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Web3 Resources – List Of Amazing 9 In Web3?

A list of free Web3 Resources to make Web3 accessible to everyone.

What Are Web3 Resources ?

Web3 Resources- Currently Web3 is at a Curve ?

Firstly , in 2022 , mainstream brands like Nike and Starbucks embraced Web3 technology with the help of ecosystem developers .

However , some Web3 natives such as FTX and Celsius collapsed . Thereby , causing a dip in the crypto market .

Despite this , Web3 is still growing and attracting millions of users through partnerships with Big Tech companies like Reddit and Facebook .

Who Founded Web3 ? – Web3 resources

Chiefly , the premise of ‘Web 3.0’ was coined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood shortly after Ethereum launched in 2014.

Mainly , Gavin put into words a solution for a problem that many early crypto adopters felt: the Web required too much trust.

Secondly , that is, most of the Web that people know and use today relies on trusting a handful of private companies to act in the public’s best interests.

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NFTs – Web3 Resources

Firstly, Adidas will acquire a Metaverse platform like Nike did .

Instagram will launch an NFT marketplace , driving microtransaction bull runs .

Brands will collaborate more on Web3 initiatives .

Creator NFTs will become a major trend.

Web 3 Resources – Layer 1 / Layer 2

Firstly , Polygon’s $MATIC will be a top five coin on CoinMarketCap.

Secondly , Starkware , Arbitrum , or zk Sync will become the 4th largest blockchain .

Thirdly , Total L2 TVL will almost equal Ethereum’s TVL by 2023.

Web3 Resources – DAOs

Chiefly , a DAO Governance Bible will be published .

Additionally , a local government will launch a DAO with plans to migrate before 2030 .

Over 10 million people will become full-time DAO contributors .

Investment DAO’s will appear on more non-Web3 cap tables .

DeFi – Web3 Resources

A new type of liquidity mining will drive user growth .

Exchanges will continue to be the most popular DeFi apps .

Game publishers will launch Game Fi / NFT Fi platforms for their assets .

Expect an increase in money lost to hacks

Metaverse – Web3 Resources

Apple will release their own avatars and asset marketplace .

AR-driven metaverses will be more popular than virtual worlds .

Some brands will backlash against poorly executed metaverse activations.

Two gaming firms will create a metaverse interoperability standard .

web3 resources

Web 3 Resources – Unfolding

Firstly , A technological stack , responding to the issues and limitations of Web2 .

Web3 – Chiefly , a technological stack , responding to the issues and limitations of Web2 . Additionally, which is decentralized by nature . Further , it may incorporate blockchain technologies as well as token-based economies

Firstly it is a emerging techno – philosophical concept . Thereby, addressing the new vision of internet where users are in control of their own data and identity .

Additionally , in fashion Web3 is closely linked to new digital products , NFTs , creator economy supply chain , as well as product authentication and transparency.

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Metaverse VS Web3 Comparison Table

The New Dimension of the Internet You need to Know :

Metaverse Web3
Definition Immersive and interconnected virtual environment Decentralized Online network
Objective 3D world for users Democratic and decentralized internet environment
FundamentalBased on multiple technologiesBased on Blockchain
ApplicationsManufacturing , Healthcare , Gaming , 3D TrainingFinance , identity , Governance
Technology AR , Human interface , Edge computing , Creator economy , NFTs. Blockchain , Decentralized autonomous organisation , Cryptocurrency
Scope of application Many potentials still under development Throughout the web

Web3 Resources You Can’t Miss

If you are planning to venture out into Web3 development – these resources are for you .

BUILDSPACE – fIRST , Onboarding Devs to Web3 , start building cool stuff right now , earn NFTs , as well as access secret opportunities in crypto .

CADENA – Second , Build smart contracts , Dapps , on multiple chains with a community , and earn a Cadena NFT certificate .

DEVELOPER DAO – Third , build Web3 with friends the NEWMEMBERSHIP is officially open .

LAUNCASTER – Additionally , Share and discover the best new Web3 projects.

WEB3 UNIVERSITY – Simply , Teaching Web3 to 20K+developers worldwide.

WEBXDAO – Further , an open source community that focuses on decentralized applications , Web3 , and Blockchain technologies.

WOMEN BUILD WEB3 – Women build web3 is a global collective of women and non-binary developers learning and building in Web3.

LEARNWEB3DAO – Simply , are you curious about Web3 as a developer ? Further , do you wonder what are NFTs , DAOs , DeFi and Smart Contracts ? Essentially, this is a place for you .

ODYSSEY – ODYSSEY is a learning DAO on a mission to onboard the next 1 million people to Web3.

Top 10 Tech Companies Integrated with Web3

Apple – Firstly , it supports NFTs on the App store

Amazon – AWS Partnered with Avalanche to put simply.

Google – Further it partnered with Coinbase

Meta – It renamed to focus on Metaverse simply put.

Tesla – Bought Bitcoin for Balance Sheet to explain .

Instagram – It further , allows users to display their NFTs on Profile

Twitter – Secondly , it allows users to display their NFTs on Profile.

Netflix – Additionally , joined Metaverse (Decentraland )

Spotify – Acquired Blockchain Startup MEDIACHAIN essentially .

Sony – It filed Patent for NFTs & Blockchain technology .

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Top 10 Latest News on Web3

1. Abu Dhabi pledges $2B to Boost Web3 Startups.

Chiefly , Abu Dhabi’s “Hub71 +Digital Assets ” with $2 B capital to accelerate Web3 innovations .

Secondly , these digital assets include blockchain and Metaverse apps.

And then , the program offers Web3 startups access to various resources , global corporate and government partners as well as , investment opportunities .

2.SNOOP DOG is the Co-founder of a Web3 Livestream Platform

Snoop Dog, the American rapper and actor has co-founded “Shiller” , a Web3-based live-streaming app. Essentially , in collaboration with technology entrepreneur Sam Jones .

3. Unity selects Metamask , immutability X and SOLANA for Web3 Developer Tools.

Firstly , Unity intends to offer game developers the necessary tools to integrate with Web3 gaming , essentially , a growing gaming industry ,simply put .

Additionally , through decentralized storefront on the Unity Asset Store , developers can incorporate blockchain technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) .

As well as the Metaverse to enhance gameplay experiences.

4. Jack Dorsey’s Twitter alternative ‘BLUESKY’ now available on App Store .

First , Jack Dorsey , Twitter co-founder , is moving forward with Blusky , a decentralized Twitter alternative .

Second , the mobile App is now in private beta testing . As well as it is available in the Apple App store exclusively for invited users to create an account . And thereby , try the new social experience.

5. UAE Emirate Launching Digital Asset Free Zone

Firstly , the free zone will exclusively cater to emerging technology service providers . Necessarily , specializing in digital and virtual assets.

For instance , DAO’s , NFTs , DApps , Blockchain , Metaverse , Utility Tokens , Virtual Asset wallets , as well as other Web3 -related enterprises.

6. Coinbase unveils Layer-2 Network for Decentralized Apps .

Chiefly , Coinbase has developed a cost-effective and secure network named ‘Base’ . Further , it is a developer-friendly environment serving as a bridge for users to enter the crypto economy .

Secondly , Base is designed to be interoperable with other chains and provides access to Coinbase’s products , tools and users , as well as fiat on-ramps and powerful acquisition tools.

Further , the company has clarified that it has no intention to issue a new network token .

So, users will have access to other L1 ecosystems like Solana .

7. Spotify is currently experimenting with integrating Web3 Wallets .

Spotify is broadening its Web3 initiatives by experimenting with playlists enabled by tokens in various important markets .

Secondly , on February 22, Overlord a gaming ecosystem based on Web3 revealed its collaboration with Spotify.

Furthermore , the community-curated playlists enabled by tokens from Overlord can now be accessed on Spotify .

Essentially, through Web3 wallets of individuals who possess Creepz NFTs .

However , only users with Android devices in certain countries , including the United States , United Kingdom , Germany , Australia as well as now New Zealand are able to unlock the playlists.

8. Hong Kong allocates an Annual Budget of $6.4 M to support Web3.

First, in its 2023-2024 budget released on Wednesday , Hong Kong announced that it will allocate $6.4 M (KK$50 m) to enhance its Web3 ecosystem .

Second, the budget will be utilized for various purposes including organizing large-scale international seminars , promoting collaboration between different industries as well as conducting workshops for youth .

9. Saudi ARAMCO partners with DROPPGROUP for Web3 Technology.

Saudi Aramco, the $2 trillion State-owned energy firm , has signed a MoU with droppGroup to jointly explore and develop a variety of Web3 technologies.

Secondly , the objective of these blockchain -powered applications is to support Aramco’s workforce . Additionally , with its possible use cases including onboarding , training ,tokenized network , as well as rewards program .

10. Japan takes the Lead in NFTs and DAO’s

Chiefly , Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida , made a bold move by endorsing the growth of the NFT and DAO markets.

During a session with Japan’s House of Representatives , he brought attention to the thriving blockchain industry .

Thereby , placing Japan at the forefront of the rapidly expanding Asian Web3 sector .

Further , his support for the sector came as a surprise , solidifying Japan’s position as a leader in the global blockchain space .

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Firstly, Web3 ,within its purview , includes technologies like AI , Machine Learning , and Augmented Reality . Further , its driving force is Blockchain technology .

Furthermore , a decentralized Ledger system (DLT) that stores data across several thousands of computers simultaneously rather than just on one server .

Chiefly , as society continues to integrate technology into every aspect of life , emerging Web3 tect drives the creators and innovators who envision the future of a decentralized internet .


What Web3 means ?
Is Web3 a Crypto ?
What is the usage of Web3 ?
Is Web3 the future ?
Is Web3 a programming language ?
Which language is best for Web3 ?

What Web3 means ?

Firstly , Web3 describes the next revolution of the World Wide Web ,. Basically , a user interface that provides access to documents , applications and multimedia on the internet . Web 3 is still being developed , so there is not a universally accepted definition to put simply .

Is Web3 a Crypto ?

Firstly , at its core Web3 uses blockchains , cryptocurrencies , and NFTs to give power back to the users in the form of ownership .

What is the usage of Web3 ?

Web3 use cases are differentiated by the use of blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps) . Additionally , which also allows users to interact and transact with one another without the use of middlemen .

Thereby, giving them full influence over their online activity .

Is Web3 the future ?

Chiefly , Web3 has been heralded as the next evolution of the internet. Further , it is one that will make web more immersive and democratic .

Thanks to a foundation of blockchain technology , simply put .

Is Web3 a programming language ?

Basically , Web3 programming languages are general -purpose programming language . Essentially , which have been used by blockchains to create smart contracts . It is designed specifically for creating blockchain applications.

Which language is best for Web3 ?

Chiefly , Solidity is a Turing -complete , object -oriented ,relatively high-level programming language for building EVM – compatible smart contracts.

Dont miss out on the high-quality crypto , metaverse as well as all elements of Web3. Including AI.

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