MEMAG – Why Experts Are Buying?

Why experts are buying brand new Memag in 2023? Know Why?

What is MEMAG (Meta Masters Guild) Crypto?

MEMAG is going to be the first- ever Web 3 gaming guild that is focused on mobile gaming. In gaming is becoming huge across the globe.

Which is why the developers of MEMAG are building a new gaming guild that’s focused. Specifically on this medium.

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How will MEMAG work?

All of the games will be integrated on the blockchain.Which will decentralize the entire ecosystem. In addition, all gamers will be able to earn impressive rewards.

When they make contributions to the ecosystem. The in -game rewards for all of the games will come in the form of what’s being called “Gems”.

These can be then be converted to the entire ecosystem ‘s central token. $MEMAG.


Once the players have the Gems, they can decide to either cash it out , or invest it into the ecosystem in a variety of ways.

The design of the entire guild will incentivize players to continue investing their time and money into the ecosystem .

Which ensures players that they are fairly compensated for what they put in. This, then creates a solid investment for crypto traders as well . Since players are going to build up $MEMAG so much.

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A New Approach to P2E

MEMAG is looking to redefine Play-to-Earn (P2E).Which the developers believe is deeply flawed. Instead, they are taking the approach that MEMAG is more like Play-And-Earn OR P & E.

In other words while ,while the ecosystem certainly has a solid way the user base to profit from it.

But that cant be sole focus of the project.

Instead, the focus of MEMAG is to create fun and addictive games.First and foremost. The tam behind MEMAG has said from the beginning .

That they understand that while things such as earning,tokenization mechanisms and blockchain integration are essential components.

That’s why MEMAG is focused on creating games that people actually love to play. And want to keep coming back to play over and over again.

The key to this is having the core of project focused on sustainability .

The dev’s know that the only way to have a sustainable economic model is to have a stable player base. and that requires a slew of games that are fun and engaging.

MEMAG -Full Ownership of Assets

In the case of MEMAG every in-game asset that player earns will be fully owned by you. As well as verifiable and tradable on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It makes the entire ecosystem decentralized . Significantly increasing the incentives for you to buy the assets.

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The gaming Industry has been encashing up until this point. With the gaming companies themselves profiting immensely from your investments.

With no return to you. But now thats not the case with MEMAG. You will be able to trade their in-game items to others .As well as convert into currency,. However you please.

MEMAG – By making the in-game economy of MEMAG completely open ,it will significantly increase how much investment is made into the game.

Which will result in huge amounts of volume in Web3 gaming bon the platfOrm.

One of the most impressive thing about MNEMAG is that you will be able to provide your feedback .So the community improves over time.

Multiplayer games after all, are nothing without the community. That’s why developers are ensuring that you will have a direct voice in the future MEMAG ecosystem.

MEMAG Plans – MEMAG plans to engage the Community of gamers like you, in a provocative way. So they can be involved in the decision making process ,for what ahead.

Again this is another way that MEMAG is going to create a huge highly-engaged community of gamers who will invest into the ecosystem. And as a result, the $MEMAG token is going to soar in value.

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How to Connect your Wallet to MEMAG?

To get started you will need your very own-crypto wallet.If you don’t have a wallet already then you can download MetaMask from its official site .It should be noted purchasing from a desktop browser will give a smoother buying experience.

If you are on mobile you can use Wallet Connect to connect one of the supported wallets . Trust wallet I would recommend here.

Once you have got your wallet set up come back to memage .io and connect your wallet .In order to start your purchase. After the presale closes, you will be able to claim your tokens.

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MEMAG Buying

With ETH – In order to buy with ETH ,simply enter how much MEMAG you want to buy. Or how much ETH you want to swap. You will need to confirm the transaction and the gas cost.

Buy with USDT– In order to buy with USDT ,simply enter how much MEMAG you want to buy .Or how much USDT you want to swap.

You will need to confirm the transaction and the gas cost. And need to ensure you have enough ETH (0.0005 ETH) TO COVER GAS.

Why Experts are buying $MEMAG?

Experts are buying this brand new Metaverse crypto MEMAG for reasons above and many more. Now is the best time to buy MEMAG.

As its in early presale stages. So hurry and buy now before the price increases with each step of the presale process.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – MEMAG has already raised more than 600k . Meaning it is just a matter of time before it will move to the next stage. When its price will be higher.

Meta Masters Guild has already reached the second stage of the Presale.

Now the second stage of the presale is underway. And the price of MEMAG tokens is a little more expensive.

Than what it was during the first stage. At this movement ,you can buy one MEMAG coin for 0.01 USDT . But this favorable price will only be valid for a few more days.

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What makes the MEMAG Platform so unique?

And just when it was thought that everything has already been seen, That absolutely nothing in the crypto gaming field can surprise anymore.

The Meta Masters Guild platform convinced us otherwise. It is a platform with revolutionary approach.

Which raises gaming to the highest possible level. Boring, repetitive and uninteresting games are a thing of the past . Now that we have Meta Masters Guild.


Meta Kart Racers – It is the furthest along in its development cycle and is expected to launch in late 2023.

The game sees players purchase and upgrade karts and drivers .And complete in-player-vs-player races for the Meta Kart Championship.

Raid NFT – Raid NFT is a turn-based fantasy fighting game where players align with a warrior class and battle other players.

The game, in its concept stage ,featured both PVP and single -player modes. Where players can earn assets to be used in other modes.

Meta Masters World – Meta Masters World is the project’s open-world metaverse. Which will have little in the way of structure.

Players will be free to explore, collect resources and complete quests. As well as interact with other players . It is also in the early stages of development.

Meta Masters Guild– ,which is also developing a bustling marketplace .With all in-game assets ownable and tradable as NFT’s.

It Will also invite other developers and indie studios to build on their platform and join their ecosystem.

MEMAG Tokenomics and How to Buy

There is a max supply of 1 billion MEMAG tokens. With 35% allocated to the presale with no vesting period. And a $4.97 million hard cap – 15% has also been allocated to liquidity and exchanges.

The remaining 50% of tokens are all vested for between 36 and 48 months are are divided. With 15% going to the development of the project. 15% to the marketplace.

10% for the reserve and 10% for the developing team.

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How To Buy MEMAG (Presale)

Getting Started

To get started you’ll need your very own crypto wallet. If you don’t have a wallet already then you can download MetaMask here from the official MetaMask site.

It should be noted that purchasing from a desktop browser will give you a smoother buying experience.

If you’re on mobile you can use Wallet Connect to connect one of the supported wallets – we’d recommend Trust Wallet.

Once you’ve got your wallet set up, come back to and connect your wallet in order to start your purchase.

After the presale closes, you’ll be able to claim your tokens on the Meta Masters Guild claim page. Keep your eye on our social channels for announcements relating to claiming.

Buying MEMAG

Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll get three options.

Buy with ETH

In order to buy with ETH, simply enter how much MEMAG you want to buy, or how much ETH you want to swap. You will need to confirm the transaction and the gas cost.

Buy with USDT

In order to buy with USDT, simply enter how much MEMAG you want to buy, or how much USDT you want to swap.

You will need to confirm the transaction and the gas cost, and need to ensure you have enough ETH (0.005 ETH) to cover gas.

Buy ETH with Card

If you don’t have enough ETH, you can use Transak to buy the ETH you need to purchase tokens in the presale.

Choose your purchase method, go through their simple KYC flow, and you’ll be able to make a purchase directly in the widget.

USDT Raised $803,499.65 / $1,120,000

31,650,035 Tokens Remaining Until
1 MEMAG = 0.013 USDT

Memag Game NFT

Each NFT boosts the ability to be used in-game to boost your stats. After claiming or buying MEMAG tokens ,they can be used to purchase NFTs and upgrade them over time.

Earning Money through MEMAG Coins

This, already popular gaming platform is oriented mainly toward games. For mobile devices. It is , we must admit, a wise move by the creators of this platform.

Besides, considering the fact that the largest % of users around the world actually prefer playing games in this way.

But even for those “old fashioned” users, Meta Masters Guild has enabled the option of classic enjoyment in desktop gaming.

What is perhaps even more important for crypto gaming fans, is that all these games will enable you to make money.

And to gain the chance to profit from playing these amazing games ,you will need to own native MEMAG coin.

The good news is that MEMAG is currently on presale and you can buy it at extremely good price.

If you have already bought the native coin of this platform .That is MEMAG and if you are eagerly awaiting the appearance of these games that seem extremely interesting.

Meta Kart Racers – These are Meta Kart Racers which is in final stages of development. It means who have already bought MEMAG will soon have the opportunity to have fun with it.

This game allows players to have fun with different battles on race tracks.

They will need to choose their favourite drivers and karts. And if they want ,they will be able to upgrade their in-game features.

This game will provide you with lots of fun. And whatever you want to buy to improve the game, and gain an advantage over opponents.

You will be able to pay with MEMAG tokens. There are lots of ways to win prizes. And also the opportunity to win NFTs.

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It is clear why MEMAG has already been rated as a coin with the highest potential. Crypto market analysts have given their forecasts for MEMAG.

Based on extremely good success of the presale so far. Besides, pointing out that this coin could gain at least 10x in value during 2023!

Buyers continue to rush into the Meta Masters Guild presale. With more than $100,000 invested in the last 24 hours. Taking the total to $670,000.

Purchases are continuing at rapid pace with buyers keen to secure MEMAG tokens in the earliest stages. With each new presale round bringing an increase in price.

There are only 10 days remaining before the presale moves into stage 3 and triggers a price increase of 30% from $0.010 to $0.013.

By the 7th and final round ,MEMAG tokens will cost $0.23 , a 130% increase . From today’s price and 228% more than the price in stage 1. ($0.07)

Investors are not just attracted to Meta Masters Guild (MMG) because of MEMAG . But because the highest potential of the mobile gaming project.

World’s first dedicated Web3 Mobile Gaming Platform.

MMG is currently developing three games with the first due to launch in late 2023. With a strong focus on fun and longevity over tokenization . And earning mechanics

MMG has several notable advantages over other crypto games. As it positions itself as a play-and-earn project over play-to-earn.

Many other crypto gaming projects have been caught in development hell. Trying to create vast AA worthy games. While others have struggled to retain players once selling pressure on their tokens grew too much.

MMG avoids both of these pitfalls ,the first because it is not developing those type of games. And the second is because MEMAG will not be used for rewards.

Instead, players will receive GEMS . Which exists off-chain -as-a reward for completing missions. And unlocking races and it can also be used to purchase and upgrade in-game assets. And be converted back to MEMAG.

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What does the future hold for Meta Masters Guild?

2023 is where things get really exciting as the MEMAG team will focus on several key priorities. That will actually see the platform become fun to use.
The first quarter of 2023 focuses on a soft launch of staking . And of course the MEMAG presale.
The next quarter focuses on the listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap. As well as , beginning of animation on the Raid NFT game.
Expansion of NFT characters ,across games. Continuous game development. And new partnerships with Web3 gamme developers.

Can Meta Guild Pioneer the P2E space?

Meta Masters Guild is a in a competitive space . A lot is going on in this niche as everyone realizes the amount of potential there is.
P2E is only just starting. So there are bound to be a bunch of new projects working on novel ideas. It’s the nature of the crypto space,and competition breeds quality.
By focussing more on making games fun and not on monetization. The team will create a fun and engaging space for people .
Which will no doubt see them flock to it. Of course, the fact that they have various ways to earn is significant.
But it should a natural result of enjoying gaming. This is a key principle that seems to be nissing in other P2E games

Is Memag token good investment?

Ultimately, it is up to the investors to decide whether MEMAG is a good investment. However, the project’s ambitious plans and the currently low token price make a good combination and could mean investing early may pay off in the future.

How much is MEMAG worth?

$0.0026497 per MEMAG.

What is the supply of Memag tokens?

Meta Masters Guild’s current circulating supply is 350.00M MEMAG out of max supply of 1.00B MEMAG. In terms of Market cap it is ranked #78 in the Gaming sector.







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