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Pikamoon- Is It A Good Investment?

Why do Crypto enthusiasts believe Pikamoon is the hottest crypto project right now?

What is Pikamoon?

Chiefly, the Pikamoon game is built in Unreal Engine 5, the same gaming engine Fortnite is built on. Secondly, this is arguably the best gaming engine in the industry, so, your imagination can run wild.

Basically, the Pikamoon token is designed to revolutionized the crypto industry. Additionally, it is a deflationary token designed to steadily increase in value over time.

Further, to ensure the growth and continuity of Pikamoon ,the $PIKA tokenomics are allocated in a way that makes Pikamoon fail-proof.

Why Pikamoon is good for Investment?

Almost, 16 billion $PIKA tokens allocated to game rewards and ecosystem development.

Additionally, another 5 billion tokens just for staking, the core team at Pikamoon is more than commited to ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the project.

This why flafship organizations and crypto whales are confident enough to make major investments in the project.

What are the Benefits of investing in a Presale Token?

Mainly, a presale token is a cryptocurrency token that is offered to investors before it is publickly available for purchase.

Firstly, investors can purchase the token at a discounted price compared to its future value when it is available on public exchanges.

Additionally, ,presale tokens offer come with bonuses ,such as additional tokens or other perks. Basically, to incentivize early investment, in the Pikamoon case, this is free NFTs.

Further, by participating in a presale ,investors can potentially ,gain access to projects that have not yet gained public attention or have not been widely promoted.

Pikamoon – A Pikaverse of Pssibilities

Firstly, if there is anywhere you want to to be in 2023,its the in the Pikaverse. Secondly, mere words can not describe the wonders the Pikaverse has to offer. The Pikaverse is not all about asthetics and gameplay.

Thirdly, the Pikamoon game was created after careful observation of the most successful projects in the play-to-earn industry.

Most importantly, leveraging on their strengths and improving on their weaknesses the core team at Pikamoon has been able to create a masterpiece.

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Pikaverse – A Brief History

The world of Dreva has known a long history filled with conflict… And yet, despite everything it has survived, it may not be enough to stop the end of everything.

Once, there was only the Gods. Ageless beings wielding great power. First were the Earth Gods: Gaius, Terran, and Nertha.

They created the first Pikamoon with the gift of Lifemold. The Earth Pikamoon, solitary at first, would slowly grow closer over many hundreds of years to build a thriving community…

Later, the Earth Gods would be joined by the Water Gods: Tritar, Oceana, and Achela. Then came the Fire Gods: Promethun, Hepha, and Sekh.

Yet the Earth Gods would not share the secrets of the Lifemold, the secret to create life. Refusing to share this information would lead to a terrible war. One that would shake Dreva.

The Gods chose the realm of the living as their battleground, bathing Dreva in water and fire, forever transforming it.

Pikamoon caught up in the fighting found themselves transformed. Water Pikamoon rose from the divine waters, and Fire Pikamoon emerged from the ash-covered landscapes.

These Pikamoon, perhaps urged on by their creators, would battle one another for millennia.

For a time, the Water Kingdom would rule supreme over the Earth Regions and Flame Empire.

Fire Pikamoon, following the guidance of their Gods, used a stolen fragment of Lifemold to create a new being: Thunder Pikamoon. These strange beings would break the stranglehold of the Water Kingdom and drive them from stolen lands.

In the aftermath, an uneasy peace fell upon Dreva. No side was willing to commit to further battles…

At least, not yet.

In recent years, Dreva has seen new visitors come to their realm. So-called “Travelers”, who had journeyed from other universes to venture here. Peculiar beings in their own right, they have begun forming partnerships with some Pikamoon.

Bonds forged from battle and friendship. Bonds that will be necessary, if they are to stop the darkness that is to come…

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Can Pikamoon reach the $1 M mark during its presale?

Firstly, as a result of the surge in the popularity of Doge ,Baby Doge and Floki Inu, its evident there is a large market for meme-based tokens.

Secondly, the recent buzz around Pikamoon is more than just empty hype,its living upto its expectations.

Thirdly, Pikamoon’s ICO is selling out fast, as many investors believe the project has come to stay and may become part of the P2E “big boys” in record time.

Additionally, the team is working hard to to make sure this is by far the greatest play-to-earn project in 2023.

Chiefly, the $PIKA ICO is already live. And then, with the way things are going, there is no iota of doubt that Pikamoon will exceed $1 million during its presale.

Especially, GameFi experts have predicted that the Pika coin will outperform other metaverse and Gamezfi tokens in the market.

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Pikamoon Tokens

The Pikamoon token, $PIKA is the native token of the Pikaverse. To earn $PIKA, you have to complete missions within the game and earn other special rewards.

Your $PIKA comes in handy when you want to purchase special items in the Pikaverse marketplace. These items help you in your adventure while building your empire.

The Pikamoon Team is working hard and is currently in collaboration with various top centralised and decentralised exchanges to list the Pikamoon token.

So now is the time to claim as many tokens as you can during the Presale. As new entrants enter the Pikaverse, there will be enough liquidity.

And then, utility for Pikamoon tokens to increase in value. Be a part of the strongest GameFi and play-to-earn community.

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Free NFTs for $PIKA Holders

By being an early bird, you’ll be one of the 18,012 unique NFT holders, which you’ll be able to use to battle your way up the ranks.

Here are some of the things to know as you begin your Pikaverse adventure;- The NFTs will be divided into the 4 Pikaverse regions – Earth, Water, Fire, and Electric – and ranked on 4 tiers.

  • Your NFT is your gateway to the Pikamoons metaverse.
  • Each region has three Gods with special powers, these Gods shaped the continent of Dreva!
  • By holding more $PIKA, you’ll be able to mint a greater number of NFTs

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The Pikaverse is filled with various kinds of NFTs and you can be in with a chance of claiming one.

Presently, there are only 18,012 first-generation minted NFTs. Luckily, these NFTs will be gifted to token holders for FREE!

Keep in mind that the NFTs are from the 4 regions in the Pikaverse, and it comes with 4 playing tiers.

Also, don’t forget that you need to hold $PIKA tokens to qualify for the FREE NFT mint.

Pikamoon is an NFT Play-2-Earn Game #PikaArmy

Pre-Sale $PIKAhttp://pikamoon.io/buy


Firstly, the anticipation and hype around the Pikamoon projects is massive . And it is growing to get even bigger once it goes mainstream.

This is why, smart investors are getting in early to milk every profit they can. There is no better time join the winning team now.

Further, the project’s whitepaper shows that the project will definitely be a game changer for avid gamers and crypto enthusiasts.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

it is best to study the market before investing your hard earned money.






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