NFTs – How Are Sensational NFT’s Going To Change The World in 2023?

The upcoming trends of NFTs could change the way we experience the web, buy and sell art etc.

NFTs , What are they?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes. As well as, metadata that distinguishes them from each other. 

Additionally, unlike cryptocurrencies they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency . This differs from fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies. Essentially, which are identical to each other.

Additionally, they can serve as a medium for commercial transactions.

For the uninitiated, non-fungible tokens , (NFTs) are digital assets,which allow you to prove ownership of unique items.

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NFTs Meaning

NFTs evolved from the ERC -721 standard . As well as developed by some of the same people responsible for the ERC -20 smart contract.

ERC -721 defines the minimum interface . Essentially, ownership details,security and metadata are required for the exchange and distribution of gaming tokens.

Again, the ERC -1155 standard takes the concept further by reducing the transaction and storage costs required for NFTs .

Further, batching multiple types of non-fungible token into a single contract.

How do NFTs Work?

Essentially, NFTs are having potential for several use cases. For example ,they are an ideal vehicle to digitally represent physical assets like real estate as well as artwork.

First, Because they are based on blockchains. Second, NFTs remove intermediaries and connect artists with audiences or for identity management .

Additionally, NFTs can remove intermediaries ,simplify transactions and create new markets.

NFT provides many opportunities for global industries like consumer goods, sports, retail to change the way they engage with their customers.

As well as, enhance the value of their existing products. Additionally, tap into new market and come up with new business models.

Firstly, the massive growth in NFT (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrencies are changing lot of things in our life .

Including Web experiences, buying and selling of art digitally and so on.

Basically, the year 2022 will be remembered for the shift towards virtual real estate (Metaverse), virtual markets, and the way people interact.

Essentially, NFTs are flag bearers of this change and are proving to be a boom to businesses and consumers alike.

Marketplace – Still not convinced NFTs are worth bothering with? Bored Ape Kay has a clear example: “In 1996 I bought my first Apple computer, for like $3,200. […]

But if I just bought Apple Stock, instead, I would have never had to work a day in my life.

Equally important, in the new world [of NFTs],

Similarly, when you buy the ‘computer’ you’re owning a piece of the brand. So when it blows up, you’re still able to get a piece of that.”

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Meta – Meta is behind the curve .They are also on the wrong side of it. They are gonna screw up the metaverse.

Meta is just a recipe for disaster. Facebook will always try to make it their metaverse.

Additionally, you can sell your NFTs in it but it will be centralized . And we have got to not let that happen.

NFTs are Made for Web 3 – While earlier iterations of the web are geared to reading (seeing data) and reading and writing (social media and experiences).

Essentially, Web 3.0 is about “having ownership and getting rewards”, in worlds and games such as Decentraland and Fortnite.

PFP NFTs are mocked because of skeuomorphic thinking. Critics are evaluating these NFTs in their non-native environment.

NFTs are native to Web3 not Web 2.0. Right-click save as does not hold up in the metaverse where authenticity is verified.

1. Music NFTs will takeover – Firstly, Music and NFT’s are big in 2023. Napster big virtual band The NFTs with fellow Bored Apes and there will be more to come.

But NFTs will be more universal in the music space. Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter CEO to run Block formerly Square.

Essentially,  with the aim to get streaming services such as Tidal to adopt music NFTs.

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NFT Platforms (Music)

Stereohead Z – Firstly, a decentralised music label and community – is Stationhead, a live music and broadcast platform.

Basically, stationhead enables you to broadcast live shows . As well as, stream your music from Apple Music and Spotify.

And it’s legal. Platforms like Stationhead will exist in and across the metaverse where listeners can drop in and chat or release their own music.

Importantly, NFTs on the blockchain will reward fans who follow a band or track royalties for musicians.

 2. Real World Experiences – If you’re supporting an NFT project it means you’re invested in a community and one of the rewards will be regular events for holders.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders already started, with an NYC party in 2021 that saw 2,000 BAYC NFT holders gather in a secret warehouse location watching Beck, Chris Rock.

And a specially reformed of The Strokes take to the stage.

“These IRL [in real life] experiences are definitely going to be a huge, huge thing.”

3. Digital Tagging and Ownership – Though, we talk about NFTs giving artists and creators ownership of digital content, But in the future everything will have an NFT.

“Right now we’re talking about art and music. But we’re also starting to talk about seeds, about buying food […] everything you buy will be a digital footprint that lets you know who owns what,” says Kay.

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Additionally, imagine if Adele buys a sweater, and then sells it, you’ll know that it was Adele’s sweater and its value goes up.

“Having digital tags to physical items and experiences is beginning to happen.

As well as it opens up a lot more opportunities to build interesting things with transparency.”

4. Impact on Social Media – Firstly, Profile images such as Giraffe, Monkey or other funky animal representations have been gaining popularity on social media.

Essentially, because of adoption by NFT’s ,social media business platforms of Twitter,Instagram and Meta.

Which are developing a label to distinguish between these NFTs and regular photos.

As a result NFT communities and Metaverse social clubs have evolved with the common factor being that they own NFTs. From the same artist .

Additionally, such social activities in the future , are expected to be powered by NFTs.

5. Disrupting the Art World – Firstly, with the dramatic rise of NFTs in the art world ,many artists have been reaping financial benefits by holding global auctions.

Secondly, this massive digital industry is attracting more and more investors and art lovers . Further, changing the way art is valued owned or traded .

Again, and to maintain clarity, blockchain technology is used by NFT to validate ownership and origin of the digital data.

6. Influencing the Gaming Industry – In 2021 when most people were staying home, gaming became the world’s second most important NFT applications.

Additionally, NFTs achieved this through blockchain based, play-to-win gaming .

Where the players could own their hard-won assets. As well as, trade them in for a profit.

Secondly, billions of dollars worth of trading is going on annually on various NFT gaming, platforms across the world.

7. Boosting Fundraising – Whenever there are large sums of money involved ,valuable assets, or major investments at stake.

additionally, there is always room for some charity as well. With the world embracing the benefits of tokenization . Fundraising is emerging as a predictable outcome of NFTs .

Essentially, With each transaction made using an NFT, smart algorithms ensure a portion of this money is donated.

Since blockchain technology is applied,all transactions are transparent.

8. Avatar Casting – Firstly, The advantage of NFT over traditional IP creation is that you can own a piece of a wider brand, and make money off it.

NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Stereohead Z enable users to mint their own art for the group .

Bringing a new sense of creativity to a community of artists,animators and musicians.

9. Community Owned Branding – Not only giving IP control to a community to “take and spin into new directions.

But that the parent brand would never have done in the past adds value.

Using a blockchain and NFT, offers primary and secondary resell rights.Ensuring an artist is always paid for future use of their work.

Additionally, loosening control of an IP enables growth and creativity. And artists get paid for their input and work at every stage.

Communities – Will we see the likes of Disney and large brands share their IP with NFT communities? Not likely.

But this kind of approach to community -led marketing and branding will find a place in large corporations that will turn to NFT communities and groups to promote new products.

10. Ethereum 2.0 will solve Its Energy problem – The bored elephant in the room for NFT is the huge carbon footprint generated to create one.

A single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain uses as much as power as the conventional household over a day and half.

Ethereum is “burning energy,like driving a car with your floor floored on the gas with the brakes on”. Ethereum’s current pipe is not big enough.

NFT Use Case – For the large number of people who want to use it and so you have to pay higher costs to go through.

Ethereum 2.0 will expand that pipe, bringing down costs. Ethereum will lower fees ,offer higher output and boost the value of NFTs created on the blockchain.

OnChain Monkey NFTs double in Price after Creators Put them on Bitcoin

Buzz is around Bitcoin -based NFT’s – via the recently -launched Ordinals Protocol. Keeps growing daya by day. This Ethereum NFT collection is reaping the benefits of going multi-chain.

Additionally, seeing its prices surge after revealing Bitcoin-based counterparts.

OnChain Monkey , a collection of 10,000 Ethereum NFT profile pictures (PFPs) minted in 2021, used Ordinals to “inscribe” all of its existing artwork on Bitcoin .

Now the NFT holders on Ethereum can also say that their respective collectibles live on Bitcoin.

Prices for Ethereum NFT’s

Prices are almost tripled up following the announcement . With the floor price .i.e. the cheapest listed NFT on a marketplace for the project jumping from 0.79 ETH to 1.75 ETH.

It is the first 10 k NFT collection to be inscribed on Bitcoin via Ordinals.

Metagood, the startup behind OnChain Money , said it put all 10,000 NFTs onto Bitcoin via Ordinals protocol.

By using single transaction , much as it did for the original Ethereum collection back in 2021.


Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs . Are one of the most well-known NFT – collections ever. contains 10,000 different Apes.

Every NFT also acts as a membership pass to the Yacht Club, a collaborative space for BAYC.

Does NFT have any future?

From art to video games to investing .NFTs have disrupted many industries,Still the full potential of non-fungible tokens has yet to be realized.

New NFT projects are being launched daily by Twitter,Meta Reddit etc.Investors are investing heavily in NFT.

What problems can NFT solve ?

NFTs are a solution to digital scarcity. By tying ownership of natively digital artwork to an entry in a public.Immutable ledger ,the art work becomes collectible.

There is now a clear ,verifiable way to distinguish the actual office owner.

From those right checkers who happen to have a copy on their hard drive.

What kind of NFT art sells most?

Digital art makes up the large chunk of NFTs ,Currently sold on the market .

The Bored Yacht Club and Mutant Ape ,a collection of different app-centric art currently stand as the most popular and expensive NFT collections.

Types of NFTs in demand?

a. Collectible items b. Artwork

c. Event Tickets d. Music and masala

e. Gaming f. Big Sports Moments

g. Real-World Assets

h. Virtual Fashion


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