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Web3 Marketing-Can Crypto Wallet Be Linked To Your Social Media Account?

In Web3 Marketing Crypto Wallet addresses can help in keeping your identity anonymous …but not for long ?

What is Web3 Marketing?

This is the concept of the next generation of the web . Additionally, In Web3, most users will be connected via a decentralized network and have access to their own data.

Web3 marketing is a concept that explores the web by looking at trends and new technologies .

It’s not just evolving , it’s revolutionizing the way we think about the internet. Additionally, Web3 marketing is more than just websites and search engine optimization.

Crypto Wallet- Web3 Marketing ?

Crypto wallet is a device which stores the public and private keys.

As well as, basic function of storing the keys, Moreover a cryptocurrency wallet more often also offers the functionality of encrypting and/or signing information.

What is Addressable – Web3 Marketing ?

Addressable, a startup Web 3 company, has garnered $7.5 million in funding. Not only but also, for its goal of linking cryptocurrency wallet addresses to social media profiles…like Twitter.

Firstly, it’s a Web3 Marketing Reimagined. Secondly, target the best users across blockchains and social media to boost growth.

The company boasts a successful match of 17 million (!!!) wallet addresses to their respective Twitter accounts .

By looking at various blockchain data points to correlate with social media activity … leading to wallet -profile matches.

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That’s quite a tall order , but let’s return to that .

For now this startup has some investor confidence.

It has raised $7.5 million seed round from Viola Ventures , Fabric Ventures , Mensch Capital Partners and North Island Ventures.

Addressable Aims – Web3 Marketing

The problem Addressable says it is solving is that crypto wallets can’t know their audience’s age, country or purchasing history, I mean , that was the kind ‘ve the point right ?

So, startup claims it solves this by associating anonymous blockchain audiences with their social media accounts .

Users buy goods on the blockchain, but hang out on social media.

Targeting users solely on social-media is limited. Not only but also, because it overlooks the data of the blockchain where all purchases take place.

Addressable bridges the gap between blockchain and social media .

Essentially, by looking at data points across blockchain activity. Further, it can be correlated with social media activity .

Web3 marketing

Addressable Objectives

Additionally, it will allow marketers to promote games or conferences etc. to crypto wallet holders on Twitter.

As well as, increasing the return on ad spent by targeting audiences that are more likeLy to buy products. Equally important, is introducing higher efficacy / ROI.

Addressable – How does it work

They needed to look at 500 million+crypto wallets and 100 million _social accounts . Additionally, to create algorithms to match these data points .

Who are the Founders of Addressable ?

Tomer Sharoni (co-founder and CEO) was previously VP of Product at Salt Security . Tomer Shlomo (co-founder and CTO) has been at Synamedia ,among others .

Dr. Asaf Nadler (co-founder and chief scientist ) has been at Akamai Technologies , among others.


Sharoni said ” Addressable .io competes with other Web3 CRM startups including such as Blaze , Cookie3, Kazm and Absolute Labs, that focus mainly on customer reactivation by analyzing . Additionally, engaging with the company’s existing on-chain user base “.

How it is different

He claims that Addressable is different because it takes a “more holistic and comprehensive approach by unlocking all Web3 on-chain users.”.

The company aims to empower Web3 marketers to effectively connect with their audience. Essentially, overcoming the anonymity barrier of blockchains.

Through their innovative solution of associating anonymous blockchain audiences with social media accounts, they enable marketers to acquire new users and reactivate existing ones.

Additionally, providing valuable insights into their audience’s demographics , interests, and purchasing history.

With Addressable , Web3 marketers can now effectively reach and engage their target audience.

Finally, Web3 brand depends on effective marketing.

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Addressable Goals

It’s goal is to make crypto marketing more efficient. However, many crypto users are not thrilled about it since they don’t see crypto anonymity as a problem.

As well as , the possibility of their data being exposed has raised privacy questions.

It has a digital fingerprinting startup that claims to be able to match anonymous crypto wallets with social media accounts.

Indeed, it’s so confident it can do this, that it claims to have matched 17 million crypto wallet holders with their Twitter accounts.

Furthermore, SaaS offering enables marketing teams to build audiences , launch campaigns and track their growth.

As well as, providing best return for your marketing investment.

Moreover, the future of Web3 depends on effective marketing, and Addressable goal is to take it to a Moon.


Marketo, which was developed among other things, to enhance marketing around social media users. And then, it ended up being acquired by Adobe.

Now, a new startup hopes to do what Marketo did in Web 2.0 but this time in Web3.

Moreover, it’s of course very hard to verify if they can do any of this. But clearly their investors seem convinced , at the very least.

Would you like the company to link your wallet addresses to your Twitter account?


What does Addressable do ?
Where is Addressable headquarters ?
Who are Addressable ‘s competitors ?
What is Addressable strategy ?
Is Addressable same as Programmatic ?

What does Addressable do ?

TV is a newer form of television advertising. Further , it allows marketers to deliver ads to specific , desired households.

During linear scheduled TV programming . Addressable advertising is a valuable tool that enables you to deliver your ad to a specific audience. Besides watching content on any device.

Where is Addressable located ?

It is located in Los Angeles, California , United States

Who are Addressables competitors ?

Alternatives and possible competitors to Addressable may include Productsup, Rev, And Sendlane.

What is Addressable strategy ?

Addressable marketing refers to the ability to use media to target specific individuals. Rather than large groups of anonymous third-party cookie pools.

Is Addressable same as Programmatic?

While addressable TV is technically a form of programmatic TV . (they both use automation to serve TV ads).

Its household -level and real-time targeting are major distinguishing factors.


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