Web3- Colossal Revolution In The World Of Smart TV’s?

Some of the televisions unveiled accessing metaverse worlds or NFT wallets as easy as clicking the remote .

Web3 ecosystem

LG Electronics established partnerships with Orbit and Pixelynx to allow the customers to easily interact in different metaverse.

Web3 ecosystem and the company building an integrated music ,gaming called Orbit announced that they have teamed up with LG Electronics.

To provide interoperable gaming and social experiences directly to LG Smart TVs customers.

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What is a Web3?

The idea behind Web3 is to bring the internet into the future,It develops user’s abilities to manage and claim ownership of their works, online material, digital assets and online personas.

The metaverse is a parallel online world built on virtual reality where users can interact with each other and virtual items in a 3D environment.

Smart Tvs technology development

As we know many , in the present time many companies are working separately on their own Metaverse project with unique concepts.

And they will bring these virtual projects to the practical life use case. Like live concerts or events and also in the gaming.

Web3 – How it can help Smart TV’s?

Web3 features are just beginning to appear on smart TVs, but they could become an open-ramp for general consumers.

Some of the televisions unveiled this week at annual CES trade show made accessing metaverse worlds and NFTs wallets .

Escalating a long-running race among manufacturers to produce the screens with the most bells and whistles.

Web3 Use cases

In addition to the usual streaming apps and voice – control capabilities over the past year a few manufacturers like Samsung and LG have added Web 3 features.

Such as NFT marketplaces and metaverse platform integrations . To their internet – connected “smart” TVs.

These moves represent a bid to ensure their sets appeal to a tech-savvy and, in the long term, potentially influential customer base.

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Web3 going Great

From the other side, Web3 companies see smart TVs as possible path to reaching a mass audience. Samsung and LG are the top 2 TV makers in the world by market share .

These days you can’t throw a rock in a TV showroom without shattering the screen of a so – called “smart” model.

Web3 – Blade Wallet

After unveiling an NFT marketplace on its smart TVs in September ,LG this week announced an upgrade to the feature:Its TVs now support Blade Wallet.

(They previously used only LG’s proprietory wallet, Walleypto).

What is Blade?

Blade is part of the Hedera ecosystem , the same blockchain powering LG’s marketplace. Why does LG have a thing for Hedera ?

Instead of,say, Ethereum ,which holds the lion’s share of NFT activity. Hedera is backed by a coalition of a few dozen companies ,including LG. Video game publisher Ubisoft ,Google and others .

NFT PLatforms

Even though NFT platforms on Hedera are tiny compared with major services like OpenSea and Nifty.

The blockchain prioritizes security and energy efficiency ,which is probably why it was attractive to a mainstream brand like LG.

Bringing the Metaverse into Smart TVs?

South Korean consumer tech giant LG Electronics has doubled down on its metaverse ambitions with a series of announcements at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung and LG have announced upgrades to their NFT wallets .(Samsung’s marketplace now offers NFTs at 8k resolution,according to the Verge).

So far ,few other manufacturers have bitten into the NFT pie. That’s probably not surprising ,given the carnage in the NFT and crypto markets this past year.

Another factor is that, most other big TV brands compete on value. Which often means cutting features they consider extraneous .

Until huge swaths of customers start demanding easier access to NFTs on their TVs. The feature likely won’t spread very far.

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Metaverse TV

Such demand, though ,might come from another place. The metaverse .

While the conversation around metaverse hardware tends to be dominated by virtual reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) .

Smart TVs represent a way for users to easily “browse” metaverse worlds the same way they would surf channels.

At least this appears to be the impetus behind another LG move into Web3. Orbit billed as a “doorway to 3D interactive worlds” will be integrated into the South Korean giant’s 2023 .

Smart TVs as well. Users will be able to port the same on-chain digital identity between virtual worlds (apps) and items from one world could be transferable and usable in another.

Metaverse VR

Thats a tangible step toward a mass-market metaverse that even a roomful of high -end VR headsets cant match.

It is also one of the only meaningful developments in a consumer metaverse to come from CES . Which has mostly zoomed in tight on hardware or way out on the big.

Visionary (and if we being honest,nebulous) concept of taking your digital identity or “self” across different experiences.

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What’s missing is the bridge between the Metaverse and VR

The things that connect the big vision with the devices we all use.Certainly ,the metaverse is well -suited for virtual reality.

But for all the technology’s technical wizardry, the market remains tiny when stacked against major tech categories like TVs (11.2 million VR/AR headsets shipped worldwide in 2021.

Compared with 217 million TVs.) If even a small subset of TV buyers choose to dabble in the metaverse,it could be meaningful in advancing . Maybe even accelerating adoption.


No one buys a TV for its links to the metaverse. And so any success depends on whether the experiences ,on offer are as enticing to digital passers-by.

As the conventional shows the screen was built for. When thought of in that context ,Orbit’s partnership with LG is not so much a stake in the ground.

Because the metaverse as as its biggest ,shiniest billboard. Which feels very apt, given it was announced in Vegas.

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What companies are looking in metaverse?

Companies like LG,Samsung ,AMAZON, Facebook , Google have all created their own virtual worlds.This has given them competitive edge over the other companies in the market.

What is Metaverse TV?

The metaverse is here now. It is a three-dimensional virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that stands at the forefront of this growing metaverse trend.

Why metaverse is famous?

The metaverse is not only an emerging new technology that’s part of today’s hype cycle. It builds on years of research on artificial intelligence and immersive interactivity and will transform businesses in several ways.

What is the future of TV production?

We are now entering a new era of how television content is created ,delivered and even defined.

Are we going to watch TV in the future?

TV is not going anywhere. Its just going to be sharing a piece of a bigger pie. More people are opting for VOD service offered by their service provider.

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