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Multiverse- Where Does The Powerful Multiverse Stand At The End Of 2022?

The year of 2022 brands been the year of “testing”. Brands dipping into a Powerful “Multiverse“.

What is Multiverse?

The Multiverse ultimate goal is an alternative ,virtual reality in which users can interact with each other and have basically infinite possibilities of pastime.

The main feature of the Multiverse is decentralization. Not one or two players can control the Metaverse.

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Virtual World

Multiverse is organised decently and each person can network with this virtual world and move freely in it.

Therefore blockchain technology can be an ideal foundation for the metaverse.

The Multiverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media.

Online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually.

Multiverse – Where Does It stand at the end of 2022?

With the bull market in 2021, the year 2021 managed to bring the most hype about the Multiverse so far anyway.

The hype shot through the roof,particularly after the parent company ‘s name was changed from Facebook to Meta.

Multiverse was already making big strides into the mainstream.

Multiverse current situation

Because of 2022 bear market, topics like NFTs and the Metaverse lost some traction. New applications are still being developed.

But with decreasing interest, developers are finding it tougher to unveil great campaigns at the moment.

Multiverse – Can 2023 Rekindle Interest in It?

In 2023 , there may be renewed interest in the Multiverse and its applications . Much will be decided by how the market evolves.

We believe that the market will turn bullish again in 2023. In 2019 the market had increased substantially.A similar trend could happen in 2023.

If the market recovers ,the Metaverse may regain some momentum ,and more use cases may arise.

Web 3.0 will develop further.

1.Metaverse as a Marketing Channel

When the first social media platforms were introduced ,most users considered them a simple method for sharing content with others.

However ,it was only afterward that individuals and companies acknowledged social media’s potential as a marketing platform.

Users will quickly see opportunities similar to Web 2.0, so the Metaverse should start moving in this direction early on.

Large corporations such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Nike,Gucci have already decided to expand their presence in the Metaverse.

2. Virtual / Augmented Reality

For years , virtual and augmented reality has been an exciting topic waiting for a major advance. Meta has already outlined a vision of Web 3.0.

In which users will move in the future in a virtual world. One of the Metaverse’s main goal is to immerse users in a virtual world.

The year 2023 might see several new developments in this field.

New headsets,sense-of-touch, bodysuits, and innovations for taste and smell sensory experiences are among them.

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3. Advanced Avatars

Digital avatars are one of the most exciting Metaverse projects. In the digital world ,these should represent people.

Users present themselves and communicate with others in the digital space using avatars. Cartoon avatars were the first to show in Metaverse.

But photorealistic portraits of people resembling the person in the real world have since emerged. Unique avatars should have a greater role in 2023.

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Why could Multiverse tokens be the future?

The idea of a new version of the internet,Web 3.0 ,has excited many investors in recent months.

In Web 3.0 in the Metaverse. The participants not only use the internet but are part of the new Web 3.0.

Blockchain as a decentralized technology is the future of “new internet”.

This vision is what makes Metaverse Tokens valuable now. The growth potential of these Metaverse tokens is huge.

Multiverse – How to Invest in ?

You can consider the Metaverse as being a sector in crypto Industry. Investing in metaverse means that you look out for successful Metaverse games and projects .

That have the potential of attracting many users. make significant sales, and having their value increase over time.

Can Multiverse Tokens Bounce back?

The year 2022 was very difficult for the entire market. In addition to Bitcoin,Ethereum ,memecoins and other large altcoins ,the Metaverse tokens also fell in value.

There is also the factor that the realization of a real metaverse still seems very far away. As a result interest in these projects fluctuates greatly.

A market revival could cause the Metaverse tokens to rise again in price.

Multiverse – Top 3 Tokens

1. ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is your ERC 20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. It was launched in March 2022 and circulated 30% of its token supply. Most recently ,tokens were out of circulation to see the price increase.

It is a governance and utility token that allows you to participate in the Ape Coin ecosystem.

It also gives you access to games and other products and services .That only Ape coin holders have access to. It is a native token of otherside,a metaverse game by Yuga Labs.

These are also the developers of the extremely popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club.

2. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox project showed an extremely impressive performance in 2021.

In the fourth quarter of 2021,the price of the SAND token rose above $1 for the first time.

And then saw its all-time high of $8.40 in November.

However ,the bear market struck here too and the token fell back below a price of $1 in 2022.

The Sandbox wants to realize the vision of the Metaverse in the form of a huge game. The Sandbox is supported by many major gaming developers such as Atari.

The Sandbox is a game in which users can create and trade their own NFTs using the SAND tokens.

3. Decentraland

Another big metaverse token that got a lot of attention in 2021 is Decentraland. In Decentraland users can buy their own virtual land using the MANA token.

These virtual properties and plots of land reached extremely high prices during this time.

It also benefited from the hype surrounding NFTs at the time.

Users in Decentraland can also create their own virtual games and other digital assets on their land and offer them to other users.

Multiverse – Is it worth investing in Multiverse Tokens?

The Metaverse or Web 3.0 is an extremely exciting vision of the future. If you believe in the success of the Metaverse ,you should invest in one of the projects mentioned.

The potential of the Metaverse token is as great as that of few other cryptocurrencies.

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Multiverse – Facebook

The fact that Facebook will continue to control its social network as they have in the past is one of the reasons.

Why many are beginning to question the rationale behind the name change to Meta.

This just fuels public’s rising resentment of the corporations who prefer to retain the status quo for themselves.

Rather than giving people genuine authority over the platform .

Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse

When Meta claims to be a metaverse ,it is basically only giving its users the appearance of choice by describing itself as a VR social network.

Without actually letting them choose what they want the platform to look like. Or put up with while using it.

You can not market your project as a cryptocurrency.

Then have full access to the transactions and host the blockchain on your own servers.


Its time to grab your goggles and look back on 2022. The Multiverse was a major through line when it comes to trends that the industry was keen to talk up.

Although ,the year has thrown up some surprising trends to pull attention away.

Everyone who works with brands is still watching this space and trying to work out where its potential lies.

B2B brands and industries have increased productivity and reduced risk by modelling ,developing and engaging in virtual spaces .

So while 2022 is definitely not the year that Multiverse became profitable for all,

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I believe it will be remembered as the year where the future brand experience leaders took some of their first steps.

I feel that what you have seen this year is an investment in the learnings that will drive significant business growth and customer engagement tomorrow.


What is Zuckerberg Metaverse?

The stake and execution was further investment into the Metaverse, a virtual world with an all encompassing view of the internet.

And then , social interactions through virtual reality technology.

Is Metaverse a real thing?

Because the Metaverse ,as of now does not exist .we are years away from this being an actual thing as per Meta’s own statements.

Can you make money in the Metaverse?

There are several ways to start earning in the metaverse. These include flipping digital assets, hosting virtual events,

Additionally, participating in play-to-earn games, designing virtual spaces and investing in metaverse tokens.

What is the largest Metaverse?

Decentraland is the first decentralized online setting and largest metaverse cryptocurrency .

Its decentralized self governing organization (DAO) has important smart agreements that power the Decentraland metaverse.

How much is an avatar in Metaverse?

For $1500 you can enter a metaverse in which the avatars will soon have actual legs.


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