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Yom Token – Amazing ‘Yom’ Is It?

Yom Token focuses on interoperability in Metaverse.

What is Yom Token?

Firstly, ‘Yom’ is the peer-to-peer metaverse infrastructure. Additionally, which allows professional artists, agencies, and studios to create.

As well as, deploy and manage custom Web3 metaverses with ease & at scale. Simply, the platform enables creators to embed their own metaverses on any website with just one line of code.

Further, making them instantly accessible from any browser on any device.

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Yom Token – Metaverse Landscape Today

Mainly, Yom’s focus is on both interoperability and quality. Actually, it is what sets it apart from other metaverses.

Chiefly, today’s metaverses are either highly interoperable (e.g.Decentraland) or offer a high-quality experience (e.g.Steam).

Simply, Yom bridges the gap and makes it easy to deploy and manage professional Web3 metaverses. Further, which are highly integrated within bespoke use cases.

Additionally, these Web3 metaverses also render high performances and quality at scale across all devices. Mainly, an unprecedented feat in the industry.

Use -cases of ‘Yom’ Token

Firstly, use cases include Web3 virtual concerts featuring thousands of players from various devices in high-quality environments.

For instance, from Formula 1 races where players try to win on television in real-time to acquiring prizes, such as NFTs.

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‘Yom’ brings Metaverse Mining to the Masses with MEXC Listing :

Firstly, ‘Yom’ (Your Open Metaverse) is excited to announce its initial token listing on MEXC. Chiefly, MEXC is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Secondly, the listing took place on March, 15th, coinciding with the project’s soft launch. Additionally, providing it with exposure and liquidity.

$ Yom Token Utility

Chiefly, to achieve its ambitions, Yom tokenized the right to render the metaverse with its $YOM token, to put it simply.

Mainly, the $YOM token creates an end-to-end market for GPU power. Simply where gamers earn tokens by rendering metaverses.

Further, this incentivizes gamers to participate in rendering the metaverse. Meanwhile, it also helps in combating inefficiencies and scalability issues. Which is associated with existing cloud rendering solutions.

What makes ‘Yom Unique?

Firstly, creators can use Yom’s SDK web app to end-to-end deploy and manage custom Web3 metaverses.

As a result, creators retain ownership and control over the source code, object code, and gateways of their own metaverse.

Additionally, one of the unique characteristics of Yom is true interoperability. Essentially, which means that creators can integrate their Web3 metaverse with any external ecosystem.

Advantages of ‘Yom’

Additionally, store or real-time data sources, catering to highly specific use cases and virtual experiences.

Furthermore, Yom’s peer-to-peer infrastructure is a significant advantage because it eliminates the need for expensive data centers and traditional cloud providers. Further, which can reduce cloud gaming costs by a factor of 10x-50x.

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Who are the Founders of ‘Yom ‘?

First, ‘Yom’ was founded in 2021 by its three founders, Alex, Jorrit, and Daniel. Especially, who had experience in building scalable platforms. As well as, creating virtual solutions with Unreal Engine.

Further, the team had previously created custom virtual experiences for parties such as GlaxoSmithKline, and TEDx.

As well as, the Dutch Government think tank Rathenau institute.

History of ‘Yom ‘?

Firstly, by leveraging their market insights and revenues from these projects, the team understood the challenge to deploy these use cases.

And as a result, began to include an Advisor Board with industry leaders.

Additionally, the CEO from various well-established Web3 companies such as Merrit Circle, LTO Network, and Coin bureau.

Chiefly, information will be updated when the token is available in centralized /decentralized exchanges.

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Where can you Buy ‘Yom’?

‘Yom’ tokens are currently available on Spores Network.

Additionally, you can buy it on Binance too. Though currently it is not listed on Binance.

Further, you can buy ‘Yom’ by connecting your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX) using your Binance account to buy the base currency.

1. Chiefly, you need to download a Trust wallet. Additionally, the Solana network and Trust Wallet appear to be the most integrated.

Additionally, if you are using a desktop computer, you can download Google chrome and the wallet Chrome extension.

Mainly, please make sure that you are downloading the official chrome extension and mobile app by visiting TrustWallet’s website to put it simply.

2. Secondly, register and set up your Trust wallet via the wallet’s Google Chrome extension or via the mobile app you downloaded as above.

3. Buy Solana as your base currency.

Basically, once your wallet is set up, you can log in to your Binance account and proceed to the Buy as well as, sell crypto webpage to buy Solana.

4. Further, you can buy Solana, go to your Binance wallet section, and look for Solana you purchased.

Further, click on the withdraw button and wait for your Solana to appear in your Trust wallet.

5. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Firstly, there are several DEXs to choose from. Further, you just have to make sure the wallet you selected is supported by the exchange.

For instance, if you use Trust Wallet, you can go to Raydium to make transactions.

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Why ‘Yom ‘ Chose MEXC for its Token Listing :

‘Yom’ s decision to list its token on MEXC marks a significant milestone for the platform.

As additionally, it will gain access to a reputable cryptocurrency exchange with a global user base.

MEXC is committed to providing safe and secure trading services. Along with, a range of resources to help users make informed trading decisions.

Further, this listing is expected to be a major boost for YOM and its community. In addition to providing exposure and liquidity on a reliable platform.

For more information on YOM, visit their website here


Firstly, ‘Yom ‘ s expertise in developing and commercializing professional solutions using Unreal Engine. And also other relevant technologies have attracted significant interest from professional metaverse artists and agencies.

Further, 20 agencies already building on the YOM platform.

‘Yom’ Price

Low $0.02781

High $0.04152

Total Supply


Today’s Price $0.03534


What is the ‘Yom’ token?
What is Yom and how does it work?
When is the Yom public sale?
What makes ‘Yom’ different from other metaverses?

What is the ‘Yom ‘ token?

Firstly, to achieve its ambitions, YOM tokenized the right to render the metaverse with its $YOM token. Secondly, the $YOM token creates an end-to-end market for GPU power. Basically, where gamers earn tokens by rendering metaverses.

What is Yom and how does it work?

Mainly, ‘YOM’ is the peer-to-peer metaverse infrastructure that allows professional artists, agencies, as well as, studios to create, deploy . as well as, and manage custom Web3 metaverses with ease and at scale.

Secondly, the platform enables creators to embed their own metaverses on any website with just one line of code. Thereby, making them instantly accessible from any browser on any device.

When is the Yom public sale?

YOM held a Public Sale on the 27. Feb. YOM is the distributed metaverse infrastructure that empowers you to stream epic interoperable metaverse experiences from your site to anyone on any device.

What makes ‘Yom’ different from other metaverses?

Lastly, YOM‘s focus on both interoperability and quality is what sets it apart from other metaverses.

Especially, today’s metaverses are either highly interoperable (e. g. Decentraland) or offer a high-quality experience (e.g., Steam).






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