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Web3 Social- What Are Top 4 Strong Web3 Socials?

What are Top 4 Strong Web3 Socials?

What is a Web3 Social Platform?

Web3 social platforms aim to connect users with each other. To shape communities and exchange information .

And idea in a more efficient ,private community -centric and transparent way. As an evolved and new version of the internet.

Web3 is rerouting the future of many industries ,like Defi, GameFi,art ,real estate etc.

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Web3 Socials – 4 Best Web 3 Social Platforms?

1.Chillchat $chill

What is Chillchat Web3 Social Platform?

Chillchat is a pixel art gaming metaverse. That is programmed to run on the Solana blockchain. The power to make characters , stories as well as entire worlds from scratch.

Again it is placed entirely in the hands of its community..Finally with its simple yet fast and powerful tools.

How does Chillchat works?

Chill chat aims to become the “pocket metaverse” . Moreover, that is always within the reach through a mobile. or browser.

Provided players can use Chillchat’s Pixel Edition to create NFTs . Such as characters, tile sets, pets, emotes as well as items.

Its World Builder to create new worlds, tile by tile and the World Scripting tool . What’s more, to convert world’s into fully functional games.

The US$1.85 million seed equity funding will be used to expand Chillchats product. Additionally growth teams would further develop innovative Web3 social tools.

Chillchat Goals

Channels and infrastructure for users to virtually interact with each other. And digitally express their ingenuity .

Moreover, this goal reflects Chillchat’s objective to offer a perpetually expanding community . Further, will be built on metaverse that forsters interpersonal connections as well as collaboration.

James Au. Chillchat executive officer, said: Firstly ” we are aiming to build a casual social -gaming metaverse.

So we choose the Solana blockchain. Moreover, we believe it is the best.Consumer blockchain with low fees and high speed.

Additionally, getting support from Solana Ventures helps us grow and turn our dream into reality .

Chillchat’s Features

Chillchat stands out in its model where players not only have the option of ‘play-to-earn’ . But also use their imagination and ‘create to earn’ .

Furthermore , Chillchat will be an important leader in the Web3 social app space. As it becomes part of mainstream, ‘social gaming ‘ in the near future.

On January 21st 2022 ,Chillchat conducted a successful NFT public sale to mint 1,000 of its 1500 limited “origin” characters.

The handcrafted and animated Origins ,that will spawn all future Chillchat characters ,were sold out in seconds. At 2 SOL (us$240) per NFT.

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Chillchat’s Value –

Within 4 weeks ,their value jumped to a current floor price of 37.5 SOL(US$4,000) .And the highest secondary-market ticket at 100 SOL (US$10,500).


Chillchat is a pixel art NFT metaverse powered by the Solana blockchain. Built with a first-generation digital community of 1,500 Origins characters .

Designed to allow players to start their own casual ,social and gaming adventures.

Identities and spaces are created by themselves or other players. Pixel by pixel. There is no limit to who users can become.

Further, what they can create. Chillchat’s unique tools include Pixel Editor .For players to create and mint NFT”s. World Builder.,To build new worlds into fully functioning games.

Web3 social
web3 Social Platforms

2.TCG World ( $TCG2)

TCG stands for Trading Card Game and TCG World is an online open world metaverse .Where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0.

Plus gather web3 social digital asset collectibles. As well as own virtual real estate, create ,explore the game world.

Additionally control their own online businesses ,or just have fun. Moreover, TCG World introduces a new approach to digital assets.

Making it more than just a piece of art . Secondly, players can take their digital assets into the virtual game world and play. Everything a player owns in the metaverse is a digital asset.

TCG World Features

Again for example real-estate, vehicles ,pets ,trophies and even player avatars. Part of the entertainment ,TCG World will also host live collectible card game tournaments at the TCG World Stadium.

Initially, built from the ground up with blockchain technology in mind. Moreover , everything a player owns exists in blockchain terms.

As a very important part of this system .Land plots of different sizes can also be bought and sold.

TCG World

Regional plots are customizable . Furthermore, players can create their own art galleries. As well as buildings , theme parks or something more creative or inventive.

Further, Farming plots also introduce a unique opportunity for the project investors to earn TCG Coin 2.0.

Land Plots in TCG World

There are 2 types of land plots that can be purchased by users in TCG World. Regional and farming plots. The regional plots are distributed between 4 main regions.

North,East, Asia and Forest. Farming plots offer an opportunity to earn TCG Coin 2.0 .And once purchased ,the region can be selected .By buying a new regional plot.

Additionally, a player secures their place in the metaverse.

How it works ?

Firstly, Every plot of land is titled and kept in the player’s own digital wallet.

TCG World has quickly become the foremost metaverse specializing in commercial real estate and is an ideal partner to activate the Epikverse.

Partnership between TCG World and Epik verse – Secondly , This partnership presents a massive opportunity to bring never-experienced -before consumer experiences.

In the metaverse while opening more doors for enterprises .Moreover, Seeking exciting new ways to engage with their fanbase.

TCG World Completes Largest Metaverse Commercial Real Estate Sale For $5,000,000

Curzio Research, Inc. is a financial publishing company specializing in independent investment research and analysis.

Curzio Research will initiate a capital raise of up to $4,000,000, which will be used to fund a portion of this TCG real estate acquisition and for general corporate purposes.

Epikverse Epik verse Brings Interconnectivity Between Metaverses, Mainstream Games and Web 3 Platforms

The Epik verse is the digital ecosystem and technology behind Epik’s consumer -facing capabilities. furthermore, a truly innovative and disruptive virtual world experience.

The Epikverse consists of unique “micro-verses” that exist within the multiple video game metaverses.

Epikverse Use Case – As such, the Epikverse acts as a gateway between worlds. Providing an interconnected web3 social app network.

Across any game or platform in which another Epik verse exists. Through this network users can buy ,sell and trade all forms of NFTs.

Additionally, digital merchandise ,or even enjoy shared experiences. Like a live virtual event together with their friends .All while logged into entirely different games.


TCG World has over 50,000 registered players .And is currently in Alpha testing due for public.

For public launch at Q1 2023. With an expert team of Unity Developers and blockchain specialists TCG World has spent the last 18 months developing .

TCG World Metaverse– An open world Metaverse with added gameplay to provide entertainment. And value to its players.

TCG World is revolutionizing the gamming industry .Instead of players purchasing in game assets that are tied to a single player account.

3. Habbo

Founded as Habbo Hotel in 2000 , Habbo is an online community marked by pixelated avatars. And items existing within an arcade -evoking isometric landscape.

Equally , the platform allows allows users to socialize in virtual “hotels” .With public rooms accessible to all .

How it works? – As well as private rooms that can be tricked out with custom – crafted digital items. It also helps that Habbor’s user base has grown up alongside it.

Besides, the Habbo power user Pulx ,who was elected its “president of fun”.In a platform -wide election last year.

And requested anonymity , has logged in almost everyday since creating account in 2005.

Habbo Uses – Nowadays ,the average Habbo user (or “Habbo” ) uses it as more than simply a distraction from homework.

Furthermore, these older and wiser Habbos are beginning to take advantage of the platform to live their lives in increasingly metaversal ways.

“Habbo 2020” is a rebooted version of the platform designed with the Unity game engine.


Social game platform like Habbo offer over newer and more prominent. Is that these early contenders come with loyal baked-in user bases.

Besides, that are both accustomed to owning virtual items and in many brands target demographics.

Habbo probably more of a Gen-Y millennial target demo. Equally they gave grown up with the product and the game.

4. Spatial – Immersive Social Media from Spatial.

As a historically XR first company ,the team at Spatial is excited about the future of virtual reality . In new social media platforms .

Community has the ability to join as immersively as they would like or able to.

VR – While you can feel connection joined on web or mobile, virtual reality yields a heightened sense of presence with those who may be on opposite ends of the earth.

The Spatial community can now follow each other. They can establish and build worlds together in social VR.Create galleries.

How it works?

Host concerts ,display messages,put on fashion shows etc. The team at Spatial is pioneering the idea of an immersive social platform where you can truly interact and connect in real-time .

Not only in VR but also web and mobile.

Lastly , Immersive technology is a huge part of the next iteration of social media and making it less about the observation of others . And then , more about connecting with people.


Further , with the launch of Spatial Profiles , Spatial claimed stake in its hypothesis that provide that the metaverse will usher in the next era of social media.

Moreover , you can jump in now to set up your Spatial profile. additionally, you can follow others . And then , likewise share your journey with your virtual friends.


Firstly , the rise of virtual reality has been a surprise to many. Secondly , what was once a niche technology used for gaming and certain types of training is now more .

Furthermore In homes and being experienced by more people than ever before.

Social Media VR

Further , it certainly has its place in the future as massive companies like Facebook invest heavily in virtual; reality .

And then , Augmented reality development. Additionally , plenty of research has gone into demonstrating the potential of social media over the years.

Development of Social Media Platforms

Firstly , in fact, the roots of Spatial started in Augmented and Mixed reality back in 2016.

Moreover, Who would thought social media would come this far? Firstly, when the first platforms were created back in 2000s.

And then , the experiences were much simpler and most people didn’t even bother setting up an account.

Further , fast forward 20+ years to the 2020s . And then , you can see how social media platforms play an important role in social and professional lives.

Development of Social Media Platforms

Furthermore , much of the growth has come down to the ways platforms have evolved over the years.

They have simplified how to create and share content. While also developing new ways for people to connect.

VR in Social Media Platforms-

Firstly , for many, new social media platforms using VR will be the next step in the evolution . And then , Social media already relies on interaction.

Secondly, VR could enhance the interactive element and take it to new levels.

And then with VR, you can do more than just like and comment on the posts of people in your network.

VR social network

Firstly , it could allow users to create rooms that have images hanging on the walls. Or equally videos playing on a screen. You could play music or share 360 photos.


Does Web3 has social media ?

Firstly , in Web3 social apps, users engage with other users on a peer-to-peer blockchain-based social network.

How many people use Social Media today?

First , over 4.9 billion people are accessing social media worldwide as of 2023.

Second , an average social media user hops between 6 to 7 social media every month.

What is the fastest growing social media platform?


Is Web3 really decentralized?

First , this is the promise of Web3 a decentralized internet. Additionally, built on an open permissionless blockchain network.

What is social metaverse ?

Simply , a “metaverse” is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.





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