Ripple(XRP)-Is It A Good Investment?

What is Ripple (XRP)? Is it different than Bitcoin?

What is a Ripple?

Most importantly, XRP is a cryptocurrency and the native token of the Ripple founded in 2011 by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.

Although, XRP is often referred to as Ripple ,its important to note that XRP is an open-source digital asset independent of Ripple. Mainly, which is a technology company,.

Chiefly, due to its fast ,efficient,reliable ,carbon-neutral ,fast delivery,XRP is the technology that Ripple uses in its solutions to help customers stay compliant.

Additionally, a decentralized payment protocol connects banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges. Mainly, the creation of XRP enhances global financial transfers and the exchange of several currencies.

Further, XRP has a currency code similar to Ethereum’s Ether(ETH).

Essentially, Ripple aims to improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments by using XRP as a bridge currency.

XRP is premined and has a total supply of 100 billion tokens.

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ripple (XRP)

How does XRP Work?

XRP operates on its decentralized ,open-source blockchain known as the XRP Ledger (XPPL) .

And then, transactions are facilitated by the Ripple Ripple transaction protocol (RTXP). Unlike most cryptos ,XRP is premined, with a maximum token supply of 100 billion.

The token supply was distributed in two distinct ways to put it simply.

a.First, 80 million XRP tokens were allocated to Ripple, the parent company. Basically, to ensure that a stable supply of XRP ,the company locked 55 billion of the token in an escrow account.

b. Ripple co-founders and the core team received the remaining 20 billion XRP.

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Two Main Components that Comprise Ripple.

There are two main components that comprise Ripple.

  1. Ripple provides a real -time gross settlement system (RTGS),currency exchange and remittance network,. The platform ,which is supported by its blockchain payment protocol, uses Ripple to facilitate instantaneous transactions between financial entities.
  2. Second, Ripple Labs is the distinct network of payment facilitators and global banks that helps streamline communication and allows participants to send and receive payments seamlessly through Ripple’s distributed platform.

Goal of Ripple

First goal behind Ripple was similar to the vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto ,which was to foster an easier ,faster, and more secure way to make transactions all over the world.

The tradeoff with Ripple-pay was it didn’t rely on the blockchain ,instead it was centralized.

Why XRP was Created?

Typically, XRP was for serving as a settlement layer facilitating the transactions with the Ripple network.

It traded as a cryptocurrency and is available on several exchanges, including futures, options, swap exchanges,spot exchanges,custodian exchanges,and non-custodian exchanges.

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Advantages of Ripple

Firstly, one of the key advantages of XRP is its speed. As transactions on the Ripple Network can settle in just a few seconds.

If compared to several minutes or even days for traditional wire transfers. Additionally, this makes it an attractive option for businesses as well as individuals.

As well as those who are looking to send money across borders quickly and cheaply.

Further, The XRP ledger uses distributed technology. Essentially, different from the more commonly used blockchain technology.

Additionally, this technology allows bank & non-bank actors to incorporate the Ripple protocol into their own systems.

Essentially, the Ripple protocol is completely open and accessible to anyone without prior approval from Ripple Labs.

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About Ripple

Firstly, Ripple’s tie-up with Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank in 2017, was a major milestone. Additionally, it became the second-largest crypto by market capitalization for a brief period.

Additionally, a year later Ripple was in the news again for its partnership with international banking conglomerate Santander Group.

Essentially, for an app focusing on cross-border transactions.

Moreover, in terms of rivals, Ripple has close to none at the moment. They are the leading crypto firm catering to financial institutions around the world.

Further, as the number of partnerships grows, XRP will reap the benefits. After all, it is medium of exchange for all cross-border transactions by RippleNet.

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How Ripple has been working?

First, Ripple has been capitalizing on the need for quick transactions. Additionally, another untapped potential in emerging economies.

Furthermore, given that, nations in Latin America and Asia -Pacific regions are more likely to realize the value of blockchain. Additionally, its token s compared to their first-world counterparts.

Further, with the rise of central bank digital currencies ( CBDC ). Additionally, it is likely that developing countries looking to explore this option will go for Ripple since it already offers a well-established cross-border framework.

Further, increased adoption of CBDCs will also lead to banking institutions considering integrating crypto into their services.

Ultimately, this work out very well for Ripple as RippleNet is associating with a number of banks.

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Development of Ripple

Further, Ripple will develop rapidly over the forecast period. As it is for a variety of functions like accounting, investment, and smart contract implementation. In addition with decentralized finance.

Moreover, XRP has an edge over its rivals due to its low cost of entry. Further, the fact that a dollar will buy tens of XRP seems appealing to new investors. Especially those who prefer little investment.

Finally, according to Valuate’s report, the cryptocurrency market’s size is to hit $4.94 billion by 2030.

Additionally, growing at a CAGR of 12.8%. A number of crypto-firms will benefit from this, Ripple among them.

Ripple Unlocks One Billion XRP: Time to Buy or Sell?

  • Ripple Labs has initiated the strategy release of 1B XRP from its escrow accounts, worth over $510M.
  • The XRP saw a minimal impact on price down by 3.50% over the past 24 hours.

In a strategic move aimed at maintaining the liquidity of the XRP cryptocurrency, Ripple Labs has released a total of one billion XRP coins from its escrow accounts.

The release executed four transactions, with the overall transferred XRP valued at $510 million.

According to popular blockchain tracker Whale Alert, the transactions occurred on September 1 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC), with the first transaction seeing the unlocking of 300 million XRP tokens.

Subsequent transactions included the release of 100 million XRP in the second, 200 million XRP in the third, and an impressive 400 million XRP in the final transaction.

XRP Coins Unlock (Source: Whale Alert Telegram Group)

The phased release of XRP from escrow is part of Ripple’s strategy to maintain a balanced circulation of the cryptocurrency, thereby preventing any drastic downfall.

Ripple Labs introduced the process of locking XRP in escrow accounts back in 2017 as a means to ensure controlled distribution.

This method involved a gradual monthly release of one billion tokens over a span of 55 months. As per this schedule, the final transaction is anticipated by December 2023.

Out of the total supply of 99,988,458,761 XRP, approximately 52,977,697,600 XRP, equivalent to about 47%, are currently in circulation.

XRP’s Price Reaction

Notably, this recent escrow release has demonstrated limited impact on the XRP price. Currently, XRP is trading at $0.5093, reflecting a 3.50% decrease over the past 24 hours.

This price dip coincides with a broader trend of price decline affecting several major cryptocurrencies in the market.

The SEC’s decision to delay the Bitcoin ETF until October additionally contributed to the decline in the crypto market.

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Growth of the Cryptocurrency Market

Essentially, the growth in the cryptocurrency market is increasing by the demand for operational efficiency.

Additionally, transparency in financial payment systems. As well as an increase in demand for remittances in developing nations.

Further, the general idea is that RippleNet’s adoption by financial institutions will increase leading to more recognition. As well as its native token.

Moreover, this factored in while calculating predictions for 2025 and beyond.

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SEC Lawsuit and its Impact

Firstly, On 22 December 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

Further, the lawsuit alleged that Ripple had raised $1.3 billion through the sale of “unregistered securities ” (XRP).

In addition to this, the SEC also brought charges against Ripple’s top executives, Christian Larsen (Co-founder ) and Brad Garlinghouse (CEO).

Giving reason that they had made personal gains totaling $600 million in the process.

The SEC argued that Ripple be considered security rather than a cryptocurrency. And as such, should be under their purview.

The development of the lawsuit impacted XRP’s price. Following the news of the lawsuit in 2020, XRP tanked by almost 25%.

Furthermore, in April 2021, the judge handed Ripple a small victory by granting them access to SEC’s internal documents.

Additionally, which cause Ripple to rise over the $1 – mark. A threshold that crypto hand not crossed in 5 years.

The verdict can have a lasting impact on XRPs value.

Judge Torres rules that Ripple sales of XRP do not constitute offer of investment contracts.

A US federal judge has partially sided with Ripple Labs in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit alleging the San Francisco-based blockchain developer issued an unregistered security offering with its XRP token.

The summary judgement comes after a 3 years long legal battle and could set a precent for future token classification cases.

Because the Court finds that only institutional Sales constituted the offer and sale of investment contracts. The Court does not address Defendants” asserted fair notice defense as to the other transactions and schemes.

Now XRP to skyrocket to $500 within 7 months predicts, Wells Fargo Treasury manager.

Ripple Price Prediction 2025

Finder’s conclusion from a panel of 36 industry experts, is that Ripple should be at $3.61 by 2025.

It should be noted that not all of those experts agree that the crypto won’t even cross the $1 threshold by 2025.

Furthermore, Year-to-date (YTD) figures from Ripple’s Quarter 2 earnings report have made it clear that despite the drop in XRP price. Additionally, demand for their On-demand Liquidity service.

Not only remained undeterred but also actually grew by nine times year-to-year with ODL sales totaling $2.1 billion in Q2.

The report further stated that Ripple has pledged $100 million for carbon removal activities.

Additionally, in line with their carbon neutral objective and sustainability goals.

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Why Ripple’s low price could be your cue to jump in

I don’t know if you noticed, but XRP is actually one of the largest players in the crypto market.

With a $27.4 billion market cap, it has the fifth-largest market footprint today. Excluding fixed-value stablecoins, Ripple ranks as No. 3, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I’m not talking about some forgettable little altcoin here, but a current sector giant with strong management and potentially game-changing business plans.

Don’t forget that the SEC case is likely to affect how people, investors, companies, and governments all around the world will handle crypto assets in the long run.

In other words, Ripple’s future will affect the markets for Ethereum and Bitcoin, too.

Bulls can look to book profits

XRP consolidated beneath the highs of a range over the past three weeks.

This consolidation can see a breakout provided Bitcoin defends $22.3k.

Firstly, Ripple (XRP) saw some volatility in the price charts in the past 2 weeks. A breakout past $0.412 was reversing rapidly.

Additionally, the region of support at $0.39 has been defending thus far.

Lastly, the price consolidated beneath the $0.412 range highs.

The price has made equal highs and equal lows in the past week. XRP ranged from $0.416 since 30 January.

Additionally, in this period the OBV slipped downward to show sellers were dominant.

The RSI attempted to climb above the 60 mark. But was beating back.

Near-term bulls can look to buy XRP just above the $0.39 level and book a profit on the retest of the resistance at $0.41.

Secondly, Breakout traders can wait for a move above $0.42. And then, a subsequent bullish retest to buy.

Similarly, sellers can wait for descent below $0.38 and a bearish retest to enter short positions targeting the mid-range market at $0.373.




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+0.008747 (+2.24%)

As of Tue. Feb 21, 2023, 6:53 AM UTC · CoinMarketCap (USD) · Market open

XRP Token surges on Positive outlook in ongoing Ripple vs. SEC Case

Firstly, we wonder if Ripple and the SEC possibly agreed to a settlement.

Further, XRP tokens surged over 20% in the past 24 hours after reports of issuer Ripple well-placed to win its landmark case against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Secondly, some market observers opined that traders likely reacted to rumors of the case already settled on paper.

Additionally, Ripple has historically maintained a distance from its relation to XRP, the tokens that power some of Ripple’s products, and the XRP Ledger network.

But any progression in the case is causing XRP price movement.

Ripple announces Partnership with MFS Africa and expands On-Demand Liquidity services across 35 countries.

Firstly, MFS Africa is a leading fintech company with the largest mobile money footprint in Africa. Additionally, it provides digital payment solutions across the African continent.

Secondly, MFS African connects more than 400 million mobile wallets across 35 African countries while operating upwards of 800 payment corridors across the continent.

Chiefly, Ripple announces a partnership with ProperHome, a blockchain-enabled real estate marketplace based in Portugal, to create a renewed way to buy, sell and rent properly.

Additionally, it will happen through an NFT utility that will be minted on the fast and energy-efficient blockchain for asset tokenization, XRP Ledger.

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Ripple launching a crypto liquidity service for Businesses

Implications and Benefits for the cryptocurrency ecosystem –

Enhanced Liquidity –

Ripple’s liquidity service can provide businesses with improved access to liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets.

This can enable faster and more efficient transactions, reducing settlement times and costs associated with cross-border payments.

Increased liquidity can facilitate smoother business operations and foster greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Improved Payment Efficiency

Ripple’s liquidity service, built on its blockchain-based payment protocol, can offer businesses faster and more cost-effective payment solutions.

By leveraging Ripple’s technology, businesses can settle transactions in real-time, bypassing the traditional correspondent banking system, and potentially reducing reliance on intermediaries.

This can result in improved payment efficiency and lower transaction fees.

Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Ripple’s liquidity service has the potential to simplify cross-border payments for businesses.

By utilizing Ripple’s network and digital assets, businesses can access a global payment infrastructure that enables secure and near-instantaneous transfers across different currencies.

This can benefit businesses involved in international trade, remittances, and other cross-border financial activities.

Crypto Adoption and Integration

Ripple’s liquidity service can contribute to the broader adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies within the business ecosystem.

By providing businesses with seamless access to liquidity and enabling efficient crypto-based payments, Ripple can help bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and digital assets.

This can lead to increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a viable means of conducting business transactions.

Market Confidence

Ripple’s reputation and established partnerships in the financial industry can instill confidence in businesses considering crypto liquidity services.

The involvement of a well-known and trusted entity like Ripple can help address concerns regarding security, compliance, and regulatory considerations associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

This increased market confidence can encourage more businesses to explore and adopt crypto liquidity services..

However, by offering businesses enhanced liquidity, improved payment efficiency, and cross-border payment solutions, Ripple’s entry into the crypto liquidity service market has the potential to advance the utility and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the business landscape.

Differences between XRP and BTC


There has been a lot of back and forth concerning the difference between XRP & BTC.

Consensus Mechanisms

First the consensus mechanism used in validating transactions are different.

Although there are similarities between both coins in their respective areas, their differences are bast, some of which are as follows.

XRP uses a unique consensus mechanism that relies on trusted validators or a unique Node List. Which decides what transaction to consider for the next Ledger.

For transactions to become valid, most trusted validators need to agree.

On the other hand, Bitcoin relies on miners to solve complex mathematical problems using proof -of-work in validating transactions.

Cheaper, Faster,and Energy Efficient

XRP’S unique consensus mechanism allows it to authenticate transactions faster and cheaper.

This process consumes far less energy. It’s the opposite for bitcoin and most cryptos’ ,whose mining process causes transaction confirmation to take longer and cost far more. The proof-of-work mechanism contributes to Bitcoin’s enormous energy consumption.

Scalability of XRP

XRP is scalable and can handle up to 1.500 transactions per second. Bitcoins transactions per second are fixed between four and fine.

While Ethereum is set to 13 transactions per second .The introduction of the lightning network built on Bitcoin solves its scalability problem.

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Ripple reveals 8 countries building CBDCs on XRP Ledger.

In May 2023, Ripple (XRP) announced a new venture in the realm of digital finance. Which is the launch of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform.

This dynamic platform empowers central banks, governments,and financial institutions to take charge of their digital currency issuance, distribution, and management.

Thereby, utilizing Ripple’s advanced technology and building upon their earlier Private Ledger project,this platform harnesses the power of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) to pave the way for a new era of customizable and efficient CBDCs.

Impressively, even though the new ledger was launched just three months ago, over 8 countries are already building CBDCs on XRP Ledger.

8 Countries

Republic of Palau Uruguay

Montenegro New Zealand

Japan Hong Kong


Over 15% of all Countries may use XRPL as CBDC Platform

Last month, James Wallis ,the Vice President of Central Bank engagements and CBDCs at Ripple ,said the blockchain company is in talks with more than 30 countries to adopt its XRPL-powered CBDC Platform.

At the time, Wallis said Ripple publicly announced partnerships with 5 central banks, while 5 were not disclosed to the public yet.

In addition,Ripple was in conversations with 20 more countries to offer them its private or public XRP ledger as a base for developing CBDCs.

Given that there are a total of 195 countries in the world,this suggests that more than 15% of global nations are considering using Ripple’s technology for building CBDCs.

XRP’s Role

When Ripple announced a private XRP Ledger for CBDCs in 2021, the tech company said the cryptocurrency could “be leveraged as a neutral bridge asset for frictionless value movement between CBDCs and other currencies”.

However, although its private ledger is based on XRPL,it “does not require XRP to operate”.

In other words, central banks who opt to build CBDCs on Ripple’s platform do not use or interact with the crypto token.

XRP may Hit US$100?

Shannon Thorp, a renowned Fargo Analyst, recently shared a bold forecast for XRP.

Chiefly, drawing on her meticulous calculations and considering various factors,Thorp presented a conservative short-term price prediction for XRP.

Thereby,suggesting that its value could range between $100 and $500 in the near short term (the next four to seven months).

To arrive at this prediction, Thorp considered several key variables that could influence XRPs future .

Including an analysis of the cryptocurrency circulation and adoption by banks,liquidity providers,and governments.

By evaluating these aspects, she projected the potential liquidity strength (LS) of XRP,suggesting it could reach trillions of dollars if widely utilized across various financial institutions.

She also took into account the recent ruling in the SEC vs.Ripple lawsuit,the recent FedNow announcement,and the proposed crypto regulation bill currently under Senate consideration.

Which according to her ,are a step in the right direction for XRP and other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, she emphasized the importance of XRP’s application in messaging and settling as crucial in determining its trajectory.

Thorp’s prediction was not solely based on charts and technical analysis. She underscored the significance of considering XRP’s potential utility and widespread adoption.

According Thorp, XRP’s rapid settlement times and transaction fees make it a promising candidate for cross-border transactions and various other financial applications.

Ripple Present Position

Firstly, Ripple sold $226 million worth of XRP tokens, net of purchases, in the fourth quarter, the firm said in its XRP market report.

Equally important is that the centralized fintech company builds global payment products and developed the XRP payment system. Moreover, the firm describes as decentralized.

Meanwhile, Ripple and XRP are separate entities, Ripple uses XRP and XRP’s public blockchain to power its various products.

Additionally, the payments processor reported transactions of over 106 million on XRP Ledger. Essentially, the decentralized blockchain, and the creation of 228,000 new and unique user wallets.

Basically, Ripple said it has continued to sell XRP only in connection with on-demand liquidity (ODL) transactions.

In addition, being the popular product saw continued growth in the last quarter after experiencing its “strongest” year.

Ripple $XRP is not a Security,US Court Judge Rules.

Ripple Labs has won a significant legal victory in a case against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US.

The court ruled in favor of Ripple,stating that their XRP token is not a security. The SEC lawsuit aimed to stop Ripple from offering XRP,. Claiming it was a security and needed more regulation.

However, the court granted summary judgement in favor of Ripple ,except for institutional sales.

As a result, the price of XRP surged by over 25% within minutes of the announcement. Thereby, leading to jubilation in the crypto community.

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XRP – The Xspectar Metaverse

Firstly, XRP, the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has added a new utility: buying land in the Xspectar metaverse.

Secondly, XSPECTAR is a Web3 company built on XRPL with NFT collections and a metaverse. xSPECTAR was added as a validator to the UNL by the XRP Ledger Foundation in October last year.

Recently, the xSPECTAR team announced the details of its presale land event for its metaverse. Additionally, it makes it known that XRP can be used to buy land in xSPECTAR’s alternative world to socialize, play and do business.

Further, other options for land purchase include credit cards and xSPECTAR, the native token of the xSPECTAR blockchain.

Moreover, XRP continues to add new methods of being spent as a currency. For example, in August; last year, Binance Card announced the addition of XRP to the list of supported cryptos on the platform.

Furthermore, the Binance card not only allows supported cryptos to be spent in Europe but also anywhere the Visa logo is seen. Additionally, Binance Card, a debit card, also allows supported cryptos to be spent at over 90 million merchants worldwide.

XRPL to sunset Hooks test net V2

Chiefly, XRPL Labs has announced its plans to sunset Hooks test net V2 as Hooks test net V3 remains operational and Evernode has migrated to it.

Secondly, the XRP Ledger software developer states that it will be shutting down Hooks test net V2 in 2 weeks, on May 14.

Additionally, last month, April saw the activation of Hooks V3 the latest iteration of XRPL smart contracts in beta testing.

Further, Hooks which are basic smart contracts for XRPLedger, are small, efficient pieces of code being defined in an XRPL account, allowing logic to be executed before and/or after XRPL transactions.

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Ripple says Banks will use XRP after Victory vs XRP

Blockchain startup Ripple is confident U.S. Banks and other financial institutions in the country will start showing interest in adopting XRP in cross-border payments.

Especially,after a landmark ruling determined the token was not, in itself, necessarily a security.

The growth of Ripple and XRP has been stunted the past 2 years following the initial claim made by SEC.

But with things being more clear, The San Francisco-based firm expects to re-engage in talks with American Banks about using its On-Demand Liquidity(ODL) product, which uses XRP for money transfers,in the third quarter.

Where do you see XRP going?


Further, Ripple’s Crypto Trends report claims that NFTs and CBDC’s potential is gradually realized, as well as its impact on Ripple’s network. Additionally, the broader blockchain space will be visible.

The major factors that will influence XRP’s price in the coming years are :

a. Verdict of the SEC

b. IPO after a lawsuit is resolved.

c. Partnerships with Financial Institutions

d. Mass Adoption

e. CBDC ventures by Central Banks.

Essentially, with the Fear and Greed Index leaning towards ‘neutral’, it implies that more investors were experiencing confidence regarding Ripple.

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Ripple is going to IPO on the Stock Market!

Do you think Ripple will be the next 100x Company?


What is the Price of Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Price is at current level of 0.4938 up from 0.4835 .

How much is Ripple Coin worth in 2025?

XRP is expected to have the max price $1.18 and min.price $1.43 respectively.

Is XRP good for long term?

It is seen as a strong long-term investment by many experts in the industry.

Is XRP going to be used by Banks?

There are many used cases for the blockchain,and it is used by many banks die to its operational benefits.

Who owns Ripple?

Ripple was founded in 2-12 by programmer Jed McCaleb and entrepreneur Chris Larsen. Larsen still serves as a Ripple Labs Executive Chairman and the company CEO is Brad Westinghouse.





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