ZK-Rollup Coins

ZK-Rollup Coins- Amazing 5 ZK-Rollup Coins.

Which ZK-Rollup Coins will you be investing for upcoming Bull Run ?

What are ZK-Rollup Coins ?

These ZK-Rollup Coins are attached to projects. Additionally, Which provide secure, fast , and reliable transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Further, these Coins belong to ZK-Rollup platforms . Basically, which are ecosystems and applications that aim to achieve a variety of goals.

ZK-Rollup Coins?ZK Rollup ?

Similar to Optimistic rollup , ZK -rollup combine numerous off-chain Layer 2 transactions .

And then, send them to Ethereum as a single transaction. ZK-Rollup uses validity of proofs to instantly identify whether or not transactions are valid.

Instead of assuming , they are real until proven otherwise. Due to the technology’s complexity and ability to execute arbitrary codes , producing optimistic rollup is easier.

Rather than developing ZK-Rollups that are EVM -compatible.

Further, zero-knowledge rollup ( or zk -Rollup ) is a layer-2 scalability solution. Additionally, that enables blockchains to validate transactions faster and at cheaper rate.

Moreover, these Rollups use a cryptographic proof technique called Zero-knowledge. Essentially, Proofs (ZKPs) to instantly prove the validity of transactions.

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How does ZK-Rollup Coins Work ?

Furthermore, to understand how zero-knowledge rollup operates, at least for the most prominent projects.

We must look at how they are organized with Ethereum serving as the basic settlement layer.

The usual ZK-Rollup is built on Ethereum . Basically, it is supported by two on-chain smart contracts .

Additionally, the main contract and a verifier contract.

Further, these contract serve as anchors and are in charge of a variety of functions . The main contract saves the blockchain and tracks fund deposits and withdrawls.

Moreover, the verifier contract , on the other hand ,validates zero-knowledge proofs sent to Ethereum, the base layer.

The second layer of a typical ZK – Rollup is occupied by an off-chain virtual machine .

The off-chain environment is referred to as an off-chain virtual machine. Further, it is the major factor that promotes scalability and throughput.

So, ZK-Rollup uses this machine to process batches of transactions . Additionally, it posts a validity proof on-chain to confirm their activity.

Advantages of ZK-Rollup

  1. It ensures correctness of off-chain transactions. Additionally, it prevents operators from executing invalid state transactions.
  2. This helps you benefit from greater capital efficiency and can withdraw funds from L2 without delays.
  3. As L1 will become tougher to use because of high congestion, people will flock to ZK-Rollups as it provides better services.

Top 5 ZK-Rollup Coins

1. Immutable X (IMX)

It is the first layer-two scaling solution for NFT on Ethereum built with STARK zk -rollup.

Price – $0.66

Market Cap – $521 M

Max Supply – 2 Billion

2. Loopring (LRC)

It is an open protocol designed for building of a decentralized exchange.

Price – $0.292

Market Cap – $388 M

Max Supply – 1.37 Billion.

3. (DYDX)

It is a decentralized margin trading platform that leverages ZK-Rollups.

Price – $1.57

Market Cap – $245 M

Max Supply – 1 Billion.

4. Syscoin (SYS)

It is a smart contract platform that supports Web 3 ecosystem with low-fees , decentralized Layer-1 security and Layer – 2 scalability.

Price – $0.154

Market Cap $115 M

Max Supply – 751.4 M

5. Hermez Network (HEZ)

Hermez is a decentralized ZK-Rollup focused on scaling payments and token transfers.

Price – $4.21

Supply – 100 M

What is a Rollup?

Rollups are bundles of transactions that are rolled up (thus the name).

The final rolled-up transaction is reported as a single transaction to the Ethereum network.

Advantages of Rollup – Rollup reduce expenses by dividing the cost of an Ethereum transaction.

Additionally, the minor cost of rolling up batches of transactions among users.

Furthermore, Rollup also accelerates things. Basically, the Rollup is really fast. And then, Ethereum blockchain only processes one transaction rather than several.

This is useful because Ethereum’s unaided transaction rate is roughly 15 transactions per second.

What is Optimistic Rollup ?

Optimistic Rollup include processing a large number of transactions . Further, carrying out computation off-chain, and “rolling” them up into a smaller transaction.

And then, that is published to Ethereum’s execution layer. Transactions are presumed to be authentic until proven otherwise.

Hence, the moniker optimistic rollups. Before Optimistic rollup transactions are confirmed on Ethereum’s main chain.

Further, a window of opportunity exists for disputing potentially fraudulent transactions . Thereby, presenting a fraud evidence.

Moreover, all pending transactions are confirmed onto Ethereum once the fraud proof dispute time has passed .

Compared to other techniques like Zero-Knowledge rollups , Optimistic rollup Layer 2s have a tendency to prolog transaction confirmation times.

Because they are designed to apply fraud proofs.

Will Polygon (MATIC) become a Rollup ?

Firstly, Polygon (formerly MATIC Network) is a Web 3 startup. Additionally, it is building products to scale Ethereum and encourage mass adoption.

Secondly, the company’s core product ,the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) sidechain, has become a popular alternative. Moreover, to Ethereum due to its low fees and faster transactions.

Currently, Polygon is developing a suite of zero-knowledge rollups (ZK rollups ) to increase throughput on Ethereum . Essentially, without sacrificing decentralization or security .

Moreover, ZK – Rollups process transactions off-chain and reduce computation on the base layer to tackle scalability.

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What is Polygon Zero ?

Firstly, Polygon Zero is a ZK -Rollup solution specifically designed to reduce the computational cost of generating validity proofs.

These ZK-Rollups can indeed increase scalability . Additionally, their functionality is limited due to the time-intensive and costly proof -generation process.

Furthermore, Polygon Zero solves this problem by using “recursive proofs” , which are faster than existing prover systems.

Essentially, these recursive proofs come from Plonky 2. A proving mechanism developed by the team behind Mir Protocol.

Moreover, Mir Protocol was a project exploring recursive ZK proofs to scale decentralized applications (dApps). Until the team’s acquisition by Polygon .

Mir Protocol’s core team continued to work on scalable proofs.

Essentially, leading to the launch of Plonk 2 early in January 2022.

Polygon Zero – Conclusion

Firstly, Polygon Zero is designed to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additionally, it can batch up to 3,000 transactions per block.

Although, Polygon Zero is yet to go live, further breakthroughs in cryptography research .

And then, it may position it as the dominant ZK-Rollup project in the Ethereum ecosystem .

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Which Crypto uses ZK-Rollup ?
What are ZK Tokens ?
What is an example of a ZK-Rollup ?
Does Matic use ZK-Rollup ?
Is Syscoin a ZK- Rollup ?

Which Crypto uses ZK -Rollup ?

First, Zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-Rollups) are layer 2 scaling solutions that increase throughput on Ethereum Mainnet.

Essentially by moving computation and state-storage off-chain.

These ZK-Rollups can process thousands of transactions in a batch . And then, only post some minimal summary data to Mainnet.

What are ZK Tokens?

Furthermore, ZK-Tokens leverage zero-knowledge proof systems (ZKP) to enable anonymous user identification . Also, a key ingredient for the Digital Identity / Self -Sovereign Identity (SSI) use case. A digital voucher.

Secondly, utility tokens are often used as a type of digital currency that can be spent within blockchain-based ecosystems.

What is an example of ZK-Rollup ?

Examples of Ethereum L 2s that leverage ZK-Rollups include Starknet – used by dydx and Immutable X .

Essentially, the leading decentralized exchange for perpetual contracts on Ethereum .

ZK-Sync- used by dApps like Yearn Finance , FRAX and Zerion.

Does Matic use ZK-Rollup ?

Further, Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol Polygon (MATIC) is carrying out performance testing of zero-knowledge rollup technology. Ahead of full integration with its mainnet.

Is Syscoin a ZK- Rollup ?

Firstly, outside of Ethereum , advanced networks like Syscoin harness ZK rollups (and Optimistic) in a way.

Further, it provides full scalability without sacrificing decentralization by storing data off-chain.



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