xPortal – How To Use xPortal ?

xPortal is a digital Crypto Wallet developed by MultriversX Labs.

What is xPortal ?

Firstly , it is a global payments “Super app” that allows you to exchange and manage cryptos on your mobile phone.

Further, xPortal includes a suite of features designed to seamlessly integrate digital finance money . As well as, fiat money , cryptocurrencies along with social features such as end-to-end encrypted messaging , as well as AI avatars.

Digital Wallet

xPortal – Work ?

Firstly, it aims to become an easy-to-use portal for Web 3 apps as well as , Metaverse experiences.

Further, with just few taps or the simple sending of a message ,you can easily send and receive money. Additionally, in the same way you can make payments by using your Debit card, .

Further, you can track your investments as well as , explore financial crypto and NFT ecosystems.

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x Portal – Web 3 and Metaverse

First, Web 3 and Metaverse have become popular terms when people discuss the future of internet.

Second, it can be seen that blockchain technologies , non-fungible tokens (NFTs) , as well as , cryptocurrencies have also become hot topics over the last few years.

Firstly, not only do both Web 3 and Metaverse aim to offer a user-centric web experience , but also, Web 3 and metaverse technologies also perfectly support each other.

Additionally, Web 3 can allow the seamless use of cryptocurrency and NFTs as the economic backbone in the Metaverse. While the Metaverse will interlink different virtual worlds and bring assets from one to another.

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Integration of Web 3 and Metaverse

Firstly, as the Web 3 – Metaverse relationship is expected to manifest a new kind of internet. So further , many projects have been developed .

Additionally, Web 3 is considered one of the significant evolutions in the internet. Further, technology allows you to control and own your data , creations , digital assets , as well as , online identities.

Further, the idea of Web 3 is to create a more democratized internet where no single entity controls the flow of information.

Furthermore, Web 3 aims to use blockchain technology to decentralize the internet . As well as take away central control from any third party.

Further, Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual world that combines VR, AR , video as well as , blockchain to set up virtual worlds.

Additionally, it resembles the real world and allow humans to co-exist in the form of avatars as well as , digital figures.

Launch of xPortal

Firstly , Multi versX , formerly called Elrond , rebranded itself to Multi-versX to signal a shift to the metaverse and Web 3 integrations . Additionally, it is built on its prior work as a layer 1 blockchain.

Further, the launch of the xPortal is considered an instrumental step for the company. Additionally, to build the backbone for a new digital financial system.

Simply, you can use xPortal to send and receive crypto near-instantly , to and from anyone around the world.

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What does xPortal offer ?

Firstly, xPortal is a non-custodial wallet . Secondly, only you have control as a user over your funds and access to dApps.

Thirdly, your crypto is not stored in xPortal but in the blockchain . Further, xPortal is just a simple and intuitive interface that you can leverage to access & manage your funds.

The app is seeking to become an ‘everything finance’ tool supporting digital payments, a non-custodial crypto wallet, chat and social interaction, portfolio management, and a portal to the metaverse, among others.

Features of xPortal

a. Watchlist – Firstly, this allows you to build and track a list of certain tokens that you are interested in.

b. Market – Secondly , it allows you to visualize the variations of certain market main indicators . Additionally, variations of the market related to cryptocurrencies.

c. Social – Thirdly, you can interact with your friends within the xPortal App.

Further, to do this, you open your app , click on the upper right corner on “Social ” and start chatting with your friends .

Moreover, not only that, but you can also explore the updates from the “Feed” tab, share NFTs, and photos , and send tokens directly via messages.

d. Play & Earn – Firstly, many challenges with certain prizes based on the leaderboard and XP for you to complete and win XP.

e. Hub – Further, a way to quickly access the xPortals main apps and ecosystem .

f. xPortal Avatar – Additionally, you can create your AI-generated 3D avatar by taking some selfies . And the, choosing your character style and the background setup.

Further, you can also write your own story on how the avatar should look and let the AI do the work.

g. Insider – Further, it informs you of the latest news in the blockchain space and the most important news related to Multi-versX.

h. Multiverse X Debit Card – Firstly, this Mastercard card is used to order in the app. to date,. Basically, the cards are available only in European countries.

i. Swaps ESDT Tokens – First, easily swap your e Standard Digital Token (ESDT). Additionally, a standard token of the Multi-versX blockchain platform .

Further, directly in the xPortal App, without the need of connecting to x Exchange by pressing Swap on the Home screen. Additionally, by selecting the coins you want to exchange.

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How to get started with xPortal ?

Firstly, in order to register or create an xPortal count, you, of course , must have a smartphone.

Simply, depending on your mobile phone type, you can download the xPortal app from the App Store as well as , Google Play-Store .

Secondly, once the process is completed , open the app and click on “Create a new wallet ” . And then , type in your phone number . simply, add the AUTH verification code , as well as, set up a PIN .

Finally, after all these steps , you will have a wallet.

Using xPortals Key Features

Further, there will be a 7-step quest for you to better understand how to use some of the xPortal key features .

Additionally, you will also earn XP rewards. Further, go to Play, select Quests. And then, click Beginner Quest and start to complete all the steps.

Similarly , you can receive rewards for every friend , you invited who uses your referral code. Further, to do this , go to Play section to find the Invite and Earn feature.

Additionally, you can check your whole contact list there. Additionally , the invitations you sent and your pending rewards balance.

Furthermore, being a referrer , you will get awesome benefits such as earning 100% of your commission every time your friends buy EGLD .

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Rewards – xPortal

Simply by creating avatar with AI, if you invite at least 3 friends and many more.

Further, if you are an invite , you will receive $5 in EGLD . Additionally, when you purchase at least $100 worth of EGLD .

Furthermore, all rewards are sent in EGLD and will be sent directly to the xPortal address associated with your referral code / link once a week.

Additionally, you can buy EGLD through bank transfers , Apple Pay, Google Pay , Visa , Mastercard or Revolut transfers.

Further, click the buy button in the Home tab. Additionally, you also can find Buy Button by clicking the big blue Multi-versX logo in the middle.

Purchase – xPortal

And then , you will need to select one of the available payment processors for your purchase.

In addition to , sending the currently integrated tokens to other wallets or exchanges by pressing the Send Button , you can also deposit EDLD .

Additionally, by selecting the Receive button on the App’s main screen . Also, you can find a list of the providers featured in the app.

Further , the staking agencies or providers do not have direct access to your funds . Secondly, everything is done in a fully non-custodial and secure manner.

Further, you can search through collections, NFTs ,or profiles to find the ones you like. Not only that but also can follow creators and browse through their NFT galleries.

Additionally, if you want to switch from an iOS device to an Android device or vice-versa , you will need to use the Secret Phrase when you import the wallet.

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Firstly, Web 3 and Metaverse are constructed using cutting-edge technologies that will only further develop from here .

Secondly, without a doubt, many more advances in blockchain technology will only bring the two concepts closer together in the future.

Consequently, the exponential growth of NFTs , play-to-earn games, and decentralized organizations like Multi-versX have been working nicely . Additionally, to develop Web 3 as well as Metaverse.

Lastly, the xPortal Super App offers a new perspective on the way we experience the digital world in a new kind of internet.

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How do you store UTK on xPortal?

First, the xPortal App is a non-custodial wallet, . Further, just enable UTK in the “ASSETS” tab that can be found in the “WALLET” section of the app.
And then, find your wallet address in the exact same section. Further, transfer your funds to this address . And the, you are done.

How to download xPortal app ?

From Google Play store .

Are you excited about AI-powered avatar ?

Firstly, your next in-app $EGLD purchase can also unlock this amazing feature . Additionally, the first 100 users to purchase at least 0.5 $EGLD will benefit from the updated eligibility conditions.

How to get ready for the xPortal ?

a. First, manually backing up your Secret Phase
b. Second, creating a cloud backup
c. Thirdly, never sharing your secret phrase with anyone

How does xPortal work?

Non-custodial wallet – one of the main features of xPortal is to store digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and AI-generated avatars. Users can also send and receive these assets, plus fiat currencies; Asset swaps – users can swap between different eStandard Digital Tokens (ESDT), standard tokens on the MultiversX network.



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