Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet

Ordinals Wallet-3 Amazing Ordinals Wallets?

” Ordinals Wallet” has been generating hype. What are Ordinal tokens?

Ordinals is a new protocol that allows you to inscribe data directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Bitcoin, including the creation of NFTs.

If you are looking to store and manage your Bitcoin NFTs, then you need an Ordinals wallet.

Ordinals wallets are specially designed to support Ordinals inscriptions, and they offer a variety of features to make it easy to manage your NFTs.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Ordinals wallets available today.

We will also discuss some of the features you should look for in these wallets.

Ordinals Wallet – What’s Bitcoin Ordinal?

Firstly, Bitcoin Ordinals are unique, immutable digital assets inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin Ordinals are a new type of non-fungible (NFT) created on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Founded by Casey Rodarmor, the Ordinals protocol allows you to attach digital content such as art, text, or video to a unique satoshi, which is the smallest divisible unit of 1 Bitcoin.

Additionally, each Ordinal is a numbered NFT (non-fungible token ) with a unique inscription.

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Ordinals Wallet – Who created the Ordinal Protocol?

First, it is created by software engineer Casey Rodarmor. Additionally, the new Ordinal protocol introduces a new level of capability to the Bitcoin network.

Essentially, enabling you to assign unique numbers to individual satoshis and transfer them along with attached images, videos, or text.

Further, known as inscriptions or in layman’s terms, Ordinals.

Furthermore, according to data by Dune Analytics, more than 120,000 Ordinals have been inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Additionally, the launch of the Ordinal protocol last month, with transaction fees surpassing $170,000 on Feb. 4

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Ordinals Wallet – Why are Bitcoin NFTs called Ordinals?

Inscriptions are digital artifacts, and, therefore NFTs, but not all NFTs are digital artifacts to put it simply.

Digital artifacts are NFTs held to a higher standard, closer to their ideal. For an NFT to be a digital artifact, it must be decentralized, immutable, on-chain, and unrestricted.

However, some NFT enthusiasts, like Twitter influencer @OGDfarmer, disagree. Essentially, they argue that Ordinals don’t fully qualify as NFTs. Simply, because there is no programmability to the projects.

Significantly, limiting their potential use cases. Additionally, whether inscriptions, digital artifacts, or NFT most people on Crypto Twitter have started using the word “Ordinals”. Especially, to define these new digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Ordinals Wallet – Which Ordinals to Buy?

First, many of the first 1,000 inscriptions are either not for sale or priced out of reach for most people.

Further, unlike in the case of NFTs, there is no rarity tier for Bitcoin Ordinals. Therefore, investing in regular NFT is slightly different.

Further, value is placed on the earliest inscriptions. For this reason, it was significant that Ordinals Punks clarified that their collection was among the first 650 inscriptions on the Bitcoin chain.

Therefore, acquiring the first 1,000 Ordinals is highly recommended. Essentially, as first movers will have an advantage.

Further, those unable to do so due to the high prices could consider purchasing the first 10,000.

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Ordinals Wallet – Ordinals Projects

Moreover, one of the top projects within the first 10,000 inscribed as part of a broader collection is Ordinal Birds.

Further, a derivative of the highly successful Moonbirds on Ethereum. Which switched to a CCO public license in August 2022.

The 100 Ordinal Birds start at inscription 2,728 and are sold out, with the exception of Birds #94, #96, #98, and #100.

Additionally, the team is reserving for Kevin Rose, the CEO of Moonbirds parent company PROOF, to thank him for inspiring the project.

However, Ordinal Birds OTC sales are taking place via an escrow service in the project’s Discord.

Ordinals Project – DeGods

A former blue-chip NFT collection on Solana, which announced its bridging to Ethereum.

Furthermore, The project’s co-founder Frank De Gods jumped on the Ordinals wagon and worked with Ordinal collector and software engineer Nick Hansen.

Essentially, to inscribe 535 De Gods on the Bitcoin blockchain all in a single block.

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Ordinals Wallet – How to Buy a Bitcoin Ordinal?

Until recently, interacting with the Bitcoin blockchain to obtain an Ordinal has been difficult. Further due to an opaque, sluggish, and centralized tech framework.

However, new user-friendly wallets like Ordinals Wallet, Xverse, and Hiro are being developed to make the process easier.

Additionally. Ordinal protocol’s wallet software allows for the holding and viewing of Bitcoin Ordinals.

However, since Bitcoin Ordinals are subject to the limitations of the Bitcoin network, they can not interact with blockchain networks.

Essentially, which uses smart contract technology, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche.

Unlike most NFT collections, there are not many marketplaces to support the trading of Ordinals.

Additionally, the concept of NFTs on Bitcoin is still in its nascent stage. However, you can bid for Ordinals on an auction “that uses Bitcoin technology to sell Bitcoin goods for Bitcoin ” according to its website.

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Ordinals wallet – Are any Security Concerns with Ordinals?

Firstly, as with all cryptocurrency transactions, there is a risk of fraud or theft. Therefore, it is important to buy and sell ordinals only if you are confident in the seller’s good faith.

Typically, if you don’t trust your passwords to 3rd parties and store them in a safe place. Further, the security of interaction within the network is much higher.

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Who created Bitcoin Ordinals?

Casey Rodarmor created it. Ordinals, a Bitcoin-based NFT-like project has expanded significantly over the past two weeks

First, there is increased demand for more accessible ways to interact with the blockchain. Essentially it has led to the launch of several Bitcoin wallets.

Why Ordinals Wallet was created?

Firstly, the number of permanent inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain for its Ordinals tokens is growing.

Additionally, exceeding 123,000 and highly desired tokens and collections are in high demand. Essentially, in the thriving trading and auction market.

Furthermore, Bitcoin has started to show itself as an NFT ecosystem. But the process of engaging with the blockchain and acquiring an ordinal can be slow.

and then, , it can be opaque and centralized.

First, the increasing demand for more user-friendly interfaces for those seeking ordinals has led Web 3 developers to fill this gap.

Consequently, several solutions have recently emerged.

The launch of Bitcoin nonfungible tokens (NFTs) —

Further, known as Ordinals — has tipped the number of non-zero Bitcoin addresses to a new all-time high of 44 million, according to crypto analytics platform Glassnode.

Additionally, in a Feb. 13 report from Glassnode, the firm explained that for the first time in Bitcoin’s 14-year history.

Furthermore, a portion of network activity is being used for purposes other than peer-to-peer monetary Bitcoin (BTC)  transfers:

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Ordinals Wallet – How many Bitcoin Ordinals are there?

Firstly, the Bitcoin network has recorded over 1.05 million Ordinals inscriptions within the first three months since its launch.

Notably, Bitcoin Ordinals launched on Jan.21 is a protocol that enables digital assets to be inscribed on satoshis (sats). the lowest Bitcoin denomination.

Ordinals Wallet – Features

Firstly, it is designed specifically to support the management of Ordinals Inscriptions. The wallet released on February 16, offers users the ability to hold, store, and view their Ordinals directly from within their app.

Moreover, it will soon include additional features that will allow users to transfer, send, inscribe, and buy and sell Ordinals within the wallet.

Basically, it will provide a seamless experience for those who are looking to engage with the Bitcoin blockchain.

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What are the 5 Best Bitcoin Ordinal Compatible Wallets?

  1. Xverse Wallet – It is a great option for Web3 users looking to store their Bitcoin assets.
  2. Hiro Wallet
  3. Ordinals Wallet
  4. Sparrow Wallet
  5. Meta Mask and Generative XYZ’s Wallet.

Are Ordinals Safe in Wallet?

Chiefly, Ordinals can be sent to any Bitcoin address, and are safe as long as the UTXO that contains them is not spent.

However, if that wallet is then used to send Bitcoin,it may select the UTXO containing the ordinals as an input, and send the inscription or spend it to fees.

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Launch of Ordinals Wallet

Ultimately, it has received a lot of acclaim from the community. It has previously been unhappy with the limitations of existing wallet solutions.

Especially, when it comes to managing Ordinals. Consequently, dedicated support is provided by this new app.

Further, users will be able to access their Ordinals with greater ease and security. Moreover, it remains to be seen how the app will be received by the broader cryptocurrency community.

Basically, it is a promising development in the ongoing evolution of the digital asset landscape.

Xverse Wallet

Firstly, Xverse, a Bitcoin Web 3 wallet, launched its Bitcoin Ordinals service just a day before the Ordinals Wallet release.

Secondly, The company stated on Twitter that they had been focused on building the most advanced Bitcoin wallet over the past year.

And then, now they have introduced first-class support for Ordinals.

Features of Xverse –

Moreover, unlike other Bitcoin wallets, Xverse allows users to interact with the blockchain. Especially, without running a full Bitcoin node.

Additionally, if you are using this, you can simply pay a transaction fee within the wallet app.

Furthermore, you can purchase Bitcoin to pay for the transaction using the app’s fiat on-ramp service.

How to Use –

First, to inscribe an Ordinal, you must upload an image or text to the app. And then, send a transaction to their Ordinals address.

Further, the NFT will then appear in your Xverse NFT collection within about half an hour.

Hiro Wallet

Firstly, prior to the launches of Xverse and Ordinals Wallet, Hiro Wallet was the first to introduce a testnet rollout on February 14.

Further, The CEO, Mark Hendrickson, has stated that the wallet will provide extensive support for both Stack’s – based NFTs and the Ordinals inscriptions.

Moreover, the company plans to issue further updates. Moreover, like Xverse, Hiro Wallet also uses service for inscriptions.

Furthermore, Ordinals are automatically added to your account under a “Collectibles” section.

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Ordinals – Marketplaces

Firstly,, a Bitcoin NFT marketplace, handles the actual inscription of the Ordinal. Essentially, having minted 5% of all Ordinals on the chain.

Additionally, Stacks, a layer 1.5 blockchain with its own NFT economy is integrated with Xverse.

The wallet is available on App Store, Google Play, and as a Google Chrome extension.

Further, the Hiro wallet operates similarly to Xverse. Essentially, where Gamma performs the inscription process.

And then, the resulting Ordinals are deposited directly into your account within the “Collectibles ” section.

Essentially, the wallet has plans to roll out expansive support for both Stacks-based NFTs and Ordinal inscriptions.

Soon, you will be able to showcase a full personal gallery of their Stacks NFTs and Ordinal inscriptions via Hiro’s new “Bitcoin Web 3 ” web app.

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OKX to offer Ordinals Trading Within its Wallet by June

Notably, OKX will be debuting a marketplace within its wallet that supports minting trading Bitcoin Ordinals across over 60 supported chains by June 2023.

Right now, you can only view and transfer your Ordinal in OKX’s wallet, but this week, they will be able to trade BRC -20 tokens.

By late May, customers will be able to mint Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens within the wallet.

Notably, there are hurdles to adoption, though, because Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens are a new way to transact. Thereby, accessibility and use are things OKX is trying to tackle.

In a bid to make things less complicated for current traders of Ordinals, OKX partnered with open-source Bitcoin wallet UniSat to sync up their respective indexes.

Another potential headache for OKX is how to deal with the cyclical nature of crypto and NFTs.

It’s really hard to predict how people will be interested in trading, so there is often a boom and bust.

Additionally, the Seychelles-based crypto exchange will soon support the Bitcoin Lightening Network on the OKX Wallet.

Previously, lightning was only supported on the exchange.

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Bitcoin continues to record Blocks above the 3.75 MB RANGE AS ORDINAL INSCRIPTIONS NEAR 150,000.

Firstly, as Ordinals Inscriptions approach the 15,000 mark, blocks larger than 3 MB have become commonplace.

Additionally, with many blocks near the 4MB range. Meanwhile, the average transaction fee-on-chain rose 122% higher at the beginning of February 2023.

Secondly, the average fee has remained the same over the last few weeks. Further, it is currently coasting along at $1.77 per transfer.

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Bitcoin’s Ordinal Inscriptions Surpass 7 Million Mark

On May 15, 2023, the number of Ordinal Inscriptions surpassed the 7 million mark. 7,204,882 Ordinal inscriptions have been added to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Miners have collected 1,324 bitcoin in fees by confirming inscription transactions which equate to roughly $35.86 million in added-on chain fees.

30-Day Sales Stas show Bitcoin’s Ordinal Inscriptions have bolstered NFT Market

Chiefly the realm of selling NFT collections has proven profitable for Ordinal inscriptions, amassing $93 million in sales over the past 30 days.

As a result, Bitcoin has ascended to become the second-largest blockchain in terms of NFT sales this month.

According to 30-day statistics from Notably, the market has recorded sales from popular Ordinal collections such as Pixel Pepes, Sub100k, Bitcoin Frogs, Space Pepes, Bitcoin Punks, and Sub 10k.

Out of the six highest-priced NFTs sold this month, five have emerged from the fertile grounds of the Bitcoin blockchain’s Ordinal inscribing technology.

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Firstly, the availability of user-friendly options for you is an indication of the NFT community’s interest in the emerging ecosystem.

What’s more, it’s an exciting time to witness the development of a new aspect of Web 3. Similarly, We can expect the emergence of more wallets.

Essentially, marketplaces and user interfaces cater specifically to Bitcoin Ordinals.

In addition, the increasing demand for more accessible ways to interact with the blockchain has led to the launch of several Bitcoin wallets.

Lastly, these wallets allow you to hold, store, and view Ordinals, as well as buy, sell, and inscribe them.

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Which wallets support Ordinals?

Xverse Wallet is a great option if you are a Web3 user looking to store your Bitcoin.
other wallets are,
Hiro wallet
Sparrow Wallet
Genererative XYZ’s

Where can You buy Ordinals tokens?

CoinMarketCap is a good option.

Are Ordinals good or bad for Bitcoin?

Ordinals affect Bitcoin and add complexity and technical difficulties for many participants, from miners to regular users. Bitcoin is not very scalable and it not meant to serve as a file storage system that would cost you all of your fiat savings to make one transaction.

Is there a Decentralized Wallet?

Decentralized wallets give you complete control over your digital assets and direct access to decentralized finance. These wallets hold your crypto assets without the involvement of any intermediary, enabling peer-to-peer interactions.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

It is a protocol that allows individuals satoshis (SATs) in a Bitcoin blockchain to be assigned a unique identifier and transacted with extra data attached. A satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin currency and there are 100,000,000 satioshi in a single bitcoin.





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