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6 Best Crypto On-Chain Analysis Tools In The World Of Cryptocurrency 2023

Doing your research on crypto can be difficult without the right tools at hand.

Why are Crypto Analysis Tools Necessary?

The list of records on a blockchain is growing every second, and it’s easily accessible to anyone who is interested in seeing this data.

However, trying to manually analyze those records to make important trading decisions can not only be inefficient but also … simply painful.

If you are struggling to choose the right one that best meets your requirement following list might help.


Glassnode is an on-chain analysis tool that provides crypto market insights via on-chain indicators. Founded in 2018,.

Glassnode focuses on helping the research journey of crypto traders with market intelligence.

And other relevant on-chain data to improve users’ trading decisions.

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Many on-chain market indicators for several cryptocurrencies

More than 200 metrics

Customizable dashboards that allow you to add your favorite metrics for certain coins.

More than 10+ years of data

Weighing different metrics for different coins

Trading View integration


It offers the following packages


b. Advanced $29.month (annual) payment or $39 /month (monthly payment)

c. Professional plan $799 /month (annual payment)

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Nansen is one of the most popular blockchain analytics platforms that combine on-chain data with many wallet labels.

Through its real-time dashboards and alerts, users can gain an improved insight into the crypto market.

Tracking smart money is one of Nansen’s core features.


Some in-demand features include Wallet Profiler, ETH tracker, DEX traders, CSV data, and more.

Modifiable smart alerts

Real-time on-chain data for populating blockchains.

Millions of wallet labels provide insights into several crypto assets

With detailed dashboards, you can easily discover new trends in NFTs, Defi, and DAOs.


a. Free

b. Standard $100/month and $150/month

c.VIP $1000/month (billed annually)

d. Alpha $2000 (billed annually)


Dune is an essential blockchain, analytics tool for querying Ethereum data using simple SQL queries from premade databases.

Instead of a whole new script, you can query the database to collect virtually any information hosted on the blockchain.

crypto on-chain analysis tools


Breaking down complex data into easy-to-understand information offers simple data collection and visualization (charts, graphs, etc.)

Access to many metrics for on-chain data analysis

Dune extracts blockchain data and arranges it into SQL databases that can be queried.


It offers the following packages


b. Pre $390 /user/month

4. Etherscan

Etherscan is a blockchain explorer and analytics tool for the Ethereum blockchain.

It offers easy access to real-world data and transaction details such as pending and approved transactions.


Spot early trends such as airdrops on the Ethereum blockchain.

Comprehensive technical reports from Ethereum developers

Track gas fee

Custom alerts for transactions and any big activity

Check details of any public ETH wallet address

Analyze transaction blocks, tokens, and more


a. Free

b.Standard $199/month

c.Advanced $299/month

d.Professional $399/month


This is a detailed market analytics tool that provides accurate data feeds and low-latency signals.

Custom market watches, alerts, chart layouts, and other tools to improve your trading journey.


Leverage on-chain, social, and development metrics

Spot emerging social trends

With customized alerts for trading activities, you can easily spot any malicious act

Social crypto trends

Personalized watchlist for weekly coin updates.

Insights and behavior reports from Santiment ‘s crypto analysis



b. Pro $44/month (annual subscription)

c.Pro $225 /month (annual payment)


This is a decent tool for exploring the crypto space.

More specifically, providing free charting services,long-form weekly reports, and downloadable CSV data. And more.

Messari is widely known for daily insights.

Covering the main sectors in crypto ranging from Defi, Metaverse, and Web3 to NFTs.



Access to different charts, screeners, watchlists, and reports.

Helpful tools to analyze charts and reviews.

Access starts as volume, liquidity,on-chain, staking, supply, market, etc.



b.Pro $24.99/month


CryptoQuant provides market data and on-chain data via API or any other data analytics tool.

In addition, the platform offers inclusive data such as on-chain data and short /long-term indicators for popular crypto assets.

Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, and ERC-20 Tokens.

How Does the On-Chain Analysis work?

The on-chain analysis consists of various metrics in relation to the price action of a given digital asset. One classic example is exchange flows.

Centralized exchanges are the banks of the crypto ecosystem where investors can exchange fiat or digital assets.

How does it work ?

When executed properly, the on-chain analysis turns transaction data into actionable moves for investors. This data rests on blockchain explorers and on-chain analytics companies.

Such as Nansen incorporate and present massive quantities of this data. Combine it with millions of labeled wallets, and deliver visualized market signals to investors.


Disadvantages of using On-Chain Analysis

The more data available the more substantial the conclusion.

On-chain analysis has to be aware of this. additionally, many metrics commonly applied now may be thrown out in the future with the addition of new data.

Another core limitation of data would be its time window.

On-chain analysis can often be unsuitable for day traders and favors outlining trends instead of scalping opportunities.

Advantages of using On-Chain Analysis

But still, on-chain data remains an incredible tool for investors and one that is unique to blockchain and crypto assets.

Thanks to the distributed ledger technology these systems are built upon.

Investors receive a bird’s eye view of how liquidity moves.

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This new age of transparency marks a distinct departure from traditional finance, and Nansen provides the toolkit to fully leverage this unprecedented data landscape.

On-Chain Analysis Tools Effect – The tools employed by investors depend on the asset that interests them.

For Defi and NFTs, Nansen provides everything investors need to cut through the noise and make better decisions.

Nansen provides a guide to all the tools investors can utilize.

On-chain analysis functions in the same way as any methodical approach.


What are On-Chain Metrics in Crypto ?

People use on-chain metrics to determine if the time is right to buy or sell a crypto asset.

Common measurements include market cap, transaction volume, and other rewards.

Which Crypto Analysis is Best ?

The most widely used crypto charting and technical analytics tool for traders across all markets are TradingView.

Users may monitor the market and get information from cryptocurrency exchanges . Including Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, and Coinbase using, TradingView.

Is Chain-Analysis free ?

Chain analysis is offering sanctions screening tools for the cryptocurrency industry free of charge.

Who is the most Crypto analyst ?

Michael Saylor is one of the more prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space, With over 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

Saylor is known for his daily updates on What’s happening with Bitcoin.

What Crypto confirms the fastest ?

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency at the top of thousands of cryptocurrencies. But the transaction per second is 3.7 within 10 minutes of the average crypto transaction confirmation time.

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