Web 3 Technology – How To Work As A Web3 Developer?

If you are a developer and interested in working with Web3 technology ,here are few things you might find helpful.

What is Web3 Technology?

Web3 can be described as the read-write own web .Instead of being monopolized by large technology companies .It puts control in the hands of individuals.

It uses blockchains ,cryptocurrencies and NFTs to give power back to you in the form of ownership.

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What are Features of Web3 Technology ?

1.Decentralized and Self-governing

The basic idea is that there will not be an arbitrary central authority but rather a form of distributed consensus in order to facilitate a stable and secure decentralized network.

2.Distributed , Robust and Permissionless

Everyone has equal access to Web3 .And as no bigger powers are in play, there is no censorship and thus, no one gets excluded.

3. Native built-in payments

It uses cryptocurrency instead of relying on the outdated infrastructure of banks and payment processors.

4. Trustless

The developers or network participants will be incentivized to compete and provide the highest quality services.

This will avoid the unnecessary involvement and risk associated with third parties to facilitate a stable and secure decentralized network.

What makes It Futuristic?

A list of factors associated with Web3 make it a worthy successor of Web 2 and ideal for the future?

a.Sense of ownership

It allows, for direct ownership through NFTs. No one, not even the site’s creator has the power to take away your ownership.If one stops using the site .

They can sell or trade assets on open markets and recoup their value wherever they want.

b.Censorship assistance

One would not be under surveillance 24/7 over what activities one can or can not perform. On Web3 ,their data would be live on the blockchain .

So if/when they decide to leave a platform ,they can always take their reputation .Move on to another platform and start over.

3. Decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs.

They are digital -native community led organizations powered by blockchain technology .That automate decentralized decision -making over a pool of resources or tokens.

If someone is interested in more than just owning data on a site and wants to own a part of the platform. They can do so by owning tokens that act like shares of the company.

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4. Digital identity

It allows one to control their online identity with an Ethereum address and ENS profile .Thus providing a single login across secure,censorship -resistant and anonymous platforms.

Web3 is the third Gen of the web,focused on decentralized technologies.


As a developer in Web3

a. Learn the key concepts & tech

b. Learn a language – Solidity /Go

c. Explore the dev communities & forums

d. Experiment by building projects

e. Keep an eye on the filed through blogs

Roadmap for developers :



JAVASCRIPT :Learn JavaScript.online

Git : Learn Git Branching .js.org

React: React – tutorial.app

API :rapidapi.com


Blockchain:crypto zombies .io

Solidity :docs .solidity lang.org

Web3 Stack for 2023


  • HTML
  • Tailwind/CSS
  • React/Next.js
  • Web3.js/Ethers.js
  • JavaScript

Back-end Development

  • Solidity/Rust/Vyper
  • Hard chat/Foundry
  • Quick node


  • IPFS/Arweave


Dev Tools

  • VS Code
  • Git

Web3 Friendly Internet Browsers




Web3 Tech Stack

Layer 0 – Data Transfer Layer

Layer 1 – Consensus mechanism of blockchain

Layer 2 – Side chains for speed and scalability

Layer 3 – Decentralized Apps

Web3 Project Ideas :

Want to build Web3 dev Portfolio?

Portfolio is the key when it comes to looking for job. Especially in such a modern branch as Web3. Where buying dedicated books even do not make situation any better.

a. Social Media Dapp.

Internet is full of Web2 clones of platforms like Facebook,Twitter ,Instagram etc.

However ,it is still a good idea to rebuild platforms with Web3 features. Achieving decentralized profiles in social medias can be amazing.

b.Music platform

Music platform with songs, albums as NFT’s could be extremely attractive. It can taught skill like smart contracts development. Deploying it and interacting on the frontend site.

c.Healthcare service

Medical documentation is something which should be stored privately.And not expose to some vulnerabilities.

Dapp which stores securely personal documentation and lets you view it only with the crypto wallet of an owner is a good solution.

d.Decentralized Voting

Blockchain gives freedom .As it is immutable ,there is no possibility to cheat,.Dapp which allows to vote on decentralized network . Simultaneously preventing “double voting” can be very profitable idea.


It is a trend. If you built a game once ,it can be easier to transform it into can implement this approach to rock,paper game ,including smart contracts to pay ethers for winning and charging for losing.


Similar to voting apps. lotteries can be proceeded on blockchains as a transparent platform. Smart contracts can execute payment after fulfilling some conditions.

g, Hybrid Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are deployed to blockchain .It is a fact ,however how to make a smart contract which runs on some terms which are not existing on blockchain.,like

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Limitations of Web3 technology

Web3 might come off as picture perfect and very alluring but it has its fair share of demands. The accessibility itself will be a considerable hurdle to pass as interacting with Web3 application can require extra steps software and education.

This will be a rather expensive and time taking process. Transaction will also be slower on Web3 because they are decentralized.


Changes, like a simple payment, will need to be processed by a node and propagated throughout the network.

Moreover, as a concept is relatively new Web3 currently depends mainly on centralized infrastructure like GitHub,Discord etc.

And it will take a considerable period to “blossom” into what it is actually supposed to be.

List of Web3 Courses

1.Learn Web3 DAO

This course includes a lot of content for beginners and more advanced devs. especially if you are looking for different ecosystems solutions.

2. Alchemy

Alchemy has released an ethereum development bootcamp,which is completely free and takes 7 weeks. Content is released on a weekly basis .Interactive coding challenges ,guides and many more.

3. CryptoZombies

It is an iconic game for learning solidity smart contract development. One of the best choices to go through it smoothly and practice fundamentals.

4. Metascool

This platform is looking amazing ,tons of projects like

a.building own blockchain

b.releasing tokens on Binance network

c.creating NFTs

d. Smart contracts fundamentals

e. Dapps

f. NFT Marketplace

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Web3 is a fairly new concept and has stirred up a lot of debates about being the future of the internet.

As an industry ,we will like to grasp new and interesting phrases and overload them. Often to the point of confusion.

We did it with web services ,cloud computing and now Web3 .

However , it is to look past the fancy terminologies and try to form a picture of how multiple technologies might come together to make a compelling future web.

After all, this is our future ,whether we like it or not.


What does a Web3 developer do?

Web3 allows developers to build decentralized applications.

Decentralized applications are app thar run on a network of nodes instead of centrally controlled by a single enity.

Web3 uses blockchain technology to create an open,transparent and secure transaction system.

Is Web3 developer in demand?

Web3 software engineers are highly sought after by companies who want to build their own blockchain or decentralized apps.

Which requires knowing a lot of programming languages such as Python,Java ,Solidity and others.

What coding is used for Web3?

C++ As a high-level programming language. Interestingly C++ is not only one of the top blockchain programming languages but also a staple favorite of programmers in various domains.

Is Python used in Web3?

Web3.py is a Python library for interacting with Ethereum.

Its commonly found on decentralized apps. to help with sending transactions ,interacting with smart contracts ,reading block data, and a variety of other use cases.

How can You become Web3 Certified?

You will have to build basic skills Solidity.You can start learning Solidity by looking at the Ethereum Solidity documentation.

It will teach you everything from writing contracts to deploying them on the blockchain and even how to create your tokens.

Breaking News !!! – On 13th January 2023,  The Easy Company officially launched Easy, the world’s first social wallet.

Designed with full cross-chain functionality, Easy combines beautiful, user-curated profiles with engaging social discovery features to help users navigate and discover the vibrant world of Web3.

Easy is also introducing a first-of-its-kind community-sourced rating system, Signal, to protect users from scams and risks pervasive in Web3.






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