth waiting for. But what exactly is an Avatar?

Anyone who has been on the internet must have represented themselves on one of the many social media platforms.

In Layman’s terms, that’s exactly what an Avatar is all about.

An online representation or digital identity of a user, that differs from one person to another. 

For a better understanding, consider how Snapchat introduced the concept of Bitmoji.

Users could create their 3D Avatars and use them in various Snapchat games.

This continuous usage of Avatars on social media led to their popularity in the first place. 

Not to mention, a user can be just about anyone in their Avatar.

Starting from changing the ways they look, to completely customizing hairstylesaccessories, and apparel.

Just check your social media profiles, and you would understand what exactly is an Avatar. 

Remember Microsoft? Well, it’s stepped into the Metaverse race. Just last month ,Microsoft announced users could use its 3D Metaverse avatars inside Teams.

Microsoft’ meeting software. And your avatar really will look like you, except through the Uncanny Valley.

These Avatars have the look of a Sims 3-5 if I’m remembering my Sims interactions correctly. I’ve only ever used Teams at work.

But I do like the idea of not ever having to look at my co-workers’ faces, so I’d say I’m on board.

Accessorize this avatar with black blue light sunglasses, to best hide that you’re sleeping through meetings.

These avatars are notoriously more lifelike than the avatars that went before them.

Which is ironic since Facebook as a company is notorious for depleting so many of us of our vitality.

But seriously — Facebook tried to brag that you could see the pores on its avatars as if this were a good thing, so you’d better accessorize with some concealer.

The Significance of 3D Avatars

Different applications can be used to create these metaverse avatars.

Upon the announcement of Metaverse, by Mark Zuckerberg, one of the biggest highlights was Metaverse Avatars.

In fact, Avatar in Metaverse is more or less the same, as the majority of us are accustomed to. 

The Avatar is going to portray the user’s identity throughout the Metaverse.

Instead of being restricted to 2D platforms, users can customize their Avatars to their heart’s content.

Furthermore, the flexibility of the Avatar lies within its interoperability among various Metaverse platforms.

With a single Metaverse avatar, users can travel through the different experiences of the Multiverse

The Metaverse Avatar in itself is quite flexible as well. To cater to a wide variety of usage, Metaverse Avatars are made quite realistically.

Instead of just mimicking the facial nodes for expressions, Metaverse Avatars showcase movements through the entire body. 

The idea is to replicate, how one would interact with a real person. If they were present in the Metaverse.

All these are achieved through extensive research on physical movements.

And training them using Artificial Intelligence. 

Not to mention, these models are capable of predicting the extracted shoulder and elbow position, just by using the controller and headset.

In the end, Avatars in the Metaverse operate with more accuracy and intuition. 

One of the biggest aces up Avatar’s sleeve is its sheer versatility. And for the best part, users can access their Avatars through various applications and Metaverse.

Entering another Metaverse, users can take their same Avatar with them. 

Having a central Avatar creates more appeal while simplifying the process altogether.

Meta in itself announced, how users can take their Avatars to third-party apps created by the Devs. 

For a better understanding consider the use of social media. Anyone having an online presence can relate.

To how tedious it gets to manage multiple social media handles.

Avatar in Metaverse mitigates the issue while allowing users to seamlessly move from one platform to another. 

Avatar Apps


b. Genesis



d. Ready Player Me

The Role of Avatars

The concept of Avatars in Metaverse goes beyond just a user’s facial expression. At its core, Avatar becomes the epitome of a user’s manifestation within the Metaverse.

So how the Avatar looks, feels, and interacts directly correlates to that of the user. 

Avatars expand their horizon by playing a few games and interacting with other users. The sole purpose of Avatars is to, give equal importance to the user’s online persona.

Just as we care for people in the real world.

What are the Types of Avatars? 

Due to the creative restrictions, as of now, the Metaverse Avatars can be further classified into two types. These includes: 

1. VR Avatars

VR Avatars are by far one of the most sought-after forms of avatars as of now. This is where the user can engage with the Metaverse through the avatar’s Point of View (PoV).

While other users can only have limited access to the given user’s avatar. 

Oftentimes, the lower part of the body remains absent, due to the lack of proper tracking.

VR Avatars only facilitate upper limb movements such as hand gestures. But, they end up missing out on the lower limbs. 

2. Full Body Avatars 

Full Body Avatars are the exact representation of how a user interacts in the real world.

Using full-body sensor recognition we can achieve such Avatars.

Not only the application can track hand gestures, but the entire hand movements altogether. 

That being said, Full-Body Avatars are only achievable in VR games. Although they showcase potential growth in the future.

It also requires compatible hardware that is capable of full-body tracking. 

Can I Make My Avatar in the Metaverse? 

It is not entirely impossible to create your own Avatar in the Metaverse. But, given its early stage, it is currently inaccessible to the consumer market.

Although there are companies that are offering Avatar creation services

Users can be available a fully personalized, completely customizable Avatar. But the biggest setback is the lack of its usability.

Even the majority of the apps and games that require Avatars are still in the development phase.  


Are Avatars Restricted to the Metaverse? 

It is imperative to understand that, although Meta announced their version of Metaverse, it is not restricted to a single company.

Even Microsoft announced their version of Metaverse in late 2021, named Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft’s platform would allow 3D avatars, along with virtual spaces. This is also where users can interact with other Avatars within Microsoft Teams.

The company also announced its sets of facial movement tracking, which can enhance the user experience by many folds. 

Few Types of Avatars You Can Customize In The Metaverse

Bitmojis Bitmoji The OG! …

Memoji – The Memoji builds on the Bitmoji by using Apple’s Face ID system to match your avatar even more closely to your face, which means these avatars can be accessorized with very realistic pimples. …

Friendmoji Friendmoji This is a two-person Bitmoji! …

CryptoPunks Cryptopunks …

Meets Meebits.

There is no point in arguing about the rising popularity of the Metaverse. As time goes by, more personalization features are going to be introduced for the Metaverse Avatars.


What is a 3D Avatar in metaverse?

A 3D avatar is a digital persona,a replica of yourself that you can create to represent you on the internet.

It allows you to participate in the exciting world of virtual online games.

Where everyone has 3D avatar. And yours can be as unique as you want it to be.

How do you make an avatar in Metaverse?

You can create an avatar from a photo.

a.Take a selfie ,or pick from a selection of premade avatars.

b. Customize your avatar .

Choose from 300+ customization options and import your NFTs in the future.

c. Export your avatar.Use your avatar in 4500+supported apps and games.

How much does a Metaverse avatar cost?

For $1500 ,you can enter a metaverse in which the avatars will soon have actual legs.

Can you use NFT as avatar in metaverse?

Avatars are digital representations of users in online environment such as virtual worlds.Social networks, and games.

Since NFTs are unique and immutable ,they are the perfect way to represent avatars in the metaverse.

Avatars created with NFT s can be used in any online environment that supports them.

Can you sell NFT Avatars?

Yes, You can sell NFT avatars by tapping on the desired avatar.


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